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Bargain Hunt Comments

Ooohhh. Who peed on your geraniums.
Kat 1:08pm Sun 10 Jan

Kat Flu.
Needs neutering.
006. 11:40am Sun 10 Jan
No Eric Knowles is also top contender for head clown. Can you imagine old school Tim playing a clown? NO he has some dignity
Harry 12:18pm Tue 5 Jan
Charlie Ross has sunk from top auctioneer in USA to top clown in UK. That’s not a compliment.
Harry 12:23pm Sun 3 Jan
Covid version
Stop treating us like children.This new version is unacceptable.
ARENA 9:13am Sun 3 Jan
Totally unwatchable farce. I turned it off.
Martin 12:54pm Tue 29 Dec
Today, Hawley was the noisy auctioneer. AWFULL.
Harry 12:51pm Tue 29 Dec
Almost a james bond. Only falls short. Ah well ,can't be helped.
Kat 8:29pm Mon 28 Dec
Sounds like he/she is talking about you!
Tim 7:20pm Mon 28 Dec
AKA moaners.
Who on earth is this Kat person needs a white stick and hearing aid, if she thinks these boring presenters are good?.
006. 5:49pm Mon 28 Dec
Today’s 20th anniversary showed the gradual decline of this prog from Tim all the way down to today’s clowns.
Harry 12:38pm Mon 21 Dec
If ppl aren't moaning about anita it's natasha. What a load of moaning minnies.
Kat 3:24pm Sat 19 Dec
Friday BH
No respite from Manning today. I noticed that the presenter wasn’t mentioned on the programme information. I wonder why. I simply cannot watch the woman.
Martin 1:24pm Sat 19 Dec
Friday BH
I have to agree in regard to Anita Manning. Everything is so forced with her and how many times does she have to ask "Did we have a good time?" A right royal pain in the ar**.
Dave 12:57pm Fri 18 Dec
Friday BH
Would someone at the BBC take responsibility and remove Anita Manning as a presenter of this programme.She exaggerates every word and chats non-stop throughout.Please stick to being an auctioneer.
Doug 12:49pm Fri 18 Dec
Clown tv
I notice the two good male experts don’t appear anymore, probably refuse to degrade themselves by being a clown. What we are left with is a bunch of clowns that haven’t got enough work elsewhere
Harry 12:24pm Thu 17 Dec
Guffaw guffaw. Snort snort. Jolly hockey sticks. It's christina.
Shergars teeth. 1:49pm Wed 16 Dec
There’s obviously no need for contestants when Nick Hall is on.He selects every item + bonus buy.Let him go round on his own and let everyone else go and have a coffee.
Doug 12:41pm Wed 9 Dec
Oscar thanks be for that. Now we can all get a break.
nurse 11:35am Wed 9 Dec
natasha raskin
OK raskin you win, After you being on 4 times in 5 days we have had enough and promise not to watch again
oscar 12:29pm Tue 8 Dec
Change the record and get a life. Then you can focus on something more worthwhile. Meanwhile Covid......
nurse 1:44pm Sun 6 Dec
natasha raskin
has raskin taken over this programme, today makes three consecutive days she has been on
oscar 12:05pm Sun 6 Dec
Repair shop 10 , bargain hunt -3 antique road trip -4 and the others no comment.
Zeus 5:09pm Tue 1 Dec
Told my kids we can’t go to panto this year. But I said they could watch the clowns on bargain hunt. Brilliant Hanson and Harper on together plus a bonus Tim as backup clown. Kids were happy.
Harry 12:50pm Thu 26 Nov
Pop ups.
What's with all the annoying pop up ads that have started appearing again. You press the cross to get rid of it then more appear.
Kat 2:05pm Wed 25 Nov
Today's episode of bargain hunt
I think it was unexpectable the beaver and jesters by the contents in today's program. I was shocked.
Snow8 1:07pm Wed 25 Nov
Most annoying teams Ever.!!
Know it all...Done it all.!! ..That's Scousers for you. Most irrataring teams ever..
Mr Blue Sky. 12:45pm Wed 25 Nov
Re Mr tight pants. Ditto. Stupid hat and feather plus the varying and unpredictable pitch of his voice makes him unwatchable.
Martin 3:25pm Tue 24 Nov
Mr Tight pants
Switched on today, Sebastion appeared, switched Off, another episode not worth watching
mike 12:29pm Tue 24 Nov
Could they ALL stop saying, "I need to go and lie down in a dark room"
ARENA 9:21am Tue 24 Nov
More and more the contestents are being encouraged to be clowns. Call the show, make an ars e of yourself for a fiver.
Harry 12:26pm Fri 20 Nov
Watch two oldies the other day with Tim presenting. When did the clowns take over?
Harry 12:28pm Wed 18 Nov
Is there a parrot on here?l
Lou 7:35pm Tue 17 Nov
I agree looks aren’t everything. 2 other things are important.
Harry 5:22pm Tue 17 Nov
Ex= a has been. Spurt= a drip under pressure. Sums up today.
Martin 12:59pm Mon 16 Nov
Carolines hair.
She looks like britney spears nan.
Kat. 12:51pm Mon 16 Nov
Does the BBC go out of its way to get find most loud and irrating people possible?
Dave 12:19pm Mon 16 Nov
Not again!
Give it a rest Spud. Find another hobby sonny!
Lou 7:46pm Sun 15 Nov
Not again
Natasha on 3 times today in a 3 hour period.How much more.3 more programs not watching.
Spud 2:22pm Sun 15 Nov
I'm getting married for a third time. Then it will be one of each. Ha ha.
Medusa 1:06pm Sun 15 Nov
Hey there.
Hi medusa Married twice was it to a man or women or either?.
006 12:58pm Sun 15 Nov
Prev com.
Not that I know of.
Dry humour. 12:33pm Sun 15 Nov
Is it correct, they are changing the programmes title to raskin hunt
oscar 12:05pm Sun 15 Nov
I was pointing out that looks aren't everything. I was originally replying to 006 comments. Some men are turned by pretty girls and not looking beneath the surface. I love men. In fact I have children and been married twice. BTW. I have no argument with you.
Medusa 10:21pm Sat 14 Nov
Are you a man hater? Because making sweeping statements about men is wrong. That is why you got the responses.
threemonkeys 9:25pm Sat 14 Nov
Ned. Highlander. Pr ick of this parish.
So it's alright to call me a harpy, spinster with no friends . If you think I'm not going to defend myself then you are very wrong. Pr ick.
Medusa 7:03pm Sat 14 Nov
Tunnel vision.
Sad person with no life it seems, medusa cannot help using terminology like pervy and Quasimodo the poor soul needs to get a life and keep off this site.
Ned 6:36pm Sat 14 Nov
I can see you being a pervy pants. With the face of quasimodo.
Medusa 4:14pm Fri 13 Nov
Want a bet.
I can see this medusa being a right harpy and spinster with no friends.
Highlander. 4:11pm Fri 13 Nov
You pervs have a choice of ladies today....
Tim 12:49pm Fri 13 Nov

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