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Bargain Hunt Comments

They are not getting shown or deleted like all the soaps. It is down to the monitors to let this happen so it deserves to be closed down. The only way I get any on is when I change nickname then it starts all over again.
mazza 1:23pm Thu 17 Jan

commenting on this site
close it down - 6 comments in nearly 3 weeks - LOL !
Keith 12:37pm Thu 17 Jan
Two Fat Ladies
why can the show have two Fat Sloppy men, Bet they would never let a woman on there looking like the two tubbys
iain 2:53pm Wed 16 Jan
The dealer refused £260 for two identical silver boxes , but accepted £130 for one. Makes no sense.
Puzzled. 12:45pm Tue 15 Jan
Its Thomas plant.
Sparrowhawk. 10:09pm Fri 11 Jan
Who is Thomas forester
Woody 4:50pm Fri 11 Jan
Sort your yellow teeth out, same colour as your eyes.
Max. 2:12pm Wed 2 Jan
Why do contestants buy such utterly naff items? And more to the point why do the so-called antiques experts let them? Pathetic, nasty little programme.
Polly Doodle 12:54pm Wed 2 Jan
Nic 12:43pm Fri 21 Dec
Raskin Sharpe.
Not even zzzzzzz list enough for the DM.
Donut. 4:13pm Tue 18 Dec
emigrating to Australia, good luck to him Raskin getting a hammering on Mail On Line
Ben 3:52pm Tue 18 Dec
this website
scrap it - low numbers comment on here
bob 12:09pm Tue 18 Dec
Was the Darby and Joan club convention in today, usually only a handful in Hansen's . Funny how some of the lots went for silly prices ,when usually they are as tight as a ducks backside. Unseen bidders online, producers maybe.
TRS 1:02pm Fri 14 Dec
Zzzzzzzzzzzzz. 11:02am Fri 14 Dec
ANON. 10:18am Fri 14 Dec
Sparrowhawk, dodo ,snipe,skylark a nasty attack of fowl pest.
Grim Reaper. 6:23pm Thu 13 Dec
Snipe,squid, hobgoblin, octopus, sloth, the ?????????gives you away.
Sparrowhawk. 12:56pm Thu 13 Dec
Sorry no but used to be someone else but kept getting deleted!
keepitlight 12:04pm Thu 13 Dec
Prev comm
Same as snipe ,octopus , hobgoblin and squid. You also hovering above keyboard
Littlecornerofheaven. 10:50am Thu 13 Dec
Same person?.
Cannot help wondering if keepitlight and littlecornerofheaven are the same person??????????.
Snipe. 10:29am Thu 13 Dec
NO LIFE????.
You poor thing you must be sitting by the computer all day waiting to make a comment.
Squid. 10:15am Thu 13 Dec
Chip on my shoulder for what? For stating disabled and elderly watch TV, or the urban dictionarys definition of hobgoblin, as for my nickname, look at other names, I bet it must cost you a fortune in shoes seeing as you are an octopus. Oh, sorry, its only a name .duh!
Littlecornerofheaven. 9:37am Thu 13 Dec
Small person?
Looks like a man or woman with a chip on their shoulder, little corner about sums it up.
Octopus. 9:12am Thu 13 Dec
Gina G
Strange comment! Most disabled and old people MIGHT watch tv and why not they are like everyone else....duh!
numbskull 10:04pm Wed 12 Dec
Your comment
left wing pri@k stopping opinions being made when they are entitled to - another person rounding on Little.....Most disabled and old people might not watch TV, p's@ off!!
Gina G 6:55pm Wed 12 Dec
Urban dictionary meaning, large,dumb ,aggressive man, with an unnaturally Orange hue.are you Davey D in disguise.
Littlecornerofheaven. 5:01pm Wed 12 Dec
You take everything at face value, but then what can we expect with someone called by your title????.
nilbogboh. 3:19pm Wed 12 Dec
Polishing your halo? There are lots of people who work with the disabled that never ask for recognition. How do you know what they watch ,unless you have CCTV installed.
Littlecornerofheaven. 2:07pm Wed 12 Dec
Hey light light headed you must be bono to comment like that, I am willing to bet I have done more for disabled people than you, and they watch better programmes than that tripe.
HOBGOBLIN. 11:30am Wed 12 Dec
I hope you are never lonely or housebound! Shame about your personality! You must be a great support for your family and friends, if you have some.
keepitlight 10:41am Wed 12 Dec
What Drivel.
So people lead such depressing lives that they need to eatch BH do they?. If that is the case then I feel sorry for them, what can tin-pot shows help them with?????.
Hobgoblin. 6:19pm Tue 11 Dec
The blues.
Couldn't believe it when the blues didn't "risk" their four pounds profit on the bonus buy. Are they that hard up, or its a case of a profits a profit.
TRS 1:45pm Tue 11 Dec
Bargain Hunt
is a cr@p programme with useless experts and Raskin boring the t@ts off a tomcat - today,audience of 15 in the auction room with little hope of any decent profits - scrap the series other revamp it with a new makeup!
Ian 1:05pm Tue 11 Dec
Agree. I was emphasising Grim Reaper's words. Octopus the fact is many lead depressing lives, not necessarily their fault and need to escape from it in some way albeit temporary. "Get a life" is so insulting and hardly original.
keepitlight 9:24am Tue 11 Dec
Any old tripe to you might be interesting to some people. A negative opinion isn't necessarily spiteful.
DODO. 10:04pm Mon 10 Dec
Get a life if this depressed you //.
Octopus. 9:59pm Mon 10 Dec
Grim Reaper
Some comment on "any old tripe" too. Why would you bother if it's that bad. I like the humorous banter but the spiteful negative kind is too depressing.
keepitlight 7:55pm Mon 10 Dec
What rot.
Some people will watch any old tripe and say it is good, as for spiteful its all opinions. If they do not agree hard luck, lots of us cannot all be wrong.
Grim Reaper. 7:37pm Mon 10 Dec
Thomas Forrester bears an uncanny resemblance to Thomas Plant.
Skyclad 6:55pm Mon 10 Dec
Previous comment
Everyone is entitled to their opinion , a negative comment does not mean we are spiteful. The same so called experts buy the same money losing items all the time. Charles Hanson, serrell , bliss and Harper are the biggest culprits.
Sparrowhawk. 5:27pm Mon 10 Dec
antique programmes
Why are people so spiteful . If you can't say anything nice don't bother saying anything at all . I love the programmes like Bargain Hunt and put your money where your mouth is .I like all the presenters too .So you spiteful lot go and watch something else .
nanny 1:48pm Mon 10 Dec
Experts you have to be joking, most are ex-porter in auction houses??????.
Hobgoblin. 7:03pm Sun 9 Dec
it's a laugh
funny how many things the experts [i use that term loosely] buy loose money and the guests make money, says it all
chippers 3:15pm Fri 7 Dec
Over the years I wonder how many teams made a decent profit or a profit at all, I bet its very very low which also says a lot for the experts.
SLOTH. 2:04pm Fri 7 Dec
Today's show
blue team did good deserved the gavel - the one who turned up for the red team should have stayed with her friend - LOL !
Peter 1:00pm Fri 7 Dec
David harper.
Kermit called, he wants his trousers back.
TRS 2:15pm Wed 5 Dec
Its no good moaning about these useless presenters and experts, because most show are repeats and are cheap tv.
Octopus. 1:52pm Wed 5 Dec
natasha raskin
When will BH producers get the message, the majority of viewers no not want Natasha Raskin
oscar 12:44pm Tue 4 Dec
Take it off
Another BH with Manning, she would be ideal as an ugly sister in a pantomine, Re the sale of an item bought for £100 and sold for £100, was not broke even, theres an average of 25 per cent inclusive of vat, so it was a loss of £25
mike m 1:03pm Thu 29 Nov
Today's show in Builth Wells
Has to be a coincidence as M@ywit was touring to save her ailing (latch with the EU) deal - scrap this series would help, very boring!
Nev 11:20pm Tue 27 Nov

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