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Benefit Busters Comments

Once upon a time
there was a troll. This troll discovered he could wind people up on the internet by pretending to be a fundamentalist firebrand. He sat down and thought hard, and came up with a couple of Islamic sounding names, and trit-trot, off he went. Unfortunately for our little friend, the depressingly obvious reality is that he is a disenfranchised white lad with BNP sympathies, not too sharp up top, but with the dull dedication to duty of the truly unhinged.
Dear oh Deirdre 3:03pm Mon 7 Dec

He can't stay down with three barrels on him!
Not with three barrels he can't!
Quint 12:50pm Mon 16 Nov
"the truth hurts a lot."
what, like you actually being a sad act called John, who trolls message boards trying to stir up a bit of race hate. Yeah, I imagine that kind of truth would hurt a bit.
buckets of fail 7:58am Mon 16 Nov
don't don't don't don't don't don't.
Microsoft Paperclip 5:32pm Sun 15 Nov
What on earth are you on about?
What truth? Hurts who?? lol
omglolwtfbbqphd 5:04pm Sun 15 Nov
Stop being a racist. Thats like me saying all people called Mohamed want to blow them selfs up when I know that is not true. I suggest you think before you type your racist comments. I'm surprised there letting them get on here
Me 3:56pm Tue 13 Oct
People payed £30k to do a £15k job, when the money should be spent elsewhere, and not on over the top benefits or even more invented jobs either.
asdf 11:25pm Thu 24 Sep
Heres what
Get rid of foreigners and then there will be more jobs for us Brits. I have been to this place called A4E and to tell you the truth all we did all day was nothing just sit there for 8 hours reading the paper
Me 10:11pm Mon 21 Sep
Having read all the comments posted I am appauled.I was on a course run by Hayley over a year and a half ago, it was a turning point in my life. All of us adored her she was VERY caring and kind and did everything to help us that she could, nothing was too much trouble.I am saddened by the comments especially the one from obviously someone she worked with. The other a4e staff at the time looked down on you as if you were crap but Hayley never did, she always smiled and said hello.My friend was on another course at the time, run by a trainer called David he called my mate Big Lad constantly...thats bullying and belittling people. Go Hayley you are ace.
getoffyourarse 5:32pm Sat 5 Sep
Shaw Trust
Received a multi-million pound contract to "help" these people back into work. The advisors/coaches are paid a salary plus a bonus of 300 pounds per month if they reach thier target figure of 40 people each month into work. No one had even managed more than 8 people in the current month and it was half way through! This proves either;- 1] The advisors are useless or 2] The people they are coaching/badgering are ill and unfit to work. In conclusion the shaw trust seem to be the ones fleesing the taxpayer.
898 3:55pm Fri 4 Sep
Cleric of oldthis
If what you say is true, everyone follower of islam would be punished.
tod 3:41pm Fri 4 Sep
A Joke
Sherrie Jepson one time used car salesperson,[ a female Arthur Daley] now selfstyled lifecoach tries to inspire Kieron into a job he's unfit for.
sid 9:35am Fri 4 Sep
Your comments, went in the trash bin as usual.
Editor 9:29am Fri 4 Sep
Minimum Wage
If someone on minimum wage earns less than they recieve on benefits, can't the government make up the difference until they earn more. Would be cheaper surely.
puzzled 8:20am Fri 4 Sep
be yourself
and dont waffle 8:16pm Thu 3 Sep
Minimum Wage
If someone on minimum wage earns less than they recieve on benefits, can't the government make up the difference until they earn more. Would be cheaper surely.
puzzled 4:22pm Thu 3 Sep
To whom it may concern
"Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"
Sporty 8:28pm Wed 2 Sep
So no more.
Dave Lane 8:34pm Fri 28 Aug
I was taught in Elevate by Hayley, who is the lovliest person you could wish to meet, she is kind caring and compassionate. One word to the Hayley bashers EDITING channel 4 you should be ashamed.
tootiefruity 12:12am Fri 28 Aug
my thre jobs wer al no gud. wen i left scul in 76 it wer esy t get wun so i wer a postnam. that larstid nerli the for weks but then i got the blista. Next i dun the bins. that wer abot 15 yis latr an it wer mor tuf intervew but i got it. i dun tht wun for nerly 6 wks becus ov the xmas bonuseses an tips. then i had the no job for longist untl i got on this govrenmint scem to do the computier porgaming wot is wot i did do now til i retir.
Arthur 10:08pm Thu 27 Aug
the system is a joke
Those people should be forced to go to interviews whether its the type of job they want or not, and if they refuse or quit- take the benefits away! The system is a joke!
.. 9:44pm Thu 27 Aug
Government Scapegoating...
now, that makes a change... (no prize if you can spot the sarcasm) with a company that is being investigated for fraud. Always somebody else's fault isn't it? Never the governments.... How the hell they have the nerve to broadcast this is beyond me!
Deja Vu 9:05pm Thu 27 Aug
I would like to see the fathers who refuse to pay child maintenance put through the same level of abuse these mothers went through. As usual, the vulnerable are the easiest target for the ignorant.
laukalow 3:02am Thu 27 Aug
Come on!!
I have to say that, as a tax payer (and I always have been), you should not be better off on benefits!! The level of benefit should always be below the minimum wage. I don't care how many kids they decide to have, the benefit level should be low enough to encourage people to work! I have to agree with Hayley, there are always jobs in fast food joints, and if you want a job, that is one! And as for the one Mum who owed £75,000... How did she manage that?? Who gave her the credit cards? She is never going to pay that back! Minimum wage is approx.£11,500 a year, without paying for life, or any interest, it would take her 6.5 solid years of working to pay it off - it is never going to happen!! AND, does she really need a TV that big, and paying for cartoons for her 'baby', how about playing with her, taking her to the park - that's free! Children do not need the TV!! Anyway, let's wait for next week!
chucklesister 12:17pm Tue 25 Aug
emmas wealth
She was asked if she thought it was fair that emma harrison made so much money out of the unemployed... Of course she does, by looking at her house i'd guess her taxes paid for the benefits half the people on the show claim!
.. 8:39pm Mon 24 Aug
Why start with the British people.
YES the welfare state needs big changes to get some lazy people back to work but why start with the British people? The immigrants from other countries who get benefits and housing for doing nothing take up the large majority of scroungers and cost the taxpayers Billions but it would cost too much to get interpreters to speak all the different languages we now have so the citizens of this country get hit first as usual. Both governments have already made their mistakes long ago.
No Sense State 6:05pm Mon 24 Aug
fee bribes stunt
Brainy Brian 10:47pm Sun 23 Aug
A4E Down the tubes
I sincerely hope that this is the end for A4E and all their ilk, there the real scum! Making millions of our tax money by degrading the most vulnerable. I hope they burn in hell.
the christian 10:41pm Sun 23 Aug
Another sad Indictment of Labour's Britain
When the Tories are elected in 2010, the cold hard truth of reality will hit home. It will show that the 13 years of Labour nonsense, will take 30 years to repair. Benefit cheats, illegal immigrants, school/collage age mums are but the tip of the iceberg of welfare state UK. The welfare budget will need to be cut by about 60%, with the worthless people who will not contribute to their own life, being put into workhouses.
True Blue 8:06pm Sun 23 Aug
Agree and disagree
I agree with many of you that Hayley Taylor does seem to be bullying these women, and that they dont have the resources to do everything that she wants them to (regarding childcare and work). However, in my opinion, if she weren't as she is towards these women, would they feel at all motivated to go out into the big wide world and work? I don't think that they would have anything to scare them in to sorting their lives out. I also agree with what pokerpete and the person who left the first comment (enough Hayley bashing) had to say regarding the benefits. I don't think it's right that someone just has to have more kids in order for them to be able to recieve more money from the government in order to look after them. It shouldnt be that easy to claim benefits, and then when they are, it should not be easy to afford to survive. Even if there was a system where they could have a part-time job somewhere and get some benefits but with the majority of the money coming from the job. Benefits should be made out to pay minimum wage at the most!
Asbo 7:15pm Sun 23 Aug
Enough Hayley Bashing
I think the real issue is the fact that these people think they have the right to decide they do not have to go to work because they make more money in benefits. Benefits should be for people who have no other choice (i.e. too ill to work). I resent that I work 60 hours a week to fund someone who is finding every excuse under the sun to sit on their backside watching daytime TV. They should be made to do voluntary work to earn their benefits. Absolute disgrace.
Disgusted 3:10pm Sat 22 Aug
fool employment
bunch of clowns if you ask me
Joe Cehr 4:09pm Fri 21 Aug
Hayley's Story
Born a caterpillar, she grew feasting on the finest, tenderest shoots and leaves. Preparing herself for the day when she would enter a state of metamorphosis. Cocooned in silk, she silently dreamed of the day she would emerge as a pristine, beatiful butterfly, with wings the envy of a princess, the touch of a fairy, the grace of royalty. Unfortunately as with many fairy tales, something went wrong. What emerged is what she sees each morning when she gazes into the bathroom mirror.
A Frog. 2:53pm Fri 21 Aug
One parent families
The government proposed changes to benefits paid to one parent families in 2007. The emphysis being on returning them to the employment field. This must have seemed like a gift from the Gods for people like Haley and Emma Harrison. Emma Harrison is quoted as saying a business is people. Well they seem to be using people as "business Stock", the more we pass through our doors the greater our turnover and the greater our profits. As a former civil servant and accountant, it's easy to see what a goldmine exploiting one parent families can be. They've obviously identified potential and are capitalising on it. The annoying aspect of thier actions is that they portray themselves as somekind of saviors for the less fortunate.
?? 1:39pm Fri 21 Aug
Do the Maths
The goverment saves benefits paid to 5 or 6 one parent families for lets say 3 weeks over the christmas period. Notice it was xmas in poundland. Deduct the cost of Hayley's course, the money paid to poundland to employ these people, and the commision paid to Emma Harrison. Wheres the saving? The goverment can claim a saving in benefits paid because the above monies will come out of a different scheme, so thier popularity goes up, [it's just juggling numbers] Haley gets paid and Emma gets richer. Who's the real drain on the public purse?
Anon 10:40am Fri 21 Aug
It was like watching Little Brittain!
I have to say that last nights Benefit Busters was like watching Little Brittain! The sketch of Fat Fighters! Jeez Hayley, ur just like that woman..heyt she's a bully too! Reckon the show was all about Humiliating Hayley???
Yesbutnobutyes 7:57am Fri 21 Aug
Is be-littling really the way forward?
I have to comment on last nights show purely because i was so shocked at Hayleys approach towards these woman and also the fact that they thanked her for it! She is the one that should be thanking them ! What these downtrodden women couldn't see that we all could see clearly is that they are not infact pepole that Hayley wanted to help (which she made several references to) but they were in fact her meal ticket to her tea and cakes at the manor house. I find it very hurtful to see such bad behaviour being inflickted on people that are too scared (which lets face it, she scared the crap out of me)or too low to actually stand up to her. The way she made an example of Dawn in front of all the others about her reluctance to take the DJ job because 1/she had no lift, yes Hayley said she could have asked, but Hayley would you let your daughter get into a car with a stranger??? I doubt that very much! And 2/ is her course noit aimed at SINGLE MUMS??? yes what part of they do not have childcare on tap does this woman not get? Yes Hayley it's easy to judge other people when you have a steady 9-5 job, 2 wages coming in and a partner at home to share the responsabilities. Where the hell did A4E find this woman. I'm amazed that she was employed if the forums on her past behaviour and jobs are correct, and a question for A4E is this lady actually still working for you or not? I think she should put her money where her mouth is and actually work for McDonalds herself for free on a 2 week trial, now that would be a great watch! Very upset at the way this company "encourage..urm bully" these women into work.
Sarah Ollyton 7:52am Fri 21 Aug
Great Work Haley...!
Before I hear you shout me down, I'm in no way in favour of haleys approach to helping people. I'm pleased that the programme has exposed such an organisation as A4E...! Private business trying to provide social support ...A clear lesson to us all that we should activly appose such organisations. There a sham. A lot like Haley. I hope A4E goes bust and haily gets her job at Mc Donalds. At this point my advice to Haily would be cook them and serve them Haily....dont eat them..LOL
Mick 3:56am Fri 21 Aug
reply to newshoes...
I amongst many of the people in her home village have experienced Hayley Taylor 1st hand, and appreciate her? Urm...A4E obviously didn't check her Cv I'd bet.
Doncaster 11:07pm Thu 20 Aug
Hayley looks familar
That Hayley looks like someone/something...give me a mo... Thats it she's like one of those nodding dogs only she has a waggling finger to boot! laughable character with an obvious nasty streak..well done A4E great choice if your into bulling people back into work!
chippendale 11:04pm Thu 20 Aug
Lost for words.
It's ok i suppose for Hayley to tell those women to just get a job in McDonalds, easy for someone who has a husband at home with a wage and available for helping out with child care. I'm not sure her bully/scare tactics really help with confidence building in any way to be honest. Was the programe aired to show just how intollerant this woman is to those that don't really have much in terms of wealth or grandure? Hayley wake up hunny not everyone has what you have! Compassion and being genuine just do not mix with Hayley at all, Lady you should be ashamed, yet i suspect you would have sat at home with your family (won't say friends as i doubt someone like her would have any) drinking a glass of wine whilst admiring her work! Quite frankly i feel it just exposed a phoney.
Tim. 11:01pm Thu 20 Aug
Thank God
Imagone waking up next to that every morning.
Cownt Yorblasins 10:54pm Thu 20 Aug
This hayley person really seems to hate the unemployed. She also has no knowledge or tact in dealing with vulnerable/easily manipulated people. Stepping on their worried about their children. She's a disgrace!
mik 10:51pm Thu 20 Aug
she's brilliant! She inspires people to make changes in their lives, which may involve some shock tactics to get the ball rolling, and will def involve hard work - but this isn't bullying! I think she's doing a great job
la la 10:05pm Thu 20 Aug
real life
Watch-able programme about real life issues.
mykylyn 10:05pm Thu 20 Aug
lol great country
so the alcoholic woman with 3 kids poundland salary brings in less than her benefits. So shall i get up at 7 every day for 40 hours a week or sit on my azz drinking vodka all day watching jeremy kyle for more money - hmmmm i wonder what she'll go with....
pokerpete 10:04pm Thu 20 Aug
pokerpete 9:54pm Thu 20 Aug
look at haley stuffing her face on burgers and chips...! I agree with the comments from nursejim.....that little fatty is gonna cost us taxpayers a fortune in NHS bills in the future! So come on Haley loose the flab and get a personalility transplant.
sandra dixon 9:52pm Thu 20 Aug
I work for A4E and I am utterly ashamed at what I am watching. Haley has been a bully within the organisation and thankfully, she has now been exposed!
cP67 9:47pm Thu 20 Aug
Haley should loose some weight...lol
I think that Haley (the fat little bully) should loose all that bulk! Cos as we all know those who are OBESE cost the NHS a great deal more! So haley if you walked as quick as you rant, then you'd be a size zero!
nursejim 9:41pm Thu 20 Aug

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