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Big Brother Comments

Sues horrible. She upsets housemates, then hugs them and says sorry, then she upsets them again and so on . She's a nasty piece of work.
lady marmalade. 12:26pm Tue 11 Jul

Big brother is so sly, it was obvious that head case simone & know it all sue would be nominated for eviction so housemates can't nominate this week instead it's going to be a stupid game. Really sly tricks big brother. Hate when they do that,viewing figures are down so there trying to keep the trouble makers in to boost the ratings.
Dede 11:53am Tue 11 Jul
mona lisa. 10:02pm Sun 2 Jul
simone /sue.
How would the housemates react to her violent past. What's she like with drink and an argument breaks out. As for hurricane sue, I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna do that, she's gonna do eff all.
sid. 1:17pm Sun 2 Jul
I can't believe that out of thousands that auditioned for big brother, they let violent jail bird simone in. She doesn't deserve to be there.
Vicky 12:00pm Sun 2 Jul
Why does new housemate Andrew keep licking his teeth.
lady marmalade. 10:35pm Thu 29 Jun
Glad lotan has gone ,he was nothing but a egotistical bighead & bully,
Emma 9:42pm Sun 25 Jun
good riddance.
Glad that lotan has been kicked out. He doesn't like it when women stand up to him. Throwing a drink over a woman. How olds he. 12?
dreamgirl. 8:06pm Sun 25 Jun
Lotan and keiran should be ashamed of themselves mocking isabelles intelligence. All this from a meathead who takes his clothes off for a living and keiran who had been intimate with her on holiday.
nemo . 9:16am Sat 24 Jun
Rebeccas a jealous bunny boiler. As for hannah, more life in a dead moth .
cuckoo7. 10:48am Sat 17 Jun
pull the plug.
With Arthur gone ,yes, I know he was a pain and it looks like another pain in sukhvinder will be evicted, this will be the most boring BB in history . Pull the plug now, get rid of all the housemates and start again with 12 new ones.
little sister 9:10am Tue 13 Jun
time to switch off.
Rigamortis will set in now. Arthur was a pain, but viewers will switch off before they die of boredom ,me included.
fleabag63 1:44pm Mon 12 Jun
Glad Arthur has left the house, his attention seeking acting like a spoilt brat was boring , good riddance.
Sammy 11:57am Mon 12 Jun
get raph out.
Arthurs got a screw loose. Sukhvinders all over the place, but without them the house would be as dull as ditchwater. As for raph, Sitting on the fence, no controversy, wanting to have an easy ride to the final. BORING!
gollum. 9:19am Mon 12 Jun
Sukhvinder is a pain. Trying to bring racism into a discussion on women and makeup. Her husband needs a good wash!
little sister 7:38pm Sun 11 Jun
Big brothee
Why does arthur need to be an annyoing to everyone in the house
Nick 5:13pm Sun 11 Jun
big brother
I love big brother. Jackson or Hughie to win :) xx
zoe 10:31pm Mon 25 Jul
This is brilliant!
I love this programme. It's so good to watch and it's really enjoyable. Usually of a night I would be gutted as I would think about getting up for work the next morning but this programme makes me pray for 9 o'clock.! I LOVE IT!
BaldyNeil69 5:56pm Mon 4 Jul
Genuinely not being sarcastic, there's nothing better than watching a bunch of people act as monkeys in a cage experiment. Although not intellectually stimulating not everything has to be. People are so up their own rears they forget to have a laugh. Yes if its not your cup of tea then whatever that is your opinion but don't slate it for being stupid I think its actually clever and hilarious.
#simonbegone 8:58am Mon 8 Jun
I am SO SICK of hearing this Irish girl's voice!!!! Who does she think she IS?????????????
Blobby 10:22pm Wed 13 Aug
What A Load of crap
This is the worse TV programme ever made in the UK its utter stupid and a waste of money
Ploppyface 8:10am Fri 9 Aug
I love bb as much as I love dede
Slinna 7:55pm Mon 5 Aug
Sam is sooo cute! SAM TO WIN
sazzay 8:47pm Sun 7 Jul
der er der 10:29pm Wed 25 Jul
ha ha ha (not x 10000000000)
wot low ex-crement
Lino 9:03pm Sat 30 Jun
enoughs enough
just seen tonights - nothing new under the sun - boring. BB has had its day, time to move on.
doubletake 12:35am Tue 19 Jun
What a wonderfully intelligent honest show.
Danny 8:36pm Sat 16 Jun
Ha ha - lol - interesting - cool
(never watched it)
shandy 10:26pm Wed 13 Jun
Dreary, boring and past its sell by date
13 seasons and at least 10 too far. Is this really the best channel 5 has to offer? Oh for a nuclear holocaust to save us from more of this pathetic drivel.
Bellatori 7:44pm Mon 11 Jun
No more of this CRAP please
How much longer must we endure this utterly pointless rubbish? I've a pair of bookends I'd sooner sit looking at rather than watch this effluent. For those that enjoy this show - you have my deepest sympathy. Have you ever considered a frontal lobotomy?
P V 5:03pm Tue 8 Nov
Aaron is fricking awsome, atleast hes being truthful. VOTE FOR ARRON HES A LAD!
jezz 9:50pm Wed 2 Nov
seriously cannot believe faye is still in should of gone when she was up against Masiy still sure that was a fix as there was noone for Maisy and jem was always going to go in whether faye went or not. Faye annoys me so much cant wait for her to go if she wins i will never watch big brother again starting to think they've fixed her stay its only her mum and jem voting for her.
deansprettylilliar 9:15pm Tue 1 Nov
alex to win
s.carey 9:07pm Tue 1 Nov
Has feet
VV Has feet tho
Anonymous 10:03pm Sat 29 Oct
dubledee dumb
dat berd wid da wobliwunz ent guna get far
Geofrey 9:30pm Sun 16 Oct
Will it Never End?
Dear God will this program never end? I mean why? just WHY!!!???! I can't stand this rubbish, the novelty wore out after the second season on Chanel 4. They had a funeral for F sake, PLEASE let it rest in peace for the sake of humanity!
Pete and Repete 12:25pm Thu 13 Oct
Me agrees wiv Jay dat da snobs isit init
I's well agrees wiv da jay dat if ya dnot likeBB ya is well da snob innit isit geez. geez like me and da jay iz da shizzle. respeck bb and da jay
gangsta 2:34pm Tue 11 Oct
sunday nights "bit on the side" is so pathetic, why not call it the Jamie and Josie show?
watchful 3:31pm Mon 10 Oct
Man in the mirror?
Jacko 8:19pm Sun 9 Oct
Fay and Jem
Don't think its fair that 2 people from the same family can compete for the prize ( and D list celeb status etc )
computer says No 10:58pm Sat 8 Oct
New idea
Wouldn't it be novel if BB was screened live from 23:30 to 01:00? But the house was told each night that it was live from 11:30 to 00:30. That 30 minutes when it thought it was free would be precious.
Geri 2:26pm Tue 27 Sep
Why are people spending their time looking up this page and wasting their time writing a comment just to tell us how fans of the show are just as bad by going on forums and ' watching the show as a vicarious escape from their wretched lives'. Is it not rather ironic that these comments are made by the type of people whose lives are so pitifully boring and uninteresting that they trawl through web pages just to bash a show which, let's not forget, was actually invented as a scientific experiment to study social behaviours. Go and waste your time elsewhere you pathetic little people.
Jay 9:10pm Mon 26 Sep
I love this show
People just like me not celebrity's who are unrepresentative of nobody. Some really hot guy's
KenDavie 9:04pm Mon 26 Sep
You are correct
BARB figures do indeed support your statement. For Channel 5 the figures are respectable (about 2 million) but in the context of BB the ratings are half of what they were in the last series on Channel 4.
Former TV Exec 10:40am Mon 19 Sep
i love big brother but accoridng to twitter the ratings of viewers are low this year :(
bones/prettylier 8:21pm Sun 18 Sep
Why are these sub-humans allowed to live and destroy society. It's very sad.
Wayne Kerr 10:06pm Tue 13 Sep
consult a dictionary, Anne
Wretched does start with a "w", at least in the context he/she was using it. also... DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW!
big bother! 8:47pm Mon 12 Sep
Look at the Psychology of it.
Its immediate goal is to understand individuals and groups by both establishing general principles and researching specific cases. Love it when they get all screwed up and the bitching starts
Pops 6:25pm Mon 12 Sep
big brother
I ar first to see doggy
clacker valve 12:56pm Sun 11 Sep
The worst aspect of Big Brother...
isn't the show itself, nor the contestants or presenters - it's the people who watch it; attend those eviction shows and spend their time on Internet forums discussing it. Honestly, these people aren't much worse than the contestants themselves; watching the show as a vicarious escape from their wretched lives; supplanting themselves in to the show via their fantasies, but never having the "talent" to be a contestant themselves.
sorry, but you need to hear this 9:07pm Sat 10 Sep

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