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Breakfast Comments

With prev comm. More people watch soaps than go to football matches yet they removed everyone from out screens!!
lila 8:24am Tue 19 Jun

Here we go again
So England scored 2 goals!! Get over it! Why does football have to take over all our TV viewing. Should be one channel specifically for sport. And let the rest of us watch our usual programmes.
Irritated 7:36am Tue 19 Jun
Car Share
I'm with you Irritated! I had taped it as well. Fortunately,I managed to switch channels without seeing anything11
FeatherHG 9:37pm Tue 29 May
Why oh Why
Did they have to show a log clip of Car Share when some of us have recorded it to watch later. They do it with other programmes too.
Irritated 8:00am Tue 29 May
Not a fan but give him some slack with the tad awkward interview with the lady parachutist. Okay so she almost died but no one is forcing her to talk about it at every opportunity it seems. Agree when she says she had two children to think about but not sure this is the way talking about this situation with their father.....
gina 7:28am Tue 29 May
How much longer is she going to be allowed to do this to us?
Wotty 8:51am Sat 12 May
Good grief she makes Nags seem cultured. Loud, brash and common!
gina 8:46am Wed 9 May
This morning
Why do they have to show clips of programmes shown the night before. It is very annoying as some of us have not yet watched it. And for goodness sake stop going on about the fabulous weather yesterday down south. It was not like that everywhere.
Irritated 7:59am Tue 8 May
please please sack Naga
I turn over and watch Sky news if the repulsive Naga is on breakfast tv.
Bry 8:36pm Wed 25 Apr
Has Naga had a boob job,or is she pregnant
jim 9:06am Wed 25 Apr
Naga Munchetty
If Ms MUNCHETTY dosent like the subject she presenting or other person opinions she makes it clear, too condescending but if someone says something she done wrong or anything about her, she makes it clear she's not amused and that's not a professional presenter. Take it in the chin Ms MUNCHETTY you do it to others
Lyn 7:58am Wed 25 Apr
What unprofessional behaviour this morning from Naga stuffing marshmallows into he mouth.
disgraceful 8:51am Fri 20 Apr
Please, please, please take her off BBC breakfast. She is the most irritating person on that program. I hate her condescending manner and her know it all ways. She really thinks she’s something special and her attitude to the other presenters is disgusting and when you watch the body language of the presenters who work with her it looks like they feel the same. I turn the TV over when she’s on. Absolutely awful presenter
TonyS 7:10am Sat 14 Apr
Maybe but I can't think for the life of me know where. Even Primark looks upmarket in comparison.
lila 5:42pm Sat 7 Apr
yeah very strange pairing,steph looked rather butch this morning.does she go shopping with naga
james 1:19pm Sat 7 Apr
Two Female Presenters
Their body language showed they don't get on. That is until someone whispered in their ear piece to look more together. It was so obvious!
lila 7:48am Sat 7 Apr
She does not really listen because she is too busy talking over people. She misheard something yet again. Why is she still here???
gina 8:37am Fri 6 Apr
Boring presentation
Whether watching or listening to bbc breakfast can't the producers find a better format..The programme resembles an "Adult Blue Peter Show"
Micky Drip 5:38am Fri 6 Apr
its a total joke.should be called the weather channel
royce 6:37am Thu 5 Apr
Bank holiday treat
Not Naga on a bank holiday please! it’s poor Carol I pity, as well as the viewers, natch...
Sidmus 6:53am Mon 2 Apr
Steve Smith. Australian cricket.
The only reason he's crying is because of all the sponsorship money he's lost because of his cheating.
Septic. 7:39am Fri 30 Mar
Poor Naga
Friday ....Did she enter a fancy dress competion as a half rotton banana , then enter a wind tunnel . Best laugh I had in ages . That was the biggest news story
HAHAHA 10:13am Sat 24 Mar
new haircut
What the hell has naga munchetty done to her hair,it looks a right mess
dave 10:00am Fri 23 Mar
That awful yellow top she's wearing. Hope there's a million greenfly waiting outside.
Septic. 8:53am Fri 23 Mar
She's gotta go!
Munchetty epitomises all that is bad about "Breakfast" -"The One Show" only in the morning. Get rid of her and it!
Wotty 8:09am Thu 22 Mar
Please, please, please take her off BBC breakfast. She is the most irritating person on that program. I hate her condescending manner and her know it all ways. She really thinks she’s something special and her attitude to the other presenters is disgusting and when you watch the body language of the presenters who work with her it looks like they feel the same. I turn the TV over when she’s on.
Get Naga Off 6:57am Tue 20 Mar
naga irritating munchette
never watch bbc when nagas on, really irritating full of herself. agree with all of the above. get rid.or rename the programme to the NAGA SHOW...because thats what it is.....
X BBC news viewer 9:09am Sun 11 Mar
Naga Munchetty
Sooooo annoying she has to go !
Fishermans Friend 8:31am Fri 9 Mar
Why is that lady presenter standing so close to the road where there are large lorries etc driving past. All it takes is for one to skid!! Totally unresponsibble.
Unbelievable 8:43am Fri 2 Mar
NIGGLE 3:52pm Wed 28 Feb
Please, no. !
Alan Titchmarsh cd. Nooooooooooooooo! It's so wrong!
Headache. 8:43am Tue 27 Feb
If you go to the BBC complaints page you can complain about anything to do with the BBC. Perhaps you could tell them about this site and maybe they might take notice.
Dave. 2:57pm Mon 26 Feb
on line petition
Can someone please set an on line petition to get rid of bbcs golden girl naga.With me an oap i have no idea how to set this up.I would gladly sign it so we can have peace in the morning.Can you live life without that screetching whine.
oap 2:22pm Mon 26 Feb
Nagging Munchette
Says it all
HAHAHA 2:27pm Sat 24 Feb
Boris and Bounder
I 100% agree. I cannot concentrate on the news she is giving because that voice stresses me out so much.
Ros 1:36pm Thu 22 Feb
Naga Munchetty
Her voice is one of the worst on TV. It is grating, rasping, and ear-splitting when she laughs. I have to turn the sound off.
Boris and Bounder 9:08am Thu 22 Feb
Naga needs to go!
I find Naga childish and so very annoying. I can't watch the show when she's presenting.
Popstar 9:20am Fri 16 Feb
im afraid
it would take an act of god to remove the (traditionally named, clearly - naga munchetty. she is (in the bbc's eyes) eloquent, reliable and most importantly - an ethnic minority female. i agree, she gives off an unpleasant vibe and loves to belittle fellow presenters. Clearly believes herself to be untouchable. Also turn off whenever herself and the almost equally repugnant mr stayt - are on
jsr 9:43am Wed 14 Feb
Naga on Sunday
Oh my. We now have Lego hair on Sunday. Does she do the shifts because she thinks she is popular. Think again. You are certainly not
Retep 7:47am Sun 11 Feb
Naga and co.
Everyone on here who's sick of naga, contact BBC complaints and email them to tell them about your feelings towards her. Or in other words that she's a load of crap. While you are at it, the same can be said about natasha raskin and most of the bargain hunt crew.
Sceptic. 5:40pm Sat 10 Feb
Naga must go. BBC, PLEASE don’t make us suffer the voice from hell any longer.
Jamus 3:46pm Sat 10 Feb
I like your suggestion.. I am not a violent person but I wish I could use darts instead.
don'tbelieveallyouread 3:22pm Fri 9 Feb
NIGEL F 2:38pm Fri 9 Feb
It's like with anything, they have to have a quota of ethnic faces. Even if they are crap. She was probably the best of a bad lot. 10,001 on the list.
J.D. 1:11pm Fri 9 Feb
Previous Comment
I feel the same. I now listen to Radio two all day as the ITV programmes are not worth watching either
AP 10:29am Fri 9 Feb
Get naga off petition.
I have started watching Sky news when she's on I find her sarcastic and sometimes vicious attacks on her fellow presenters and even guests unbelievable, the BBC should listen to all the negative comments and get rid.
Jeg 9:14am Fri 9 Feb
You could always turn the brightness down so you have a blank screen, then stick your own cut out pictures on it. Hours of endless fun. I know what I would put on for nagas face.
Sceptic. 9:19am Thu 8 Feb
My other half puts on the subtitles whenever she is on. However we still have to look at that face!
don'tbelieveallyouread 1:47am Thu 8 Feb
Why doesnt she use her married name. Naga haggar. What a joke.
Geelo4 9:16pm Wed 7 Feb
The BBC have not been transparent in publishing all bad reviews on Naga.. as I sent one a month ago and never been published or even informed to the contrary. It is not fair to use tax payers money employing irritating people like Naga and stopping us from tuning to bbc breakfast. In addition to the most irritating Naga, we have the most boring and monotonous presenters Charlie and Steph.. What a waste of money...
SAD 8:20pm Wed 7 Feb

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