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Celebrity Juice Comments

To Min.
Keith Lemon is a character, not a real person. Don't let facts get in the way of trolling though
To Min. 9:07pm Sat 24 Oct

Lemon is about as entertaining as a broken leg. Please will someone get this moron off tv
Dennyboy 6:22pm Mon 13 Jul
sleaze ball.
Hes the same off screen. Would you tolerate him sleazing over a female member of your family.
Min. 4:25pm Sat 23 Sep
Pushes the boundaries
One of the last shows that does not conform to this stupid p.c. we apparently have to conform to, keep on doing it Leigh!
Mike Oxmells 8:10pm Thu 21 Sep
Squeeze Lemon.
Disgusting morons, you don't need talent to appear on this poor excuse for a TV prog.
Looky 7:00pm Fri 14 Jul
No talent
Utter trash like the people on it. Holly,Gino,& lemon
April 2:52pm Thu 23 Mar
What a grate show
Absulotely brilliant. Only brainee peepul can unnerstad the humor. I'm soor this was been on the open university a few years ago. TV for interlectules. Innit.
Wally Hillerby 11:20pm Thu 10 Nov
Fred Sirieux
When Fred Sirieux has said in interviews "I dont want to do trashy tv. Im not desperate to be on tv. I want to do quality stuff" why would he degrade himself by appearing on this trashiest of programmes? Hes certainly gone down in my estimation.
Paula 12:42am Tue 27 Sep
Bottom of the barrel garbage
Me 9:35pm Sat 17 Sep
Thus show us absolutely awesome and I have watched it for years and it never gets boring x
Unhappy unicorn 8:31pm Thu 15 Sep
keith lemon!!. legend??
Best tv show. Funny,cringe,disgusting,and very close to the bone everything a telly show should be. Keep up the great work.
bullhead 3:57pm Sat 12 Mar
I am shocked that tripe like this airs on UK TV
Honesly, I stumbled on this show and couldn't believe that UK TV will air such terrible quality program, and often in prime time too, Then I read of all the awards it has won at wikipedia. I am in total shock
Shocked-Guy 1:52am Sat 28 Mar
I love the comments on this show.
The show? No comment.
Sam and Alex 8:48pm Thu 22 May
Holly Willoughby
Can't imagine anyone whose husband isn't involved in this programme allowing their wife to do and say the things HW does! Then we are supposed to take her seriously on This Morning and Surprise Surprise!!!!
MoJo 11:21am Mon 5 May
Funny man
I love this show it's so funny xxxxxxxxxx
Essexxxxx 10:21pm Sat 19 Apr
Funniest tv in telly living up you miserable old fashion bunch
Optimisticjoe 1:21am Fri 21 Feb
Keith Lemon?
I feel sure that this "character" is a rip--off of a character created by somebody else a few years ago. Can anyone venture a suggestion as to who that was?
Krakatoa 10:31pm Mon 2 Dec
Good luck!
If you like this show. Some people find it funny. Now that is funny.
Mr. E. Man 8:15pm Fri 22 Nov
unhealthy show
Ken 9:51pm Thu 7 Nov
Squidward 9:27am Mon 7 Oct
Lively and completely entertaining!
I love the show, yes some scenes can make me cringe, but that it part of Keith's creation, utter madness!
Lucky Lou 12:09pm Wed 2 Oct
Super show. Very funny.
Unfortunately I'm a pathological liar.
Rick. 8:30pm Fri 26 Jul
excellent funny show
keep up the good work folks.. super duper show
Spock 6:11pm Thu 13 Jun
Will someone....
...please get this complete crap off the telly.
Mr. J. 11:22pm Tue 28 May
Utter bilge.
No further comment needed.
Riikkkaaayyy!! 11:42pm Sat 25 May
The Br Got No Talent Show
Its a case of the emperor's new clothes
avid quizzer 10:49pm Fri 24 May
"Keith Lemon" and.............
Richard Madeley. AAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!! I think I'll give it a miss.
Fenny 11:27pm Sat 18 May
Dumbded down populous
Utter, utter, utter garbage
mission acheived 4:57pm Tue 14 May
@ Robbiej and TOPWAK
Get an effing life and stop whining you couple of warmers.
Paultee 2:28pm Thu 4 Apr
Get this off the tv
Misogynistic, unfunny, get this arrogant man off out tv
Robbiej 9:15pm Sat 2 Mar
Dear Haters,
Nobody asked you to watch this show. If you don't like it why are you watching it? Watch something else. Do't be a party pooper. Everyone likes different things. Everyone has there own opinion. I, for one, LOVE this how and think that Keith Lemon is hilarious. He's isn't real, he's just an actor. Let loose a little :)
no hate 6:50pm Sun 6 Jan
Get a sense of humour
For those that don't like the show, maybe learn to use the remote. Funny as F...
diddy 3:14am Mon 10 Dec
Here we go again.People who don't like the show,attacking its audience,because they are soooo "intelligent" & wouldnt lower themselves to watch it.(but watch 99% of the tripe on TV)..This is a very entertaining show,in my opinion.Those that dont like it,fine.But at least try and put your point across in a mature manner.Probably won't get posted,because i have posted a positive review.
Phil 5:03pm Wed 5 Dec
bang tidy
this is my favorite show in the world
69 3:13pm Tue 4 Dec
amazing tv show people who don't like it should get a sense of humour and laugh for once
keith 7:36pm Thu 15 Nov
bang tidy
the funniest programme on tv . I've never laughed so much in my life . Keep up the good work folks .Please u make my wk
stokie oatcake :-) 10:53pm Sat 10 Nov
Keith lemon is so funny he makes my thursday nights enjoyable.However he is so rude but then again that is why it is late.
Kenneth. 1:41pm Thu 1 Nov
Imbecilic Britain in 2012
Well where do i start with this little gem...... AMAZING guys who dont think this is funny .. clearly has to sence of humour. ITS AMAZING! seriously you have a boring life. AMAZING 1:50pm Fri 4 May
Z Factor 6:26pm Sat 20 Oct
its the BEST
hello my name is jessica dugan and your show is the best show in the world.
jessie 10:12am Fri 12 Oct
You kids.Get to sleep
You have to be up for school in the morning-Why are you watching a talentless idiot with a speech impediment & a potty mouth-& I thought Willoughby & Cotton would have had more self respect & got themselves a proper job
Waste of airtime 11:32pm Mon 1 Oct
Travers 8:42pm Thu 30 Aug
Absolute Nonsence
A trashy show fronted by that numbskull for celebrities who would turn up to the opening of a paper bag. You know the ones, there on anything and everything.
doubletake 10:41pm Tue 28 Aug
Love this type of show compared to watching everything that's depressing about life in East end of London
stu123 10:30pm Tue 28 Aug
Gets on my nerves
I only have to hear Lemon speak and I want to hit something. He is AWFUL. Get rid of this dreadful rubbish.
Tedsmum 3:57pm Mon 27 Aug
juicy lemon
I just want to say i like celebrity juice and i would realy like to know when it show on tv next.
mum mondjo 8:32am Thu 31 May
it makes me laugh and laugh and laugh
This programme makes me laugh out loud. One of my favourites!
bang tidy 6:48pm Wed 23 May
Who on earth produces this awful garbage,it shoulld be binned ,what a waste of money.
Fed up 7:21pm Wed 16 May
a show out of the back hole
ah lark dis tilly pwogrham
creetin 10:31pm Tue 15 May
TV's best
Worth all the awards its getting -
me 4:28pm Sat 5 May
Best on't telly
verk 2:44pm Sat 5 May

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