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Dinner Date Comments

Who did Elle choose tonight?
I watched all of Dinner Date tonight and missed the very end! Grrrr Who did Elle choose? The Man with the Parrit or the bald one?
LynnyWinny 9:00pm Wed 4 Nov

Series 5 Episode 14
Anybody know what music clips were used in this episode? I'm looking for one in particular but if I had the name of all or even most, I could wade through and hope I find what I'm looking for,
May 5:13pm Sun 21 Jun
Did Brandon see his date again, I missed that bit, after watching the whole thing.. #6th May
Kitkat 8:03pm Wed 6 May
Wish Gemma had picked the Irish guy,he was lovely.
Madders 8:08pm Sun 1 Oct
Whats Jamie's last name from Sheffield?
Series 6 episode 15?
M13 7:48pm Thu 28 Sep
Why didn't she choose Brad? He was awesome (and good looking!)
Katie 8:04pm Fri 1 Sep
Sound track serious 4 episode 9
Can some please give me the full soundtrack of the episode with Steven.
Chettyd 11:20pm Sat 1 Jul
Steven dinner date cute greek
What was stevens surname?
VanesseT 1:52pm Wed 31 May
Wheres Richard?
What happened to Richard the night club manager, who cooked for Rachel from derby?
Melissa 2:36pm Wed 29 Mar
S7 E6 Irish comments
Didn't appreciate hearing some Canadian girl tell us she's like an 80 year old Irish alcoholic. This wouldn't be tolerated for other cultures so why is it still ok to stereotype all Irish as alcoholics. Vet your people! I like the old narrator better. New one is bland.
Niamh 10:09pm Sat 25 Mar
AWFUL VOICE presenting
The most annoying voice EVER narrating! So so annoying, please fix!
AwfulVoice 9:07pm Fri 17 Feb
Is this set up this programme
How many times can u apply and go on this show? To choose dinner date and to be chosen? As ive seen same person doing exactly this... Are the ppl who go on it, actually real ppl and chosen from applying or do you pick them and use the same ppl over and over again? Many thanks.haileu
Hailey 6:22pm Wed 1 Feb
Cat from dinner date sexy lady
Mel 9:27pm Tue 13 Dec
Hate the voiceover
It spoils the whole programme and makes me cringe!!
JoAnn 8:12pm Thu 6 Oct
Handsome guy ??
Shell smart 7:06pm Sun 4 Sep
Fake Italian
Watched episode of dinner date with emilliano ( supposedly half Italian)- his Italian was dreadful and broken.. Surely if you were half Italian and lived there you would speak the language and atleast have mastered some closely sounding accent? His Italian pasta dish looked a disaster... Italians don't serve garlic bread with pasta ( the pasta sauce looked awful and non authentic)..... Italians of today aren't stuck in the dark ages with that chauvinistic thinking....
Realitalian85 10:01pm Fri 26 Aug
intenseley irritating voi
awful voice over,the voice itself is dreadful but the innuendo is pathetic.It really grates. Puts me off watching the programme
Vienne 8:45pm Fri 19 Aug
Tom s3 e4
I cannot believe gemma didnt pick you, you are the most beautiful man i have ever seen! I'd take you out anytime ;)
Ally 12:32pm Tue 12 Jul
You poor guy having such boring dates!
kiana 11:55pm Tue 17 May
Poor Brendon
I can't believe Jenny didn't pick Brendon not only did he cook an amazing meal, he was cheeky, charming and gorgeous! I would 100% have chosen him and he was gutted bless him
Kate 1983 2:06pm Wed 20 Apr
What a plum
Daniel is an idiot!
Rocket Ron 7:51pm Sat 16 Apr
The Commentary makes the show unwatchable. Endless ridiculous puns and childish remarks. I used to like the show, not any more
Mike 1:49pm Sun 27 Mar
Voice over
Terribly terribly annoying! Totally spoils the programme!!!
Molly 5:28pm Sat 26 Mar
Great show. Loved Danny. Gorgeous guy.
Nick 10:36pm Sun 20 Mar
Diner date "Danny"
A bit precious I thought...., gosh he eat like a horse...too, should stick to salads more, loose some of that round the waste body tyre....
Bobbie 5:28am Sun 20 Mar
Great commentator
I think some should leave the commentator alone. I think she is doing a grand Job. Why liken her to Dave Lamb they are two completly different shows.
Jooles 12:05pm Thu 17 Mar
What was the song played during Kay dinner?
Pri 8:51pm Sat 5 Mar
Name of song
Does anybody know the name of the tune that started playing as Gemna Oaten knocked on her chosen dates door?
Ari 5:59pm Sun 21 Feb
James is Amazing!!!
What a guy!!! How she didn't pick him I don't know!!! Is he still single?
Sammy 8:58pm Sat 13 Feb
Lydia from London
What a stunning young women., and a goth too. What's not to like?
Dark Horse. 5:34pm Mon 8 Feb
What's robs surname please?
Kel 11:34am Wed 3 Feb
Dinner date in general
I never post comments... Love the concept, but for entertainment value please do not choose boring, dull and lifeless people as the main 'chooser'
Jayne 6:49pm Sat 16 Jan
Red Dress
Series 5 episode 9 Orlatz (I think I spelt that correct) had a lovely red dress on. Does anyone know where this is from?
Natalie Celik 8:06pm Sun 10 Jan
What was the soundtrack at the end as she took her date away. The first song as she knocks on his door? It's doing my head in.
Mrs Brown 11:36am Fri 8 Jan
Nooooo Kirsty
You definitely made the wrong decision to be shallow and go for looks. The 2nd guy was so much better.
StressedBiochemGraduates 11:20am Fri 8 Jan
My dad
Anto 2:48pm Mon 14 Dec
i wish 4 my son to be on the show how can I apply
jaynee 9:13pm Sun 13 Dec
Get in touch
Valerie from Stockport lost touch with you been about 16 years or so get in touch Chris from london
Mr magic 2:47pm Fri 4 Dec
Tom S4 Episode 4
He is gorgeous!!
Beth 7:05pm Fri 27 Nov
annoying presenter
Love the programme but have to have sound switched off, that womans voice and stupid remarks are horrendous, she is no Dave Lamb, please replace her before she drives me mad.
Jan 2:41pm Sat 21 Nov
Its NOT Charlotte whose comments and narration are so AWFUL, its NATALIE CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Caggy 7:20pm Thu 19 Nov
Tom S3 Ep4
Who is he? He is beautiful!! ??
Claire 10:30am Tue 17 Nov
Dinner Date
Please please please ! change the person you have talking on dinner date, she has the most annoying voice and here comments are childish and irritating . I love to watch the programme but I'm afraid the commentary lowers the standard of the show , most people do not enjoy listening to innuendo's . I really hope you raise the standard of the programme. thank you, kim B
Kat 7:49pm Fri 13 Nov
Can't believe kevin turned down sophisticated ones for idiot.
I can't believe Kevin from Birmingham turned down the sophisticated ones and went for thick Lizzie, who said her ideal man would be David Beckham looks, Peter Andre personality, and parts from other over hyped talentless celebs she has been brainwashed to admire from the celeb magazines she reads.
S Powell 3:54pm Fri 6 Nov
Find Jan for me
I would love to meet Jan from Stockport, series 3 episode 25, anyone know her surname, or facebook page, she is stunning .. thanks
Trickrick 5:39am Wed 28 Oct
Dinner Date 21 October 2015
Thought Lynne from nottingham looked great don't know why she is single
the toon man 3:06pm Wed 21 Oct
The woman talking on this show is soooo annoying, and repetitive her voice really horrible, she tries to sound humorous like Dave Lamb, but it doesnt work please replace her so we can enjoy the show
Jan 9:32am Sat 10 Oct
Brendan 'the hunk' carpenter
How do I contact this hunky carpenter. He's the whole package: tall dark handsome and very able! I'm also South African but cannot believe Jenny didn't pick him! Call me xx. Ps. I like the voiceover lady. Very entertaining!
brigilove 6:14pm Wed 7 Oct
american commercial estate agent NICK
i saw an episode with nick and christina, does anyone know what nicks last name is?
xosaxo 9:28pm Sun 13 Sep
Lowkey though.
No lesbian dates, a couple of gay men per series but still, the heteronormativity pains me. More diversity please.
Sara V 10:13pm Mon 31 Aug

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