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Doctors Comments

Oh my days
What absolute tosh. Beam me up!
Lou 2:08pm Thu 17 Dec

What planet?
is this based in some foreign galaxy? Certainly not 21st century uk !!!
Campaign4BetterTV 12:54pm Wed 4 Nov
Absolutely dreadful. Script writers need to spend more time in the real world. Without doubt one of the worst things on Tv.
Peegee 2:25pm Tue 7 May
So far from the REALITY of (mainly lousy) G.P. practices in 21st century UK that it is laughable.
The Voice of Reason 11:47am Tue 7 May
I don't believe it.
Doctors doing house calls. I thought they stopped this 20 years ago.
TRS. 12:55pm Mon 15 Apr
The story about nurses feeling devalued is a decade or more too late. Nurses have had degrees and have been highly respected since but there are not enough of them... The pay is on par with other health service personnel but obviously not enough for those on the lower scale.
jenB 1:20pm Fri 12 Apr
Footballer eh? Umm
mazza 1:08pm Mon 8 Apr
It gets even worse. She has two sons. The one who's gay is still in the closet and a footballer. You are right what you say on the emmerdale site, we don't want current social issues.
TRS. 10:03am Mon 8 Apr
She has a son? It gets worse.....who would??
mazza 9:35am Mon 8 Apr
Yes it's right. She looks a bit more glam, but I will always see mrs tembe. Also one of her sons is gay. I hope he's not another love interest for sean.
TRS. 10:03pm Sun 7 Apr
Is that right? Well I was looking for a reason to stop watching as it has gone all ridiculous now.
mazza 8:53pm Sun 7 Apr
Mrs tembe.
She's moving to corrie as part of the new family. Please God no.
TRS. 8:34pm Sun 7 Apr
Doctors playing Tag
I’ve watched Doctors for years but recently this programmes has got rather pathetic Doctors playing Tag !!! It’s absolutely daft, its obviously clear there are no decent script writers for this programme. I’ve stopped watching it.
WAD 1:21pm Wed 3 Apr
The wild West showdown music and a new born baby that was at least 4 months old. Pathetic.
TRS. 1:11pm Wed 3 Apr
Doctors playing tag?? Is there anything more ludicrous? Time to scrap this bizarre soap.
mazza 1:10pm Tue 2 Apr
I withdraw my comment.
I'd already posted my comment before Als radio appearance had taken a sinister turn and plod and Karen in bed. A sight I can never unsee.
TRS. 10:45pm Fri 22 Feb
Oh my
Doctors is worse than ever. Would someone please beam up Al so we can get back to some normality.
mazza 9:08pm Fri 22 Feb
Give Doctor al his own radio show. I've got a list as long as my arm things that get on my goat.
TRS. 2:04pm Fri 22 Feb
We cannot get a appointment never mind 10 mins. Told to ring at 8,30 am and informed you are 12 in the queue.......blah blah. If you turn up to make one then you are told to go away and tel again next day.
mazza 4:02pm Thu 31 Jan
SO detatched from reality it is a joke. Doctors spending hours with a patient? I don't know any practice where you get more than 10 minutes absolute maximum.
B. Patient 2:07pm Thu 31 Jan
Who the bloody hell does plod think he is telling al how he should grieve . This coming from a man who had one foot in the door of the Looney bin .
TRS 1:57pm Thu 29 Nov
My review of doctors.
The funeral service moved mamma and I to tears. It reminded us of our dear blind butler soames. He was the undefeated braille crossword champion of 1932_1937 .Mamma was highly amused when he was buried six feet down and four across.
Neil Leslie Gilbert-Williams-Jacksnephew 1:03pm Thu 22 Nov
Pc Plod
The super cop again! Is there anything he cannot be in charge of? Btw bringing in an old friend of Heston we have never heard of before takes up the viewing time and a waste. Why??
lila 2:12pm Tue 13 Nov
The car accident
How on earth did Mrs tembes wig stay on after the car flipped over numerous times.
TRS. 2:02pm Fri 9 Nov
He was one of those responsible for the murder of Ernie bishop.
TRS. 4:22pm Wed 17 Oct
Who writes this?
Pc Plod walking all over and sniffing it in at chemical crime scene!!! Oh but he is an expert that covers child abduction, people smuggling , murder etc and the odd shoplifting. Beam me up pleeze!
gina 1:03pm Wed 17 Oct
The usual crap.
Another token activist. About sugary drinks. The stories have been crap for ages so nothing new here then.
TRS 1:04pm Tue 11 Sep
Can't go any lower.
A period party. How tasteless!
TRS 1:22pm Mon 18 Jun
Gets more
This programme gets more bizarre by the episode. Is the writer undergoing psychotherapy by any chance? If not it's time to make an appointment!
Dr Kildare 1:07pm Tue 27 Mar
does her own nut in. Surely a gossip in the wrong job??
lila 9:04pm Sun 11 Mar
Valerie does my nut in.
Squij. 5:40pm Sat 10 Mar
Prev comm
It does not need to be a farce either!
gina 10:57pm Fri 9 Mar
Get a grip!
To all those moaners and groaners when was any soap meant to be a public information service? Great cast and gelling well.
Reality strikes 3:32pm Fri 9 Mar
Seriously the scriptwriters must be having a laugh!
lila 2:08pm Fri 9 Mar
Mad to watch this...
This programme takes TRIPE to a whole new level. Couldn't everyone involved in this soap be better employed? What about picking up plastic around the coastline... in the Antarctic!
P V 1:49pm Fri 9 Mar
Gay Practice Manager?
I gave up watching recently. So glad I did. Fgs writers give it a rest......we get it!
don'tbelieveallyouread 6:51pm Wed 14 Feb
So the gay practice managers boyfriend can't accept a red rose in hospital because of hygiene, but they can get up to all sorts in a cupboard. What's hygienic about that.
Sceptic. 2:13pm Wed 14 Feb
Been sniffing glue?
Is the script writer getting any treatment? He/She needs some rapidly.
R U A Nutta 2:45pm Fri 9 Feb
we don´t need it
What men (women) do in private, is their business, but we don´t need it on TV, utterly disgusting.
Kipper 3:03pm Wed 7 Feb
Flip em off.
Been on 5 minutes and we see 2 men in bed. Disgusting whatever time of the day.
Old gal 2:36pm Wed 7 Feb
The storylines get evermore unbelievable. What medication is the writer on? It needs changing!
Dr. De'ath 2:15pm Wed 7 Feb
It is trying to compete with all the other soaps......all doom and gloom!
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:14pm Fri 2 Feb
Doctors used to be fun. Now it is preachy and boring. The 'poetry' episode was the last straw, and I am now going to take a break from it.
eddie 6:11pm Fri 2 Feb
not suitable
today's episode not at all suitable for daytime viewing. That background 'poetry' far too intense
maritana 2:23pm Wed 31 Jan
How much longer are these depressing story lines going on? A lot of my friends have given up watching these dreadful episodes and I am very near to stopping watching also. Why can't we go back to stories around the Doctors and nurses, and not all these illegals?
willo 1:58pm Wed 10 Jan
onlysaying 2:13pm Fri 15 Dec
In your dreams!!!
Is this based somewhere in a parallel universe? It bears NO similarity to the reality in UK 2017/18.
Aneurin Bevan 2:08pm Thu 14 Dec
Straight from goldilocks and the three bears. What next, old lady tembe as snow white? This shows absolute crap.
Maz 2:00pm Fri 8 Dec
Prev comm
When I was growing up in the 50/60s it was very much like that and in small hamlets it still is to an extent. However what is unreal is the doctors shenanigans.......
onlysaying 1:30pm Wed 6 Dec
I don't know what mythical health service this is modelled upon, but it bears NO similarity to ANY real surgery in NHS UK. Doctors and staff spending all day with one patient??? I'm lucky to get 5 minutes with mine!
P V 12:02pm Wed 6 Dec

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