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Emmerdale Comments

Schools out
Please check out regarding teachers leaving the premises at all times of day. You are showing the teaching profession in a very bad light, not typical at all. As for the behaviour of teacher and pupil, beggars belief.
Rosie9 6:42pm Sun 20 Jan

Good grief
These are soooo old from way back as one of them is mine by my original name. Got to be an inside job.
mazza 5:46pm Sun 20 Jan
Jan ban.
Read what's been going on , on the Corrie site. If they haven't been deleted.
TRS 2:02pm Sun 20 Jan
are the comments not up to date, they are for old episodes.???
jan-ban 1:54pm Sun 20 Jan
I cannot see the attraction and it is definately not his credit card......
once more 7:15pm New Years Eve
you have a sensible son,being gay is not a sin but to watch it at teatime is disgusting,my grand daughter,s best friend is gay,at 15 he is a lovely and considerate young man.
Browser 11:42am Fri 10 Jul
I have a gay son, he is sick of seeing Arron and Robert slobbering over one another. Not suitable at 7pm
Sally 5:25pm Thu 9 Jul
not right
agree with comments about last nights show this is not right to show this type of scene well before the watershed this storyline must end now
robert 12:14pm Thu 9 Jul
Aaron and Robert
Disgusted with last night show it was far to early to show that scene of them removing clothes my children were up get rid of them , shame on u won't b watching again
Bunty 11:41am Thu 9 Jul
needs help
this worse than corrie not a lot to say were to start were to stop everything is wrong Micheal parr aka ross is the only one keeping this afloat
robert 1:26pm Tue 7 Jul
New stories and characters needed
I am sick and tired of nasty Jai, miserable Rachel and the poor baby, Archie. Also Ross and the Barton clan. This series has long gone from Emmerdale Farm. Please bring back believable characters and storylines.
Marina 5:14pm Thu 2 Jul
No posts from anyone? Has everyone got sick of the Jai, Rachel & Archie show & stopped watching?
Helen 1:13pm Thu 2 Jul
Sorry don't get the hooha over him he's not all that. Horrible person. As for Debbie why would you go where your mother has been. Yuk
Aitch 10:32pm Tue 30 Jun
Well done for smacking that smarmy get Robert. Brilliant episodes last night. He's had that coming for a while. When Andy finds out about Katie he's likely to get clumped again
Ecstatic 11:01am Fri 26 Jun
What has happened to Declan? You can't tell me he has gone for good, especially as Charity has had a baby. With Emmerdale's track record for fathers claiming children, he should be making waves.
Sam 9:34am Fri 26 Jun
Are my comments going? Tired of trying to post on here
Dismayed 7:56pm Tue 23 Jun
Harriet the detective
Has never left the village. She's followed Cain to the garage & the pub. Didn't even go to track down the lead on Adam. Robert paid her & goes himself. Laughable really...
H 7:52pm Thu 18 Jun
Send a few recordings of Emmerdale to Mafia bosses they will find it the perfect place to set up their headquarters, a supposedly quiet English village. It would be great cover for them.
ellie oops 9:04am Wed 17 Jun
How old
Are the women in Emmerdale? She said he said. Grow up & why would you put up with that clype Emma marching into your house & shouting the odds without booting her out the door?
Aitch 7:45pm Tue 16 Jun
Debbie's legs covered..she doesn't have the legs for short skirts! And please....get rid of Jai..if Rachel is leaving..let her go with dignity.
Maz 8:11am Tue 16 Jun
I agree absolutely. I live in the Dales and no one speaks as though they have a bag of spanners in their mouth. Also, why does Pete walk as though he's lost his horse.
Bas 7:14pm Mon 15 Jun
Can anybody tell me what language Adam and Pete are speaking as I have great difficulty understanding them. Did they ever go to acting school where they were taught to speak clearly?
abstract 3:27pm Mon 15 Jun
Bored witless with the whole Archie, Jai, Rachel saga. Bore off. Why bring the feisty Rachel back to turn her into a whinging drip. Please get rid of Jai. Crap actor....
H 3:34pm Sun 14 Jun
Not realistic.
This is what drives me mad. No way would Cain want an affair with wishy washy Chrissie when he has a woman like Moira. Not a realistic storyline.
Barry 9:22pm Sat 13 Jun
We all know who is the father of Charity's sprog, Adam of course, he's bedded every other woman so why draw the line.
Val 4:27pm Sat 13 Jun
Soppy voice
Get rid of that Tracy. Her voice is so annoying. I'm also FED UP with the Archie saga, dopey Sam, rabid Rachel and psycho Jai, awful.
Sam 9:43pm Fri 12 Jun
Worse than ever
Emmerdale writer has lost it. If story lines keep dredging the worst in people then I won't watch it again.
Cazn 7:29pm Fri 12 Jun
Who's the father!
Please don't let it be Cain. Mind you she will try anything to get him off Moira.
Kay 9:15pm Thu 11 Jun
Ellie oops Sam
We're tired of being ignored. Now we hear Val is leaving so we'll be left with the deluded, deranged & desperate. GET A NEW WRITER we beg you Emmerdale !!!!
Aitch 2:53pm Thu 11 Jun
No comments
Viewers have realised Emmerdale is a SERIOUSLY!!! dangerous and dysfunctional place to live and abandoned this now ridiculous programme
Ellie oops 8:36am Thu 11 Jun
Is there anybody out there?
Sam 9:57pm Wed 10 Jun
Has no one anything to say, or has this website crashed?
Sam 9:07am Wed 10 Jun
Poor Harriet
Surely Ashley won't go back to Laurel, give Harriet a chance, she's cool! Val goes from ridiculous to plain silly and Bob needs a kick up the proverbial, he's going to regret taking up with those two fraudsters.
Barry 9:28pm Thu 4 Jun
Is it not time
to retire Sandy,he has had enough
browser 8:05pm Thu 4 Jun
Marlon is so thick
the only child he is interested in is April what about Leo
liz 8:22am Wed 3 Jun
What can Vanessa expect
she puts it about a bit,as a vet she should have more sense,to much sexual innuendo in this soap
browser 7:51am Wed 3 Jun
Maybe because Emmerdale doesn't read them & doesn't care what it's viewers think?
Aitch 6:46am Wed 3 Jun
Why no comments for nearly a week?
Puzzled! 8:41pm Tue 2 Jun
Does Sam Dingle always have to pull faces and look as though he is straining on the lavatory. This stor+y line with Rachael is so boring, it has no depth and seems never to get anywhere except to set Sam off with his gurning. Stomach squirming!
Olive 10:06am Thu 28 May
Finding the baby story a bit boring
Who actually cares,also fed up with the Dingle's,why are there so many stories involving the modern day Clampet's,they are so boring,put them on the back boiler for a while
browser 8:40am Thu 28 May
Most young men who get a woman in the club would be glad for her to take responsibility, not Emmerdale men, they have to get intense and possessive.
Daddi 9:13pm Wed 27 May
Was Debbie a mediaeval woman once because her hair styles look like she should be a serving wench in a castle.
Bob 9:42pm Tue 26 May
Betty's goodbye
I thought that the departure of Betty was inspired. To have an actor dressed and looking like Seth was great. A wonderful relief from all the doom and gloom we have been seeing lately.
Marina 8:31pm Tue 26 May
What a hypocrite, moaning to Ashley about Laurel being unfaithful. Laurel must leave him, and marry me, what great parties we would have LOL
DJ 6:15pm Tue 26 May
Betty got herself a minted Seth look alike,writers ,what are you on.
Browser 8:34am Tue 26 May
too much violence
Should be ashamed. Little children are still up and could be watching the boxing and shouting its disgusting!!!!!!
disapointed 7:30pm Mon 25 May
Well done
Well done to Ross and hope he will go on to other things as the writers tend to rewrite story lines.Also upstaged all the others April hope the cuteness will stay.
Bored 2:24pm Sun 24 May
Do not get Ashley and Laurel back together.....the storylines are bad enough as it is!
Maz 7:29am Sun 24 May
Who are you talking about? This is an Emmerdale page. Who's nutty Nick?
Confused 9:16pm Fri 22 May
Wrong programme Jan?
Who is nutty Nick?
Pete 8:48pm Fri 22 May

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