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I don't watch but has he still got sleeked back hair and leather thing round his neck....sad!
gina 12:12pm Sat 14 Jul

He's probably had it written into his contract to be with a young woman. He may have been a heart throb in the 1970 s , but he's well past his sell by date.
TRS 11:10am Sat 14 Jul
What is the point of this character if it's meant for a bit of light entertainment it fails miserably and even at his age the story has to be sexual. WHY????
zena 10:38am Sat 14 Jul
Rodney is 79 years old! His girlfriend is probably young enough to be his granddaughter. Get real you stupid scriptwriters
Von James 8:20pm Fri 13 Jul
if she wants a real man, she should crawl back to Graham!
Doggo34 12:02pm Fri 13 Jul
If you want to see a gay free, transgender free, fat people free show try love island. Hard to believe, I know.
Un PC, hurrah! 7:21pm Thu 12 Jul
No Improvement then?
I haven't been watching this tripe for a couple of weeks. I can't believe they are still recycling the same old tedious story lines. Charity does a reveal in pub..again. Bedside vigil foe beaten up person...again. Writers...you should be ashamed of yourselves. Again
Zeeble 7:17pm Thu 12 Jul
Used to enjoy the show, gone completely ott with the characters, gay, transgender ect. Plane crashes I could see makes good suspense but this has gone too far, wont bother anymore
George 7:10pm Thu 12 Jul
Nothing. They're all too busy committing crime and sleeping around. Oh yes, and embracing the latest deviant craze.
Gel 7:32pm Mon 9 Jul
Previous comm
No mention of Prince louis birth. Meghan and harrys wedding. Brexit, or the world cup. The big question is, what do the residents of emmerdale watch on itv at 7pm Monday to Friday
TRS 6:23pm Mon 9 Jul
not real
You know it not real when not a word about football and the world cup. Not a single flag on a car or England tee-shirt.
evie99 6:16pm Mon 9 Jul
There were photo’s everywhere of Marlons exes , however he managed to pull any one is beyond belief
Kay Jay 9:06am Sat 7 Jul
Oh Joy
Another half hour watching total misery. ENOUGH!! ENOUGH!! ENOUGH!!
zena 6:30pm Fri 6 Jul
I really like this character, he seems down to Earth in a sensitive way.
Von James 12:12pm Fri 6 Jul
Adverts gone mad!!!
McCain sponsors Emmerdale if you didn’t know this they reminded us 8 times tonight
Kay Jay 7:00pm Mon 2 Jul
Laura Mitchell
Have you thought of scriptwriting. You could do a much better job of it than what they offer up nowadays, Seriously though send one in........
gina 11:54am Sun 1 Jul
Laura Mitchell
You are watching a soap not real life. Having said that if you were ever a witness to a crime, you would be a fantastic witness. Ever thought of becoming a barrister?
TRS 6:50am Sun 1 Jul
daz Spencer
I Know that he is not perfect he is trying to find his own daughter he is a Hero he is a ex Copper and Ex Heatbeat Star at your Wedding he defended you and your Wife there was a Secret phone Call to your brother blackmailing him to get the funding Money for her release he is Secred and terrified of What will happen to her he Would not hurt her he loves her
LauraMitchell844@ Gmail. Com 3:02am Sun 1 Jul
Laurel is so unloyal,
how Laurel can side with Diane against her dad is unbelievable. The Amelia story also absolutely unbelievable.
Jan-Ban 7:04am Sat 30 Jun
Another one kidnapped and tied up No imagination Sack youtselves
Paul t 7:29pm Fri 29 Jun
Watched a fill episode
As there were no deviants on for a change
Al 7:10pm Fri 29 Jun
You could be right and if he does he'll fit into this totally dysfunctional village perfectly
elaine 6:30pm Fri 29 Jun
Who the heck would want to help Dan when all he does is abuse everyone trying to find Amelia
tina 6:06pm Fri 29 Jun
Is coming back as a woman called Gina
Al 6:05pm Fri 29 Jun
Has something happened to Graham he can't be gone
tina 7:04pm Wed 27 Jun
I miss him already.
Steph 5:57pm Wed 27 Jun
We now have every form of sexual deviant living in a small Yorkshire village. Enough is enough
zena 3:21pm Wed 27 Jun
Who are the sickos writing this GARBAGE.SIC SICK SICK !
stringers 2:35pm Wed 27 Jun
Oh Lord
Can this programme sink any lower. Every story line revolves around SEX!! even the idiot Rishi. Young kids watching must be totally confused or asking very difficult questions. Enough is enough
Esther 6:48pm Tue 26 Jun
You always hit the nail on the head
wendy 6:03pm Tue 26 Jun
Script writers
When did they draft the Eastenders writers onto Emmerdale
Al 6:03pm Tue 26 Jun
Words fail me. What ridiculous story lines next? Martians land on home farms lawn. Lord Lucan appears in the pub asking for a stiff Gin and Tonic? Bonkers
Zeeble 5:37pm Tue 26 Jun
Zenas right. A transgender person fits the description of deviant perfectly.
Diva I ain't. 3:54pm Tue 26 Jun
Yes. Look up meaning of deviant
zena 2:11pm Tue 26 Jun
Complete the set. Why not.
All we need now is a gay dog couple and a budgie with unwanted advances and the village is complete.
Frazer hines. 11:19am Tue 26 Jun
Disgusted again
Please change the scripwriters or the watershed do we want our children to watch such absolute garbage
DWB 7:17pm Mon 25 Jun
Sorry but I have been affected by the deviant issues in this and all current episodes. I'm going out for a drink.......I may be a while
Gel 7:07pm Mon 25 Jun
How do the actors keep a straight face when reading this drivel however did Moira recognize Hanna? With her stubble?
Von James 6:42pm Mon 25 Jun
Very well put you are so right
wendy 6:41pm Fri 22 Jun
Neil H
These soaps do influence people, when they start with a warning of distressing scenes something has gone badly wrong with the writing. They put ideas in some peoples heads. They have to be moved to after 9 pm if they continue with these dark storylines
Zeeble 6:26pm Fri 22 Jun
No it's not "real" but it should be entertaining. This PC deviant tripe is only entertaining to a certain section of viewers
Gel 3:31pm Fri 22 Jun
Argh! Diane is doing my head in. What a horrible woman and terrible acting.
Andy67 6:58pm Thu 21 Jun
We are women. We can watch and moan if we want to. Unlike men who can only do one thing at a time.
UnPC. 5:55pm Thu 21 Jun
Why are you watching?
Can't believe the number of whingers making comments on here!! The programme isn't real - it's a Soap!! It's not supposed to reflect reality. If you don't like it, don't watch it!!
NeilH 2:36pm Thu 21 Jun
I know the world has changed immensely in 46 years but a small Yorkshire changed into a crime ridden place also full of every form of sexual deviant and nothing but misery I don't think so. I live in North Yorkshire and my world hasn't changed into this disaster
wendy 7:54am Thu 21 Jun
Does anyone remember when Emmerdale had some humour and it was enjoyable to watch.
Evie 9:04pm Mon 18 Jun
made the series to be great with Seth Armstrong......
asyouseeandlisten 2:20pm Mon 18 Jun
Bring back Amos
Emmerdale: Dingles, murders, criminals, bed hopping, cheating, and more Dingles. zzzzzzzz
Gel 9:06am Sun 17 Jun
Pathetic , boring , waste of valuable living time
HAHAHA 5:12pm Sat 16 Jun
Another hour of MISERY!! MISERY!! and more MISERY!! Am so sick and tired of warnings at start of each episode and where to get help at end of each episode. Please please give us a break
tina 7:03pm Fri 15 Jun

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