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Extreme Fishing with Robson Green Comments

Want to like this
This could be a good show if it wasn't for Green. The man is thick as a plank with next to no real knowledge of what fish he's catching. Coupled with that, he is incredibly irritating with his screaming and yelling and inane comments. River Monsters is far better - entertaining AND informative.
Burpo 8:29am Sat 2 May

No Hat, no jacket-idiot
What a bad example Robson sets to anyone watching him fishing. He must want skin cancer, which is odd for an actor and wants his child to be too cool to wear a life jacket on a boat. Weird.
Aqua 4:38am Sat 28 Feb
This guy is a joke. He has no respect for the fish whatsoever. Robson is all about Robson. Horrible excuse of a man.
Love everyone 2:35am Sun 22 Feb
great program
For those of you who don't like Robson Green then don't watch him i admire him for having a go could you do any better i think NOT
Stella Artois 9:52am Sun 2 Nov
Great Show
This is the 1 fishing show that isn't boring! I stopped trawler fishing last year and my missus got me hooked on this. Love seeing the different fishing techniques from accross the world & Robson is entertaining.
Portlander 10:59am Sun 12 Oct
Love Robson and love this show.
Liz 7:44pm Sun 28 Sep
Ingenuine actor and it shows
Robson is a poor fisherman, and as is frequently exposed on the show: he doesn't have the stomach for extreme fishing and is often shown panicking in fear. I also have a fervant dislike for how often he attempts to self publicise himself and his (apparent) fame. A bad choice on this one.
Fishfan14 4:14pm Sat 20 Sep
Put them back robson
I like the programme even if Robson don't emulate most fisherman. Why does he never put anything back, this sets a very bad example, it' took many years to get fisherman to catch and release.
Fuzzy 11:13am Thu 11 Sep
Great show, interesting and Robson Green makes a programme about fishing good to watch. And to everyone who says he's fake and doesnt know what he's doing isnt the programme about him going to different parts of the world to learn different fishing cultures? He's the right person for this programme. I love it!
39wels 7:56pm Tue 2 Sep
my fav
I think it is amazing and funny keep it going
araya 7:49pm Tue 25 Feb
great advise and i love the show...
i saw your comment .."bow to the fish"..well it works.have only been fly fishing since last sept..caught my first 3.1/2 lb trout and it felt like a shark??but remembered what you said...thanks ..wish i took up fishing years ago.its all down to you.thanks ...
ade 7:00pm Sat 25 Jan
Love this show
I don't even fish but this programme is pretty inspirational. Green makes me laugh, most of the time I'm laughing at him but it's so entertaining. I love travel shows and this is pretty much a differently flavoured travel show. My favourite episode is the one where he goes fishing with the rastas and gets stoned when they hotbox the cabin.
whysomuchhatred 9:07pm Mon 20 Jan
Anoying stupid guy
It's really a sad to see how bad robson is trying to fish. Please stop doing that mr green, please! I Agree with the text below
Ger 5:53pm Mon 6 Jan
Irresponsible show
This is a very irresponsible show and robson is an irresponsible human being
Rav 9:51am New Years Day
So exciting
The balding, half-wit, C-list actor takes to the water once again to murder some pondlife
I lied 4:46pm Tue 1 Oct
This guy
Robert Green is one of the worst actors Britain ever produced, with a totally fake personality, he probably gonna make me stop watching BBC period.
Jan 3:52pm Fri 30 Aug
This guy
Robert Green is one of the worst actors Britain ever produced, with a totally fake personality, he probably gonna make me stop watching BBC period.
Jan 3:27pm Fri 30 Aug
New Zealand episode
I am not a fan of this show. To turn fishing into a competition makes Robson look like a right xxxx which to be fair isn't difficult. Also he did not catch a brown trout in NZ it was clearly a Rainbow. Spots on fin and tail. Wake up you irritating excuse of a presenter.
Cornishboy 10:23am Fri 19 Apr
great show
I love watching the diffrent types of fishing from all round the world and all you haters stop watching the show if you hate it that much
dribble 11:33am Sun 7 Oct
Just watched RG in Thailand - 40C, 90% humidity. Come to Kununurra, Australia - the East Kimberley - 50C - and barramundi - up to 2 metres - pelagic - fish in fresh or salt water - October is best.
pj 12:49pm Thu 13 Sep
role on episode 9 the last one
jack 4:18pm Tue 28 Aug
He should stick to acting
The histrionics are over the top and he keeps overplaying the "effort" needed to do a bit of fishing.
Lester P. 6:44pm Tue 26 Jun
Interesting and fun!
I love this show and Robson Green makes it even more interesting. I've never been fishing yet but i'm planning to it this summer purely because this show makes it interesting. Seems to be lacking new material now though, the lasest season with the episode in detroit was really boring -made up for it with the one in Canada.
convert 9:06pm Wed 9 May
he is the type of bloke
who would go fishing with a hand grenade, then keep the grenade and throw the pin.
loudan clear 9:50pm Fri 13 Apr
Robson Green was a poor actor, an appalling singer and as a fisherman and human being, he is a joke. Watching some of the first episode of the new show, showing him fishing from a boat, close to rocks when he was not wearing a life jacket, shows what a complete idiot he is.
MikeSea 7:23pm Fri 13 Apr
get it off
ginger 2:24pm Tue 3 Apr
fishing programmes
i used to fish but i find it very very boring to watch especially on tv take it off the air there must better to do
calibralee 5:06pm Sun 1 Apr
For someone who's never been interested in fishing this show in intriguing. The surroundings are beautiful. Sometimes Robson seems to be a bit overexited but he's funny and doesn't seem to take himself too seriously. So I really like it and will watch it again. I don't understand why some people really seem to hate Robson.
Sus 2:22pm Sun 15 Jan
Please just take this show off the air
Please just take this show off the air
Please just take this show off the air 1:48pm Wed 19 Oct
honda generator
cables in the water, switch it on, collect salmon in nets. simples.
bloke downt pub 11:35am Sat 20 Aug
robs great
what a great program,lets have moor
ricky 1:28pm Fri 19 Aug
Good !!!!!
you haters are sooo funny, robson is great and a gd angler. if you dnt like it go watch corrie and bitch about that =D,,,,,,,,,
ENOUGH SAID 10:59pm Wed 22 Jun
Great show
Really great show: beautiful creatures, great fishing spots, marvelous scenery and wonderful fishers. Carry on Robson.
TolkienCN 1:18pm Fri 17 Jun
Non fisher of Lichfield
I absolutely love this programme. I discovered it one evening, 3 episodes ago, during my "channel surfing". The scenery is fantastic, the humour even better, and Robson, well what can I say? I actually don't hold much interest in fishing, but I find it the most light hearted funny entertainment all week. I'm not bothered it I don't see anything else!! Carry on Robson for another 3 episodes!!
Jo Jo 6:46pm Mon 13 Jun
Great Show
I would take an educated guess that many of the people criticizing this programme consider themselves to be 'experts' in fishing and are therefore in fact criticizing Robson Greens technique, mannerisms etc etc; as opposed to the show as an entertainment piece. The truth is that this is a fantastically witty show that also happens to be very educational and respectful of LOCAL traditions. At 40, i love watching the show and so does my 12 year old. For a show to appeal to different generations [as this show does], is absolute magic. Well done Robson Green and thanks for the hours of wit.
Karl 8:09am Mon 13 Jun
This isn't a fan sight for appraisal
this is a reviews site, which means it's based on opinion, if we don't like a program we will very much say how we feel about it. I personally like the program however i do find robson green has slight depression issues which means he has this fake overly-chirpy aura around him. He's not very funny and you can tell the people he fish with get annoyed by his constant high pitch yelps of delight.
CriticCricket 2:04pm Sun 29 May
Don't watch
Has to be one of the most offensive programmes on television. Appalling treatment of fish and a dreadful brash and totally upsporting approach to fishing. Anything for money, I suppose
KeenAngler 11:11am Fri 13 May
i wana be a fisherman but im confused cos i dont know nowt about it , is robson greens ways of fishing bad or good ?
elton john 3:36pm Thu 12 May
Entertainment as TV should be. Bit like the Muppets on American choppers. It not like Building a chop and this is not like fishing. But its funny.
Dave 7:10pm Thu 5 May
Love it ....
... and yes I'm a "real" fisherman, catch and release only. But the show is entertaining and shows how OTHER PEOPLE around the world fish. It happens, it's interesting.
Hoods of Oz 1:46pm Wed 13 Apr
hand grenade, boat, net.
nuff said.
so what? 8:29am Mon 21 Mar
Best show on TV
Robson Green you are a breath of fresh air....the most entertaining show around and for the ones who are whining about the swearing, well don't watch the show its as simple as that! Extreme fishing is a crack up! You are the bomb Robson....
ally 4:02am Sun 20 Mar
Robson the Pommy Winger
What a goose - when things get tough this guy starts winging - oh its too cold - or its to hot - Harden up mate
Real Fisherman 10:10am Wed 16 Mar
He's full of poorly repessed anger.
Herring 7:59am Thu 17 Feb
heres a good idea
go shark fishing, and use green as bait.
get real 9:46pm Mon 10 Jan
This show is mega
I love this show- Robson Green is a complete odd-ball, but makes compelling watching. Keep it going Robson
Littlewood 10:05pm Sun 9 Jan
Keep going Robbo
It's not supposed to be a "how to catch fish" program it's entertainment. Don't watch if you dont like it!!
Rob Green 4:18pm Thu 6 Jan
take one hand grenade
go anywhere in the world, and catch fish.
get real 10:04pm Sun 2 Jan
Is this an excuse to finishing his contract. Utter rubbish. Tosser!!!
The Scotsman 5:59am Sun 2 Jan
Whilst i absolutely LOVE my fishing and applaud most if not ANY programs about it on TV, The swearing content and the faked over exuberance by Robson is a bit much for me and my pals. We dont Yee HAA every time we get a fish, We dont feel the need for the constant swearing. Fishing Is for all ages, children included. I wouldnt want fishing to be portrayed as a swearing / screaming football style program. If there are any more progs in the future please tone it down, We dont need any more Gordon Ramseys on tv. Other than that nice prog
woody 8:31am Tue 14 Dec

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