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Fifth Gear Comments

Better than the new TG
Unfortunately that's not saying much as Top Gear is now utter garbage.
D.C. 2:19pm Mon 9 Apr

Love it
The new top gear really does not do it for me I love all the presenters on fifth gear and Vickie is ace
Ana p 4:03pm Tue 21 Jun
Very Bad Hyena. I guess this is the last throw of the dice for VBH and Tiff,as well. The other presenters could carry the show without those two idiots
deebee 7:46pm Mon 30 May
what is above the house in fifth gear farrari 458 v porche gt?????????
mufon 8:45am Mon 21 Dec
So shoddy
It looks as if this series has been cobbled together quickly to get it on air as soon as possible after TG.
Hal. 3:14pm Thu 10 Dec
Oh dear!
Very much the poor man's Top Gear. Pretty dismal really.
Chas. 1:22pm Thu 26 Nov
How bad was that?
First show of the new series should grab the attention. but this was so disjointed you almost didn't notice how dull and stilted the show was. Almost! Not a patch on TG.
Dave C. 11:19am Sat 21 Nov
Fith Gear vs Tope Gear
Why compare a king to a god?
teenti 4:52pm Fri 13 Dec
This season has been good apart from one episode which I thought was dull, but I like the format, especially the group test.
Yaspaa 12:44am Thu 4 Apr
This is getting to be quite a decent show. Good pace, nice variety, intelligent reporting and presenting. I much prefer this to Top Gear.
Cardinal Biggles 1:47am Sun 17 Mar
Vicky over acting
Can't stand that girl when she start screaming and over excited,give me cring,pls stop
Ana1277 12:21pm Thu 14 Mar
Fifth Gear is far more of a consumer car show than Top Gear.
Yaspaa 4:50pm Mon 4 Mar
Vicki "Beamer" Henderson?
How much is this Vicki paid by BMW for her reviews? Anyway, at this point Vicki is the only one that's not aware of her OVER-ACTING!!! (look in front of you when driving!!!)
shure 2:45pm Sun 11 Dec
no gear
bring back the soft top allegro.
last post 4:33pm Sat 15 Oct
Stop trying to copy TG
Give us a true consumer car programme. The presenters lack the personality to pull off a viable alternative to the showcase that is TG.
CambsMph 4:32pm Fri 14 Oct
Fantastic Fifth Gear!
If you are perhaps 10 years old or younger, then Top Gear is the show for you. However if you want a car show for adults who want to know a thing or two about your favourite car would be like, then Fifth Gear is definately the more mature option.
Fantastic Fifth Gear! 2:51am Sat 6 Aug
Out dated
Most half decent cars have SIX gears these days. Perhaps they should rename this show 'neutral' as it is clearly going nowhere fast.
Back to the future 9:40pm Sat 14 May
But nowhere near as good as Top Gear.
T.B. 4:31pm Fri 13 May
Not as...
... Gay as Top Gear
Mrs Thatcher 7:20pm Thu 14 Apr
one cannot see the point of this show
one has a GTI turbo roller with auto pilot. one would never be seen in anything less, and the commeners should use public transport.
HRH queen mother 9:35am Sat 2 Apr
Vicki Butler Henderson
She puts me off watching and when she gets excited and starts screeching it really puts me right off.
One of the lads yeah right' 6:18pm Fri 1 Apr
Room for improvement
I only scored four on this program, however I managed seven on Top Gear so I'm definitely improving.
iScore 8:04pm Mon 7 Feb
5th Gear is a good programme
Both programmes are great and instead of slagging them support them! What do you want? X-Factor and big brother non-stop?
Nic 3:10pm Mon 7 Feb
Top Gear is pony
So much better than Top Gear, which now is all based around a dumb challenge which inevitably Jeremy Clarkson wins. The only actual useful info in Top Gear is the 2 minute chat they have in the chairs. Fifth Gear has 90% more useful reviews and info.
James Hammond Clarkson 7:00am Wed 5 Jan
Much better than Top queer, i meen gear !
Far superior than Top Gear, Fifth gear crams more in to twenty something minutes than top gear does in a whole hour, & they've got people that can actually drive.
Rick 3:09pm Sat 20 Nov
not as good as top gear but still good
this is a good show i feel that top gear isnt a car show any more its just 3 mates having fun with cars whereas fifth gear is still a car show and i hope it stays that way
donkey 7:02pm Tue 9 Nov
TOPGEARfan.:D 6:49pm Thu 4 Nov
i hate fifth gear
fifth gear is crap! top gear is better:)
NY 1:36pm Mon 1 Nov
What about the gear 6?
we like to say this ease good butt not agree
change up 10:49pm Fri 17 Sep
rip off
your are rip off of top gear leave it to the real lads and will always be i hate it well thats just me
k 3:25pm Wed 15 Sep
This is so much better than that infantile top gear rubbish. Can't wait for the new series to start, i just hope they don't blow all the budget on the gadget show again!
Grizzly Ted 3:31pm Mon 16 Aug
Top Gear
Is better than this
Jamie T 9:16pm Thu 5 Aug
Dean bunch of Koontz
Telly Venables 4:22pm Thu 1 Jul
The description above is of last week's episode, what's happening this week ???
pol 4:45pm Thu 17 Jun
Fifth Gear
Not bad, and not gay to be seen anywhere.
Tess T Cool 3:35pm Wed 16 Jun
Less faffing
Leave the boys stuff to Top Gear, hopefully 5th gear will actually tell you if a car is any good or not
Composers2 1:55pm Thu 3 Jun
better than nothing ?
Since Top Gears off air at the moment I guess this will have to do, but why is it so short? After the ads it's barely a 20 min show ?
broxibear 11:39am Thu 3 Jun
Poor relation
Not too bad but it's not Top Gear is it?
Magno 4:48pm Tue 1 Jun
it's back
So glad to see fifth gear back on telly with a new series, it's so much better than that infantile top gear rubbish & they also have presenters that can actually drive a car properly
sam 6:53pm Sun 30 May
I personally way prefer Top Gear to this, and I keep expecting the people to say something funny. They dont.
Heyo 8:06pm Fri 16 Apr
their driving
yesterday was the first time i watched fifth gear, they take their eye's off of the road when in traffic and look at the near side when talking to the camera, they also take their hands off the wheel, and when driving round the track the idiot held the steering wheel at six o'clock position,n My point is this, there are a lot of youngsters who watch FIFTH GEAR, so you should make sure before you put the program out you should make sure they drive properly and set an example to those watching, I'm sure there are a lot of drivers out their who think the same as I do, and that those who are in this program should improve their driving standards, because there is no way you can control car driving with your hand on the steering wheel like that, so my verdict on your program for safety is 5 out of as 100, one more thing, we talk about road safety and driving standards, if someone turned in front of the car or crossed the road in front of your car, they wouldn't of stood a chance with the idiot driving your car.
buzz 9:22pm Thu 1 Apr
Emmanuel 2:15pm Wed 31 Mar
Spin Off??
I love Milla JojojojoVich in the film but the plot of this is interminable. Its pants. I hate these spin off series.
Jim 12:55pm Tue 30 Mar
Getting there
Stop the racing and reviewing silly expensive cars no one can afford. Lets have a proper buyers guide with less racing drivers who are notoriously dull or arrogant and unnecessarily competitive!
theredbaron 7:45pm Wed 6 Jan
reasons why
See, with top gear you get the feeling you are receiving a service from them, and you appreciate it. all i get with this program is, a guy is driving a car, saying "aren't i lucky/great". i just turned it off cos whatsihisname was spining around in a zonda. why do i want to see another guy anjoying himself doing something i'd like to do. and i agree tiff needel is ne of the most annoying voices i've ever heard
viewer 3:36pm Tue 5 Jan
true hearts
They are good people with good hearts. they share the same blood and cry the same tears when hurt. they are brothers and sisters to be respected.
Thula 3:07pm Wed 18 Nov
quite good
be better if they got rid of tiff as he is a muppet, not in the same class as top gear at all but ok for a show with rubbish presenters
w1ggy 8:20pm Wed 7 Oct
Fifth gear is S##T
TOP GEAR RULES!!!!!!!!! Rate fifth dear 0 top gear 10
Connor 12:47pm Sat 26 Sep
5g v tg
They do know more about cars, are better drivers- but its just not as entertaining as top gear.
q man 8:00pm Wed 26 Aug
gotta chuckle seeing vick BH givin a squeal when the vibrating seat kicks in
Phil 8:47pm Fri 21 Aug

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