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Find It, Fix It, Flog It Comments

It’s Rhonda Campbell,not Natasha Raskin.
Lizzie. 12:25pm Thu 25 Nov

Simple Simon choosing
Why Does the crap scouse simpleton choose what Henry should take, ? usually something worth a fiver
Nef kelly 8:28pm Fri 29 Oct
Can you get Simon o Brien to make something different than a coffee table
Taz 3:23pm Thu 14 Oct
A fine art degree??????
How in heavens name did the screeching scouse bint get a degree in fine art???? she is a totally talentless product of left wing education, telling everyone that they are wonderful. She throws her toys out of the pram and has a hissy fit whenever there is the slightest difficulty - not what the talented do - overcoming problems is what real artists do Gemma! AND..... SHE TEACHES OTHERS TO PAINT STUFF!!!!!!! WHAT??????
Fireman dave 11:20am Fri 24 Sep
Spoilers JJ
The most annoying thing of this programme is the producers insisting on showing us finished items in advance rather spoils everything I prefer to be surprised and defeats the point of watching the programme. This seems to be the trend these days in programmes to show spoilers. Shame as I love the programme. Not keen on lots of good wood being painted gaudy colours mind.
JJ 2:13pm Sat 4 Sep
Spoilers JJ
The most annoying thing of this programme is the producers insisting on showing us finished items in advance rather spoils everything I prefer to be surprised and defeats the point of watching the programme. This seems to be the trend these days in programmes to show spoilers. Shame as I love the programme. Not keen on lots of good wood being painted gaudy colours mind.
JJ 2:09pm Sat 4 Sep
New valuer
I really enjoy the show, but it's now being spoiled for me by the new valued, Ronnie Archer-Morgan. Please use someone who is knowledgeable and up to date, and less biased and dull.
Jaystar 5:57pm Fri 20 Aug
Re live the old style
Love the old but not so sure about this new format,everything seems over played and not natural. Still can’t forgive Gemma for what she did with the dolls house.
Saralanka 4:16pm Sat 7 Aug
Please ge rid of Gemma-
My 4-year-old grandson might do better.
Pollytess 12:49pm Mon 2 Aug
Gemma is useless
Things would sell much better if that idiot Gemma was replaced.I'll never forgive or forget that dolls' house
Pollytess 10:22am Fri 4 Jun
She has something in common with Jay Blades.....a blagger!
Ralphie 5:28pm Tue 13 Apr
Replace Gemma
Surely the programme could do better than Gemma. She has no respect for the items, their age, any carvings or their provenance. She insists on painting even fine wood with garish colours then the auctioneer says it should have be left natural and has lost value. She doesn't even look like an 'expert' upcycler with her clean clothes and painted nails.
Fozzywozzydoodah 3:56pm Tue 13 Apr
A mystery
The items are only valued so how do they end up given the owner the profits? Nothing is shown as being sold.
Howard 4:43pm Tue 6 Apr
He is an actor while Henry is an engineer. I enjoy their banter. Gemma is useless and needs to go.
Tim 3:52pm Sat 3 Apr
Henry is 100% better
This program has grown on me and now I enjoy watching Henry purposely annoy 'Sado' O'brien who has no idea what he's doing and even better his side kick airhead Gemma 'I'm gonna paint everything in crazy mad colours F*@! what O'brien tells me ' she totally wreaked a doll's house by painting it and devalued it the lady who owned it was extremely upset by what crazy Gemma
Nivvi 7:34pm Fri 2 Apr
Awful voice over
Months ago I wrote to the show and complained about the awful voiceover not knowing many others had too. They've turned it down a bit but it's still a nightmare which destroys the programme. Also, please stop destroying good quality items, it is not restoration at all. Gemma is a nightmare and does not know how to restore anything. Finally...ever heard of Health and Safety? Serious bad practices in this programme
Tombombadil 9:56am Wed 10 Mar
Awful voice over
Months ago I wrote to the show and complained about the awful voiceover not knowing many others had too. They've turned it down a bit but it's still a nightmare which destroys the programme.
Tombombadil 9:51am Wed 10 Mar
Jealous that your wig isnt as good.
Welovetashandnita 4:43pm Fri 5 Feb
The Voice
90 per cent of viewers complain about the Voice over, and nothings being done about it , reason why,its NATASHA RASKIN, the producers wife, he also has a hand in Bargain Hunt , Flog it , so shes guarenteed a full time job to upset viewers, theres also her Granny Manning, the one who wears a centuries old wig, as for the slapdash female painter, she should be in a creche with her handywork,
Mike m 3:50pm Fri 5 Feb
Gemma dolls house
Gemma has no style she makes everything look cheap. What she did to the vintage dolls house was disgusting. The owner was crying. She was told not to change it but she didn’t listen and the owner lost a lot of money because of what she did. Shameful
Dolly 1:50pm Tue 26 Jan
Ronnie Archer-Morgan
He is very annoying ,instead a straightforward evaluation he appears to be more than happy to criticise many of the Boys works.
ASWPC2827 4:05pm Sun 13 Dec
Well done followed the trend and got rid of white valuers and replaced them with a black one Disgusting !!!!
Fed up of Liverpool 6:21pm Wed 9 Dec
Love it
Henry and Simon are really funny..a great double act. Keep me amused and the stuff turns out rather good too.
Lou 11:36am Fri 20 Nov
That Voice
Lots of Viewers complain about the awful voice over, its RASKIN, shes there to destroy another programme, she and Manning are losing more viewers than Zoe Ball is losing listeners,
Mike m 6:26pm Wed 18 Nov
Whiny voice
Gemma’s whiny voice is so annoying. Screams, cheap colours on beautiful wood, cheap unprofessional looking finish if she uses fabric. And Simon promised the owner to restore the doll house in its original state, she should have respected it.
Watching from the Netherlands 10:28am Wed 21 Oct
Theme tune
Does anyone know what the theme tune is please
Sue51 12:12pm Wed 14 Oct
Praise for one of 'em
Henry and guy are the best and make a great job of all they do. watch it because of them, not keen on the other two.
Rio rita 6:24pm Fri 18 Sep
Will the voice over stop SHOUTING!
earache 3:13pm Tue 15 Sep
Henry Cole(Shed and Buried)
The co-presenter Sam Lovegrove made that series successful...Cole was a cr@p presenter like Natasha Raskin Sharp on Bargain Hunt!
Fiona 7:22am Sun 13 Sep
A pair of Liverpool clowns, bodgers
Harry 2:24pm Fri 11 Sep
Yellow flowers
The yellow flowers called ragwort are poisonous and illegal to grow. They are palatable to animals but causes irreversible liver damage.find something else to represent Liverpool please.Otherwise a pleasant hours viewing.
Concerned Viewer 8:08pm Sun 6 Sep
screechy voice
Everyone seems to be complaining about the voice over lady, but Gemma's voice is ten times worse, and she has absolutely no talent, unless you think that painting a lovely piece of wood is a talent
Glen 2:33pm Sat 22 Aug
Bottom of the barrel.
Some items are valuable without the 2 goons messing them up. Dreadful pointless program.
us 2:52pm Thu 20 Aug
Scotch mist
Awful unnecessary voice-over
Tonto 9:54am Wed 19 Aug
Why do you have to look so scabby do this kind of thing?
sarha 10:26am Wed 5 Aug
Spinning wheel
Gemma, stop painting good wood
Carl 5:13pm Tue 2 Jun
Stopped watching this programme the shouty narrator is irritating. She's not needed. Spoils the programme.
Good hearing! 9:34am Thu 21 May
gemma on dolls house
She has no talent she paints everything in stupid colours. But what she did to the dolls house, she should have been made to pay the differents. She totally ignores simon, she thinks she is the star of the show. GET RID
Raine 8:25am Wed 22 Apr
Voice over
Great show . Is that Lisa Tarbuck or Jo Brand doing the voice over? She sounds like she was press-ganged into doing the show and sounds disinterested and depressed. Wrong choice I’m afraid..
Bob 10:08am Fri 26 Apr
Spoils great programme!
That voice over woman shouting the bl***ing obvious driving me mad, tried watching with sound off. Is she there for blind viewers? Get rid.
Fixitfan 3:56pm Wed 27 Mar
Gold paint
What was the gold paint used on this episode ?
Me 2:06pm Mon 25 Mar
Get rid of Gemma
I cannot believe they let her paint everything pink. She has no respect for restoring valuable antiques. Simon would be better without her.
DD 2:03pm Mon 28 Jan
Talentless presenter
Simon O'Brien has no talent and should be replaced,anybody else would be an improvement!
Bottocks 2:19pm Thu 10 Jan
Not Wanted
Mr Producer, Do us all a favour, and get rid of that awful voice over, whoever it is, needs counselling
magic mike 2:13pm Sat 6 Oct
Do they sell the items at the suggested value? On money for nothing they do find a buyer.and yes the narrator needs to talk quietly
Dee1952 5:54am Sun 2 Sep
Shouting with microphone
Why why whine, screech loudly irritatingly into a microphone! Tried on mute...but what's the point! Please STOP her! Sounds like to trying to compete with the guys, trying to hype up the show! There is NO need darling! Calm down!
Jig 1:02pm Wed 11 Jul
the Voice
The voice over on the programme is so irritating, could it be Natashia Raskin,why dosent the producer take note of the reviews, and get rid of her
MIKE M 12:29pm Mon 4 Jun
I like the banter and it seems genuine. I remember Simon on Brookside and he still looks good. One thing, what was that woman thinking of when she renovated the doll's house? She is in the wrong job surely.
reuben 8:58pm Fri 27 Oct
Voice over horror
Is she related to the producer? Who is she ?
Greatnanna 2:11pm Fri 27 Oct
Find it,fix it, flog it.
Love the stuff on the show - but cannot abide the irritating and totally not funny 'banter' between the dopes.
Tollo 11:41pm Mon 23 Oct

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