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George Clarke's Amazing Spaces Comments

Annoying dialogue
Too many exaggerated adjectives in George Clark’s dialogue can someone train him to calm it down it’s spoiling what could be an interesting programme also too repetitive he needs to be less excited in his tone, it’s annoying want to see the architecture let the guests speak more .d
Can’t bare it any longer 8:28pm Thu 13 Dec

awful boring tedious mutinous repetitive George
How on earth did this guy get on TV ? He's a perfect example of "not everyone should go to university" .... Try actually doing the Job "YOUR SELF" you'll learn a lot!
mattmematt 7:12pm Mon 1 Feb
Is the word if they actually got planning permission for that hideous "cow shed"
ria b 12:05pm Fri 28 Nov
The Wickes polycarbonate sheet he claimed was "about a fiver" is in fact £53.99 Typical BS from someone with more money than sense. I wonder if he gets all the costings for his buildings out by a factor of ten? Amazing detachment from reality - bet he doesn't know what a loaf of bread costs!
Amazed 1:15am Sat 21 Jun
good show but if when fitting out caravan if he had mad carboard templete of the shapes first would have saved himself a lot of time
handyman12uk 9:05am Fri 13 Jun
Milk float
Dampness madness - insects - totally inviable.
Avid 6:31pm Fri 15 Nov
He makes me melt. Gorgeous. He could have his way with me whenever!
Yummy 4:14pm Thu 14 Nov
"unbelievable!" hahaha ...
would you credit it - he's being repeated already!! well hairdave, you're obviously the target audience! the fact that you'd rather watch this low-key drivel than the news says more about you than you'd have preferred to reveal. you only need to read what others have said to get a glimmer of a clue about why the prog is being slated. has it really "taked" you 10 years to make your caravan look like his? i'm afraid you wasted your time mate. i agree, give us more of the projects, but for goodness' sake, find a more palatable presenter.
kithurst 4:10pm Mon 18 Feb
great show
why are so many people slaging this show off,i loved it,i hope they make more shows like this,its some thing we can all do,even if you dont earn lots of money, i live in a mobil home,its taked me over 10 years to make my home look any thing like the caravan he built,so keep this kind of show coming,its got to be better than all the soaps,police shows,news at ten ect,who cares,i dont.!!
hairdave 8:26pm Tue 15 Jan
hut in the woods
If you watch and listen to the program, It is only a shelter, not a house. Listen more carefully before you make accusations.
Bobhope 10:18pm Thu 20 Dec
oh no, he's coming back for more!
george, please quit while you're (moderately) ahead. you've proven you're not up to the job and the trailer for the 'christmas special' confirms that your vocabulary is at early learning stage. OH ... MY ... GOD, was your initial response to the stone-clad grotto - OH HOW PREDICTABLE. i have to say that some of the flashes look inspired, unlike you, and i suppose we'll have to suffer more moronic outbursts like that. yes, i could chose not to watch but i'm INTERESTED in this stuff. watching with the sound turned off is my solution. please, channel 4, understand that the target audience demands better than this type of low-key presentation. george has had his day and has run out of words with more than one syllable, or perhaps he never knew any. the guy is completely over-rated and we've been saturated. find some new blood.
kithurst 8:10am Tue 18 Dec
Finished at last
So what you get for £40,000 is a caravan looking almost identical to the others inadvertantly shown in the background. I bought a "new" shipping container for £1850 delivered to site, ie 1 journey, so why buy a wreck for £1500?? Cutting it into sections with a noddy plasma cutter was wrong too. A diamond disc gives a straight clean cut, and I would have thought with a little planning 2 "dollies", little platforms with wheels, would allow a few blokes to push it into the garden in 4 bits. Why was the garage listed???
cpochin 10:06am Wed 28 Nov
on and on and on and on ...
thank god, at last the stupid caravan has left that nice man's workshop and is now on its way to bug the hell out of someone else. is it nearly the end yet? producers, you've over-killed us with george, he's tediously repetitive and this series has done little more than highlight his limitations. what a gigantic waste of someone's money - hope it was his own. i wouldn't let the man within a mile of any project of mine!
kithurst 7:53am Thu 22 Nov
George Clark
"Amazing" spaces. Over the top presenter who used to paint over the walls white while dressed as a 'spaceman'.
doubletake 10:01am Thu 15 Nov
could it get any more stupid?
a sofa-bath. what? i've lost patience now. this series was such a good idea and i looked forward to it immensely, but it's worse than tragic. george was obviously the wrong person to present with his limited 'excited' vocabulary ("incredible", "unbelievable", "great", "i loov it", and lately, "can i buy it?"), and his utterly naff ideas. you might not have liked kevin's shed (i didn't much either) but at least the prog had substance and an intelligent narrative. someone should have watched this series before it went to air and recognised that the kind of people interested in this subject would not be satisfied with such a half-baked production.
kithurst 2:13pm Wed 14 Nov
a lost opportunity
what a cop out - whatever he does to the caravan it's never going to be all that amazing. george, a caravan is already a form of accommodation, unlike an underground loo. was that really the best you could come up with? should've asked me - i've got heaps of ideas. a low-key prog and a lost opportunity, very disappointed.
kithurst 1:56pm Wed 31 Oct
I realise this series is just trying to catch up with McCleod's dismal series building a shed (no tools, only explosives!!), but surely as the last comment, why start with a crap caravan. £20,000 would build a good shed, and you wouldn't have the wire for the unnecessary lowering veranda in the middle!!! It is deplorable that the teacher building an ugly shed in The Lakes National Park was allowed to do so, especially without any proper drainage. Is he going to do what bears do, ie sh*t in the woods?? To say it was well built is scarcely borne out by the evidence, noggins not square, and missing by 15mm!!!!
cpochin 12:27pm Wed 31 Oct
A Caravan, but not as we know it...
George buys a caravan, spends heaps of money replacing the floor, walls and roof and says hey, look at my caravan. That's not a caravan George, that's a new build. Save your money.
Basyguy 9:22pm Tue 30 Oct

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