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Gilmore Girls Comments

What channel will this be on? It says it's on this week?
Trixie 10:36am Mon 9 Apr

It's an amazing show. Does anyone know if they will be back on TV anytime soon?
Szylk 9:24am Tue 5 Apr
My favourite show ever, it has the feel good factor, does anyone know when it will be back on 5*?
Bluebell 12:08am Sat 23 Jun
amazing! :D
I find the Gilmore Girls to be a unique programme that involves different emotions, issues, different views of society. It is funny, sad and serious which makes it even more better. This is my favourite programme and I sincerely hope another series is made (:
Gk 11:13am Wed 18 Apr
If you like The Gilmore Girls
Check out Parenthood Thursday Five* Stars Lauren Graham. Good cast / script etc.
BMJ 11:27am Wed 18 May
I'm not surprised -
- that the script is so long. Very good scripts though. Very witty. But serious when they need to be. Great show.
DigiGirlNeoChic 4:45pm Mon 18 Apr
Love the Gilmore Girls i got the whole box set its great i hope they do a film :D
Kirsty 12:26pm Sat 12 Mar
i love the gilmore girls its amazing and jess is sooo fit, omg rory is sooo luccky!
fifi 8:29pm Thu 13 Jan
Large Script
Apparently the script is 70% longer than your average drama of the same length; talented people.
Yaspaa 1:19pm Wed 17 Nov
My wife has the whole series on DVD. This show wears me out and the actors must be exhausted at the end of filming. How do they remember all those lines?
BobS 5:01pm Thu 11 Nov
i LOVE the gilmore girls and im 13!! its a brilliant show which i am addicted too i wish wish wish they'd make a new seriese i just love it so much and so do my friends its my birthday on saturday and iv asked for the box set! i realy hope i get it!
MROOKE116 3:09pm Thu 7 Oct
I love gilmore girls and definitely think that it should be on at weekends too- though I also think Jess should be a permanent character but sadly that is not to happen...
c 10:13pm Sat 22 May
bring back the gilmore girls
i have ben watchin the gilmore girls and i love it please bring them back
eva 11:40pm Thu 15 Apr
wouldn't it be good ...............
..... to have a final episode to tie all the knots, if we cannot have another series.
lorelai 12:44pm Mon 15 Feb
wouldn't it be good ...............
..... to have a final episode to tie all the knots, if we cannot have another series.
lorelai 12:06pm Mon 15 Feb
Just could not believe this wasn't on
checked all 187 channels twice
WTF 7:56pm Mon 14 Dec
I want the GG's on weekends!! I love this show and they should put it on 7 days a week!
bb 7:48pm Mon 14 Dec
Want more!
I miss it so much, and want to know what happens next to the girls?
RosiePosie 5:54pm Mon 3 Aug
Lifes short talk fast
GG's rocks,best prog on tv.Should have been scheduled on tv once or twice a week like Earl.Why put the whole 7 series on daily!as from next week we wont have anything to watch.
Harv 6:11pm Sun 26 Jul
season 7
I completely miss out season 7 coz e4 tv listing is always changing it. I normally watch gilmore girls on saturday. I hope there be more repeats. I mean get rid off friends there always showing it. And replaced gilmore girls
Perl 9:27am Sat 25 Jul
The End
I would love to see a follow up to the series even a one off double episode to see how are gals end up. How about it?
Kate 10:09pm Wed 1 Jul
Missing Episode
Season 3 Episode 22 was shown on the Saturday after Season 4 started. I only realised by chance as I went in search of the missing episode and saw they were showing it on the Saturday!
GG 7:57am Fri 17 Apr
gilmore girls
i think that gilmore girls are the best on telly at the moment and i think that jess is so cute and if he did not go Rory and jess would be great together.
tomtom12 1:00pm Thu 16 Apr
I cant believe it
I always use to se this show on a while ago and think what Bull**** and now im hooked to it O.O i cant stop watching lol
oooo 12:46pm Tue 31 Mar
season 3 finale through the window???
I cant believe E4 did that! they went straight from season 3 episode 21 to season 4 episode 1. And totally skipped season 3 episod 22 (those are strings pinocchio). One of the most important episodes, being Rory's graduation. This is so stupid not to show it. very annoyed.
mysteriousnext 3:59pm Mon 30 Mar
Those are strings pinocchio
Where is this episode? Rory High school graduation was my favourite episode in Gilmore history.
Becky xoxo 6:58pm Tue 24 Mar
Season 4
Is season 4 starting straight after the end of season 3?
Delibaps 2:51pm Mon 23 Mar
Gilmore Girls :)
I love the Gilmore Girls But i missed all my season 1 and some of season 2 because of bigbrother i dont diss bigbrother but who really watches them in the afternoon? Lol anyway please repeat 1 and 2 again :) Hopefully i will get the dvds :)
K 7:01pm Mon 9 Mar
More Gilmore Girls !!!
Just started watching and love the show. Last year it was repeated at weekends so I didn't miss them. Wish you would do that this year as have missed two episodes.
Kate 5:29pm Fri 30 Jan
Omg, I am so upset! I can never watch Gilmore Girls anymore because its on in the mornings, please put it on at around 4pm --> whenever. All my friends watch it and were looking forward to watching it from the beginning. PLEASE PLEASE change the time it is o. X
Araminta 7:17pm Tue 20 Jan
No Repeat!!!
Why oh why are they not repeating the last two episodes on E4 this week??? I need to know how it all ends!
Mon77 11:10pm Fri 9 Jan
where has the weekly catch up gone
I cannot watch the day time episodes but really looked forward to watching the catch up saturday mornings but was very disappointed when i went to watch is last saturday and it wasn't on. Does anyone know why not?
rainbox 1:19pm Thu 8 Jan
Best TV show
I think that Gilmore Girls is, by far, the best show on television. I'm so glad the series is on again, not least because I got to see how cleverly the last show related to the first. I only wish it was on in the evenings? It's excellent, easy viewing that takes your mind off work and takes you to a place many of us would like to be.
GP 8:41pm Wed 7 Jan
I looove Gilmore Girls!! I even managed to get my boyfriend, his father and his 2 younger brothers addicted (hihi) at least now I don't have to bribe them to let me watch it...
Jolene 2:15pm Wed 7 Jan
Lorelai struggles to come to terms with the idea of life without her sister.... ehm, more like her daughter actually! Lorelai is Rory's MOTHER not sister.
That Girl 9:33am Sun 4 Jan
Amy Sherman-Palladino
Learn to smell
TvGuide 2:24pm Tue 30 Dec
By the way, my publishre has decided on January 16th for the launch of my latest book.
Amy Sherman-Palladino 2:23pm Tue 30 Dec
dnt lie kit
dis int no gud cuz iz bad. der iz mch betr tins 2 woch or go out an av fn sted.
Jed 1:22pm Tue 30 Dec
Other characters
Rory's friendships with long-time best friend Lane Kim (Keiko Agena), a first-generation Korean American from a strict background, and Paris Geller (Liza Weil), a friend/rival at both Chilton and Yale, are also themes in the show. At the end of the sixth season, Lane marries Hep Alien band-mate Zach van Gerbig (Todd Lowe), a sweet and slightly clumsy rocker. At the beginning of the seventh season, Lane discovers that she is unexpectedly pregnant and gives birth to twin boys (Kwan and Steve) later in the season. In the seventh season, Paris is accepted into Harvard Medical School (Harvard is the school she has wanted to go to for years, as her family are all alumni, but was not accepted for the Baccalaureate program during the third season). In season four, Doyle McMaster (Danny Strong) storms onto the show as the Yale Daily News editor. He and Paris start dating in the fifth season, after Paris's relationship with a much older Professor Asher Fleming (Michael York) ends with his sudden death.
Amy Sherman-Palladino 12:37pm Tue 30 Dec
Rory's romantic life
Rory meets Dean Forrester (Jared Padalecki) in the first episode of the series, and maintains a relationship with him for almost two and a half seasons. He breaks up with her briefly in the first season, when she isn't able to reciprocate his statement, "I love you." It is during this time apart that Rory kisses Tristin Dugray (Chad Michael Murray), a Chilton classmate with whom she has a love-hate relationship. Eventually, she renews her relationship with Dean and they remain a steady couple until the third season, when Dean decides to call it quits because he is convinced that Rory is in love with Jess Mariano, Luke Danes' nephew. They do not reunite until much later, when she loses her virginity to a now-married Dean in an unexpected fling, which ultimately ends his marriage and creates a short-lived rift between her and her mother. Rory and Dean break-up when he decides he can't compete with her life at Yale and her new Yale friends including Logan Huntzberger. Jess Mariano (Milo Ventimiglia), moves to Stars Hollow in Season 2 to live with his uncle, local diner owner Luke Danes. During that season Rory is torn between her attraction for the combustible Jess and the always dependable Dean. Eventually, Rory chooses Jess and they become a couple and are together throughout the third season. However, their relationship ends abruptly when Jess drops out of high school and leaves Stars Hollow without telling Rory. He goes to California to seek out his father —- his life there was potentially going to be a Gilmore Girls spin-off but this never materialized. In season four, Jess reappears after several months and confesses his love for Rory, imploring her to leave Yale to run away with him to New York but Rory is unwilling to do so. In Season 6, Jess makes an unexpected appearance at Rory's grandparents' house and the two briefly reminisce about old times. Rory and Jess make plans to have dinner together to further catch-up with each other but Logan interlopes on the
Amy Sherman-Palladino 12:36pm Tue 30 Dec
Lorelai's romantic life
Her relationship with local restaurant owner Luke Danes (Scott Patterson) gradually grows from a playful friendship to a romantic relationship at the end of the fourth season. In the fifth season, they go through a rocky patch when Lorelai's parents don't approve of the pairing. Emily tells Christopher to make a move on Lorelai and the love triangle comes to a head at the renewing of Richard and Emily's vows, when Christopher tells Luke that his relationship with Lorelai is just "for now" and that Christopher and Lorelai are destined for each other, and "everybody knows it." Luke stalks out of the party and when Lorelai goes after him he tells her that he "needs time". She winds up pushing him and he breaks up with her. "You want to know what I'm thinking right now? That I can't be in this relationship- it's too much!" However, it turns out that he can't not be in the relationship, either. Whilst they're apart he burns food and throws customers out of the diner. When Emily, hurt by her daughters' cold shoulder, goes back to tell Luke she will stay out of the relationship, he gets back together with Lorelai. They get engaged in the sixth season premiere after Lorelai sees how much Luke cares for Rory when he finds out she's not going back to Yale. When Luke finds out he has a daughter he wants to slow things down with Lorelai. After a while she grows impatient and gives him an ultimatum. She tells him they would get married now or it was over. He declined and their relationship ended in the sixth season finale with Lorelai sleeping with Christopher. In the seventh season, Luke goes back to Lorelai but she informs in she slept with Christopher and then he left. During the Spring Fling (one of the town's many festivals), the two meet in the middle of a hay maze, and both apologize for their behavior regarding the end of their relationship, thus beginning a new, tentative friendship. In the series finale, Luke moves mountains to throw Rory a graduation/going away party
Amy Sherman-Palladino 12:35pm Tue 30 Dec
Lorelai's conflict with her wealthy parents is central to the back-story for the series. Tension with her controlling mother, Emily, and her father, Richard, recurs throughout the show. Lorelai's troubled childhood came to a head when she became the teenage mother of Rory at the age of sixteen, which required the sacrifice of her elite prep-school education (and future as a college student at Yale). In addition, Lorelai refused to marry the baby's father, Christopher Hayden, much to the dismay of her parents. Instead, the rebellious Lorelai ran away to Stars Hollow, a small, close-knit town near Hartford. There she met Mia, owner of the Independence Inn, who gave her a job as a maid and acted as a surrogate mother to both Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai eventually became general manager of the inn, her position at the start of the series. She and Rory lived in a converted potting shed behind the Inn for about ten years before moving to the house they live in during the show. Lorelai consistently tried to minimize her parents' contact with Rory until (the first episode of the series) Lorelai approached them to fund Rory's elite fictional prep school, Chilton Academy.
Amy Sherman-Palladino 12:31pm Tue 30 Dec
Gilmore Girls
In your summary of episodes, in the final one, you have said that Lorelai is Rory's sister.
xxx 11:45am Tue 30 Dec
go luke
i happy luke got a child because now i know luke can get along with children
happy 12:19pm Sun 14 Dec
Huge Fan
I have been watchin G Girls 4 years now n just cant stop! i love all da storylines n how dey all entwine wit each ova! rory n logan r so cute but he jus needs 2 stop messin up. plz make more!!!
Lil stephio 5:39pm Fri 28 Nov
I am a gilmore girl addict, i can not answer the phone when its on, neva mind missing an episode!!
Wanbe-Rory! 5:57pm Wed 26 Nov
love it
++++ 5:08pm Mon 27 Oct
The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
i wanna be a gilmore girl
Phil Holt-Gilmore 5:47pm Fri 24 Oct
The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
i wanna be a gilmore girl
Phil Holt-Gilmore 5:47pm Fri 24 Oct
the series just makes my day. the funny script and the evolution of the characters is brilliant.
ana 8:51pm Mon 20 Oct

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