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Good Morning Britain Comments

Time clock , bottom right corner....1 HOUR SLOW
Med 8:35am Wed 1 Dec

Watching panel on Good Morning Britain and not a laughter line, wrinkle or frown between them.
zaffy 8:53am Mon 15 Nov
Suzanna Reid
Myself, my family and numerous friends have now switched to the BBC as the above lady is so pro Meghan Markle isn't she supposed to be neutral
Lovethequeen 8:53pm Sun 14 Nov
Richard Madeley
Disappointed this morning , no Madeley ! Hope he’s back soon. Piers Morgan mark 11 but without the aggression. GMB needs him badly !
Gma V 7:13am Mon 8 Nov
Richard Made
Thank heavens Richard is back. Worth watching since Piers left. Should have top slot
Jane 7:55am Wed 3 Nov
Are this lot boring each other to death with their political correctness and holier than though attitudes. It's so depressing.
polygonal 9:52am Fri 15 Oct
Switch off before he gives his own political party speech . It's like being at a Labour Party conference watching this programme don't blame Boris for not wishing to go on .
Robo 5:19pm Wed 6 Oct
Another awful choice! Needy, boring and egotistical idiot
Lesley 6:36am Tue 5 Oct
down the pan.
Campbell on today.How low can this show go.No doubt ray lined up next.Bring back Piers.
o.a.p 5:06pm Mon 27 Sep
Richard Madeley
He is awful. Talks over people relating his opinions. Also offensive this morning ignoring the feelings of people who have lost their loved ones when told how many vaccinated people had died.
Lesley 6:40am Tue 14 Sep
Mrs Jennifer Wheway
Glad to see Richard Madeley is back! We need him on regularly he is the best we have had since Piers left! Fed up of seeing different ones coming and going! You need to get back to the way you were regular faces that we look forward too seeing! When is Piers coming back!? He says is at it is! Get it together GMB! Please!
Jenny Wren 6:31am Mon 13 Sep
Piers morgan
Since Piers let the show has completely lost its sparkle I often get bored and switch off
Bored 3:08pm Thu 19 Aug
Shouty Charlotte Hawkins
Please ITV would you remove her from GMB.... totally unprofessional and is trying to make a name for herself totally disregarding her co presenter. Poor Kate... who tried so many times to get a word in edgeways but didn't want to shout like Charlotte
BLONDE13A 8:45am Tue 17 Aug
Dreadful duo
Haven't watched for a while, but this pair today are an utter turn off. Both talking over each other and giggling constantly. Shall not be watching again!
Linney 6:06am Thu 12 Aug
terrible fiday
Z team on everyday.Wait until campbell and ray make an entrance.
o.a.p 12:26pm Tue 3 Aug
Terrible Friday
Z team were on today. Can it get any worse
Keggie 3:55pm Thu 29 Jul
Richard Madeley
Does he have to keep drinking all through the programme?
Milly 6:48am Thu 15 Jul
Alistair Cambell
Shouldnt presenters be neutral and proffessional ? Why oh why have you got Cambell presenting when he makes repeated mistakes and tries to promote his own agendas all the time.He is a big turn off.
Thoddy66 8:45am Fri 9 Jul
Prev comm
It is okay cos he said the gig is not for him.......as if he was ever asked!
Suzanna 6:31pm Wed 30 Jun
Someone should tell Martin Lewis...
....this isn't The Martin Lewis Show. He is dreadful with his starey eyes to emphasise a point and his HORRIBLE hairy chest.
Viv 6:26am Wed 30 Jun
was it me??
The pianist this morning... all the right notes but not necessarily in the right order ?? Also not on today but don't get me started on Richard Madeley
BLONDE13A 8:55am Thu 17 Jun
Richard Madeley
It's nice to see Richard Madeley on tv. I have watched since he was on seen at 6:30. He is an amazing presenter. Well done Richard.
Jojo 8:18am Mon 14 Jun
Maybe should rename it to CBBC . and that is a compliment
HAHAHA 2:16pm Sun 13 Jun
Richard Madeley
Can't believe Madeley has muscled his way into the top slot!!!!!!
Nice 'n Easy 6:48am Mon 7 Jun
The British naturist slot
I was astounded by some of the utterly stupid questions Richard and Suzanna were asking the nudist family this morning, even the body language and facial reactions to some of the questions showed how stupid they were.
peterfran 6:04am Mon 7 Jun
Aldi couldn't have got any further up nick hewers backside if he tried.
Ceecee 7:46am Tue 1 Jun
Aldi today, gone tomorrow, Lorraine is a pain, Suzanne and co to follow. Without my Piers the show lives on in sorrow.
Mr Burns 11:29am Fri 28 May
Is there anyone this sickly sweet woman doesnt 'suck up' to?????
Ringpull 8:21am Wed 26 May
remove adil ray
he is trying to be to much like piers and has'nt got a clue what he's talking about. like to see him making the decisions the government has to make! nearly unwatchable!
dud 7:36am Thu 20 May
Love it.
Kate and Ben and the two flower pot men
LIL LO LIL 5:46pm Wed 19 May
Please Please remove Adil Ray
This is becoming almost unwatchable I have to turn off some many times... shouty Adil Ray who has not a clue what he is talking about. Slick, simpering, back stabbing Alex Beresford... Thank god for Kate and Ben.
BLONDE13A 3:41pm Wed 19 May
Couldnt have been more up Meghan Markel's first boyfriend's b*ttom if she'd tried!!!!!!
Ringpull 8:53am Tue 18 May
they take a biased view on the government on every topic, when they have what they call a debate it is always two or three against the government and one natural, I also think the presenters could be better, one smiling Cheshire cat and the other stops speaking every couple of words.
Rolyn 8:27am Tue 18 May
What is good about Friday
Is Minnie and Micky ??
Tom cat 10:38am Fri 14 May
Best day of week, only day I watch, only presenters I like
'Flo 6:59am Fri 14 May
down the pan.
Is this the end of good morning britain.Campbell.Ray.The weather man.Cackling GarrawayBring back Piers..
o.a.p 5:14am Fri 14 May
Alistair Campbell
No!!! Dreadful!!!!
Dingbat 7:12am Wed 12 May
May 2021
Alistair Campbell? Really? GMB is going from bad to worse. Switched off after 3 minutes of him.
Mrs Badger 10:17am Mon 10 May
Aldi Ray
If anyone can lose viewers,Aldi Ray is the man do it, he is so far up his self, this is Great Britain, not Asian TV, we dont want any more of your kind on our TV
mike 12:45pm Tue 4 May
Susie Q
I agree with every word! So boring now,not worth watching
SheilaM 4:39pm Mon 3 May
Pierce morgan
I am retired and used to get up early to watch gab with pierce, so enjoyed, now I sleep in a bit longer, then watch bbc news.what a bunch of morons for allowing pierce to leave.as for that dopey weatherman Alex whatever... get rid!
Susie Q 10:27am Mon 3 May
Pete Bennett
How great to see Pete talking about Nikki Graham. Very brave of him to do such an in-depth interview when he was clearly very upset.
Laureli 7:48am Tue 13 Apr
A thing of the past
Happy days have long gone. Oh how I used to love that song.
Mr Cheerful 9:23am Sun 11 Apr
Will someone explain the joke as I don’t see it. Thanx
Mavis 7:17pm Wed 7 Apr
NO joke
Sorry do bot get the joke seemingly lacking a sense of humour.
Hilarious! 6:46pm Wed 7 Apr
Cheer up then you might get the joke. Can’t believe I’m having to explain this
Oh dear 3:06pm Wed 7 Apr
Sense of humour
It is very clear to see that there is a vast difference between peoples sense of HUMOUR witch is clearly lacking in todays modern society! Sorry cannot spell not had a good enough education.
The Joker 10:02am Wed 7 Apr
Also if you complain about the programme you don’t need to add and its quality. Glad you are not teaching my children.
Howard 4:46pm Tue 6 Apr
Write? Don't you mean right. Dunce!
Swot. 12:08pm Tue 6 Apr
Please guys and girls. If we want to complain about this programme and its quality. At least get the spelling write.
Teacher 8:43am Tue 6 Apr

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