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Have I Got News for You Comments

Because Heidi Allen was on it. She is MP for some political party in the euro elections not recognised apparently.
jenB 8:40pm Fri 10 May

Can't watch this because the security services have banned it being shown - for some deep state/masonic reason.
Netanyahu 8:09pm Fri 10 May
Make jokes about Good Friday and Jesus?? Try making them about Mohammed and see what happens!!!
sickofhypocracy 8:32pm Fri 19 Apr
dianne "appearance fee" abbott
fed up of seeing her on tv. perhaps she should focus on her job instead of cashing in on it. Still laugh about her son ringing up LBC saying he went private school. yet she stated state school was fine for everyone.. say one thing.. do another.. who votes in these folk ?!?!
daily male 11:57am Sun 11 Oct
Miss Personality - Not
Rachel Johnson - Who was responsible for her being on? The concept of the show completely passed her by.
doubletake 11:30pm Mon 26 Nov
Great but...
Paul Merton hooray. Ian Hislop Hooray. Claire Balding, hurraah!! Ken Livingstone? Again? Must be getting a bit desperate 4 guests!
hippo 2:37pm Fri 12 Oct
not funny - it's crap now
talent spotter ilford 9:02pm Fri 10 Jun
The Correct View 11:51pm Tue 21 Dec
I have news for you BBC...
way too many series, the same old rubbish every week using the weeks headlines to appear to be current & full of variety. stagnant guff!
I think Not 1:15pm Thu 18 Nov
El Gordo
When is Gordon Brown hosting an episode? He never goes to parliament these days so has a lot of time on his hands, and plenty of gags about 'boom and bust'
laugh a minute 8:34pm Thu 28 Oct
Going downhill
Last week Bruce Forsyth who struggled to read the auto-cue and now the fat flatulent fraud Prescott! Surely the BBC can do better.
Magno 2:55pm Thu 3 Jun
if ever a man was in love with himself its bruce forsyth, he thinks everybody loves him, ive got news for him???????????
cliff 10:56pm Fri 28 May
No more Brucie please
Brucie on HIGNFY. What a disaster. It's supposed to be a topical news quiz not another platform for Bruce to prance about in front of the screen like he's the best thing since sliced bread. Toe curlingly awful. You only had to look at the expression on Ians face to see what he thought of it all.Never again please.
World cup Willie 9:19pm Fri 28 May
bring out your dead
They all seem a bit old. It was better when they had Angus Deayton presenting. -He used to sneer at the lame fools when they failed to be funny.
Ano 7:53pm Thu 27 May
Mixed feelings
I do like this show and mostly find it quite humourous to watch except for when they start to talk about politics which I don't understand. However, I can't help but think that the jokes are somewhat premeditated and obvious. Like I saw Paul merton on Parkinson one nite and he wasn't funny at all. Stac
Big bang 7:29pm Wed 26 May
Radio 4 NewsQuiz
NewsQuiz on Radio 4 is much better and more insightful. It also doesn't seem to be totally scripted like HIGNFY. Even the HIGNFY ad-libs seem to be fake these days.
Boooo! 6:20pm Thu 20 May
have I got even funnier news for you
Why not try the 'News Quiz' on R4 more incisive jokes than HIGNFY - perhaps you can't do without pictures!
obo 8:54pm Wed 19 May
Please not Clarkson
He's obnoxious. Won't watch it based on him being host.
Tweedle-dum 8:29pm Mon 26 Apr
Davina Threlfall
How much girlie makeup was David Threlfall wearing? And how much henna hair dye? At least we got our money's worth - she uttered about 11 words. Shameless.
Critter 10:30pm Sat 17 Apr
well said Terry
well said Terry
GL 12:10am Tue 13 Apr
Victoria Coren
Seriously hot.
Terry Dactool 11:34am Fri 9 Apr
not a new one
i guess from the comments its yet another repeat. on bbc1 prime time whats the point
mk1 7:44pm Thu 8 Apr
Best thing on TV
But what happened to the guests? I guess no MPs will go on anymore.
Ash 3:06pm Tue 15 Dec
best episode
The best ever episode of Hae I got news for you was with Brain Blessed. He should present it again!
Jack94 11:06pm Mon 7 Dec
turned off
couldn't watch tonight, Bob Crowe and Jimmy Carr were not funny. Merton and Hislop were not funny. And Armstrong was not funny. I turned off.
End of the line. 9:17pm Fri 27 Nov
Jack Dee
is rather a one-trick pony, isn't he? Grumpy face? Check. Sarcastic comments? Check. Suitable droning tone of voice? Er, check. :( Love Paul but he's quite rude, never laughing at anyone else's jokes and always trying to better them.
Lauren 9:47pm Mon 16 Nov
Bring back Angus
Today's show was dreadful, with Kirsty Young reading out the lines incredibly slowly, with zero comic timing. Merton even made a joke about the boredom factor at one point. Each week I tune in hoping for a decent presenter, and sometimes we get someone decent like David Mitchell, and more often someone useless like today. Pls sort it out BBC!!!
jaded 10:08pm Fri 6 Nov
That was supposed to be just the one post! Operator error.
newsfan 9:49pm Fri 6 Nov
good oh
looking forward yet again to the show
cabledreamer 8:24pm Fri 23 Oct
arlene philips
yeh your right she definitely not suited for that type of show and spoilt it but the bbc were just trying to suck off the people who complained when she got kicked off strictly come boring..
Jobe 7:00pm Mon 19 Oct
This is excellent. Tonight /w Martin and Charlie.
J Fiennes 9:03pm Fri 16 Oct
glad its back
shame arlene philips is on - cant get away from this woman..
pokerpete 8:07pm Fri 16 Oct
aaww its the last in the seris. time flies
Zurox 3:55pm Fri 12 Jun
Bad choice for a presenter this week!!!
9:44pm Fri 5 Jun
How in the world can they go from David Mitchell to Ruth Jones? Ruth Jones is not funny. She has no right to be on the show, let alone hosting it. HIGNFY is a great show. It'd be much better if they got proper guests and hosts, as apposed to any pseudo-popular mainstream 'comedian' they can find.
ATHEIST 8:28pm Fri 5 Jun
Loveee it! Greatt to watch!
= ) 6:14pm Fri 5 Jun
Ruth Jones?!? The producers must have been desperate!!!
. 5:37pm Fri 5 Jun
Lovin it
Paul Merton and Ian Hislop - my favourites :-)
Lucky 6:45am Sat 30 May
This show just gets better and better- maybe its an aspect of news quizzes, they dont get boring...
John, 5:09pm Tue 26 May
rolf harris is to prominent
rogue 9:56pm Thu 21 May
Love it!!
Friday's Have I Got News For You, with Rolf Harris, has got to be one of the best ones yet!! What a legend :)
A. Fan 10:09pm Sat 16 May
Excellent !
new series, at last. Damian Lewis is the best host so far! Paul Merton is my favourite. Then Ian.
winner 6:23am Sat 2 May
Why do you like public loos so much?
Vintage 10:45am Sat 20 Dec
A P please bob
Talking of wee, Can someone at the BBC please do a documentary on why all the public loo's are being turned into tanning salons? Why do the powers that be think that we need to wee less than our Victorian ancestors? Someone in television should take this matter on.
chuckles 10:16pm Mon 1 Dec
frank skinner is on 2nite, this shud be a blast, hes lived in oldbury u know, thats where i live :D lol
fitpecs 3:15pm Fri 24 Oct
It's reins not reigns! lol
darkmavis 9:04am Thu 16 Oct
Brilliant show
Very funny show, Paul merton is very good at ab-libing, top comedian. *****
Dicko 8:29pm Tue 23 Sep
Nothing will beat the quick witty(ness) of Ian Hislop
Birdy 8:56pm Fri 6 Jun
I LOVE THIS PROGRAM! It is actually funny, better than crap like My Family!
Betsy 9:03pm Tue 13 May
It was alright
Savo 12:13am Tue 6 May

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