29 January 2020  | 

Keith Lemon's LemonAid Comments

TV for morons !
If you like this then you can relate to the keith lemon caricature , dumb , shallow vindictive and take enjoyment in bullying people who are not there to defend themselves !!! YOU ARE KEITH LEMON lol
Idiots are us 7:05pm Tue 4 Dec

Puppies are prizes!
I won a goldfish off some pikies once. Didnt upset anyone either. It did die quickly though.
breeeeeen 10:34pm Sat 26 May
grow up
c'mon... the guy is a genius... you've all missed the point... and the puppy has gone to a loving home... Don't like it? switch off...
mellymel 8:53pm Fri 18 May
total rubbish why is this man on tv
tv mad 9:34pm Sun 13 May
awful mindless subhumanity
why is this on TV?
Egbert 5:55pm Sat 12 May
Puppy love
Keith gave away a puppy....bang tidy!
Keith 11:51pm Thu 3 May
what sort of message does this send out. shame on you ITV. please sign petition at direct gov to make this illegal
livid 1:38pm Tue 1 May
And disgusted with the whole puppy as a prize. Also think its pretty disgraceful of the show and ITV not to issue a statement as yet.
angrybird 12:43am Tue 1 May
the lowest ebb
Shame on all of you at ITV who condoned this disgraceful idea of giving a vulnerable 6 week old puppy as a 'competition prize' to a child. How low can you stoop to boost viewing numbers ? .. Well I hope your show is boycotted and then cancelled through lack of taste and declining viewers. I'm appalled and will never watch this disgusting programme again... EVER !!
Veronica Hull 11:43pm Mon 30 Apr
Puppies are not prizes!
I was shocked and disgusted that the shows producers thought that it was ethically correct to show a puppy being given away as a prize. This is not entertainment. It is promoting irresponsible pet ownership and is an affront to animal welfare. Everyone involved should feel ashamed.
Zigwig B 6:34pm Mon 30 Apr
Was a sad day as we lost our beloved dog but to read about the puppy being given away has made my day 10 times worse. 7 weeks poor thing how shocking what is the world comming too..
Sat 6:32pm Mon 30 Apr
Puppy Giveaway Very Bad Taste !
I was shocked when i saw this on tv on Saturday.Its not right giving a puppy away on national tv,the poor pug was probably scared with all the crowds lights etc too.It also worries me that it was a pug,love them do not get me wrong my friend has one and has spent alot of money as it has serious eye problems.I also felt sorry for all the other children who won nothing,thought the whole thing was rather bad taste to be totally honest.Yes give them all stuffed toys or a day at a dog rescue centre.
Caz 6:20pm Mon 30 Apr
irresponsible TV
Totally irresponsible how long before rescue centres will be inundated with pugs purchased on a whim after this show and then not wanted in a few months when the novelty has worn off - afterall a puppy is only cute for a few months. You only need to visit the many rescue centres throughout the uk to see plenty of examples of this.
jack 5:40pm Mon 30 Apr
Pug as a prize
SHAME ON YOU ALL!!! Irresponsible and Disgusting! Unbelievable!
Ralph 5:17pm Mon 30 Apr
What a pair of twits
Complaint sent to Ofcom - nothing more to say, just ridiculous.
outraged 3:39pm Mon 30 Apr
Sad outraged and worried
Sad and outraged that a living creature could be used this way. So worried the poor little Pug so heartlessly handed over to boost TV ratings, will end up in rescue, or worse used for breeding!!!! But at least in rescue it will be neutered or spayed (so it can't be exploited) and found a good home. Shame on you ITV
A dog fosterer. 2:52pm Mon 30 Apr
Public apology due
Following the damaging way you portrayed pep ownership I await with interest how you now do some serious damage limitation.
CharlotteS 2:36pm Mon 30 Apr
After the shocking incident on this show where a pug puppy was given away as a prize, I shall be making a complaint to Ofcom and the RSPCA. The puppy came from an unregulated breeder, taken away from its young mother at 7 weeks old, paraded out in a hot & noisy studio, and given to a young boy whos parents claimed they couldn't afford to buy one, so the question is " how can they afford to feed it and vets bills"?
Joanne MC 1:30pm Mon 30 Apr
Crass Stupidity
Apparently, Twitter is now awash with little girls screaming for pug puppies. For parents who have no access to pug puppies, this will become any cute looking puppy (which is most puppies). For puppyfarmers and backyard breeders this is a great day. For dog rescues, pounds helpers, all those fighing for the lives of the THOUSANDS of impulse buy dogs put to sleep each year for want of a loving, committed home, and those campaigning for RESPONSIBLE dog ownership, this is a sad day indeed. Shame on you.
Sprolliehouse 1:06pm Mon 30 Apr
Puppy as Prize???!!!
What a totally irresponsible thing to put on TV! No pup should go to any home without very careful consideration of all aspects of that dogs future care. We are encouraged all the time that dogs are not presents for christmas or any other time and here you go promoting that very thing. Disgusted, truly disgusted and very sad
net4mouse 1:03pm Mon 30 Apr
A Bad Move
Giving away a live animal! You do realise that that puppies involved were bred by a 17yo `accidentally` and were being given away before this? They are costing £1200 now. So I think a few more `accidents` will be happening.
C&D 9:12am Mon 30 Apr
the programme makers should be ashamed giving a dog as a prize. This family could have rescued a dog if they really wanted one or did they just want a cute puppy? As previously stated can they afford the vet bills etc. Irresponsible breeding really makes me cross people just wanting to make money without thought of any health and hereditary conditions, characteristics or temperament of the breed
animal lover 9:04am Mon 30 Apr
Giving away a live animal is just awful, just so these so called celebs get even more publicity, i used to like Keith Lemon, wont be watching the show again, god knows what crap they will come up with next.
Libby 7:17am Mon 30 Apr
so wrong
Giving a puppy as a prize! Disgusting...ITV should be ashamed. I'm never watching Keith Lemmon again!
Lucy WATA 7:04am Mon 30 Apr
Bad Taste
Who ever thought it was a good idea to give a puppy as a prize should be sacked. Awful Television.
Former ITV viewer. 1:47am Mon 30 Apr
Disgusted how irresponsible to give away a puppy as a prize...and to make matters worse support an unethical breeder in the process! you should be ashamed
responsible dog owner 10:49pm Sun 29 Apr
lack of respect
This show is at its best BAD TASTSE, yet again you have gone above and beyond to shock and offend people. Have a think about what you have done. shameful. Will not be sad if jobs are lost over this
Disapointed dog owner 10:18pm Sun 29 Apr
What were you thinking
Unbelievable!. And we wonder why so many dogs are left to rot in dogs homes? Giving away a puppy with no thought for responsibility. It's not a throwaway toy or plaything. Sickened!
Responsible Pug Owner 10:05pm Sun 29 Apr
I was so shocked to see a puppy being given as a prize on this show. A puppy should be a carefully researched lifetime commitment not a casual whim on the demand of a child. There are also so many dogs in rescue centres or even responsible breeders who would never let a puppy that they had bred be used for a TV programme.
Mandy D 10:03pm Sun 29 Apr
I think all the other comments say it all!
Disgusting to give any live animal as a prize - especially a puppy. How do you know they will look after it and not get bored once the novelty wears off? How do you know these people can afford to keep that puppy for the rest of its life? If they couldn't afford to buy one, how will they afford to pay for an operation if it breaks its leg, or gets attacked by another dog? I thought ITV were better than this, totally disgusting and I hope it never happens again! I really hope the RSPCA get off their backsides and make an example of you!
disappointed in ITV 10:00pm Sun 29 Apr
Puppy as a Prize!!!!!
I can not believe ITV would be so irresponsible to promote casually owning of a dog. TV programmes should be promoting responsible dog ownership got winning one as a prize on a whim.
Claire 9:45pm Sun 29 Apr
sad when you have to stoop so low
How dare you use an innocent pup to improve your ratings.In a few minutes you have undone years of hard work by responsible pet owners and organisations such as the RSPCA (have you heard of them)and for what! Your ego! well done. Idiot.
Mrs Very Angry 9:17pm Sun 29 Apr
remember dogs are not a gift to be given they are a living creature who need a lot of looking after
stanley 9:13pm Sun 29 Apr
how irresponsible to give away a puppy as a prize...and to make matters worse support an unethical breeder in the process!
RichyR 8:55pm Sun 29 Apr
I can not believe this can be encouraged on television. I am disgusted.
Erika 8:49pm Sun 29 Apr
Lemon Aid has lost its Fizz
Cannot believe ITV allowed a puppy to be given away on Keith Lemon's show. Totally irresponsible. How long before this poor puppy lands up in an animal shelter because the 'winner' hasn't a clue how to look after it. Shame on you ITV.
linz54 8:44pm Sun 29 Apr
Puppy Give Away
Love Keith Lemon in any way shape or form... But was really appauled at last night. The puppy episode was a big NO NO.
laura 8:43pm Sun 29 Apr
Puppy Prize!
As a rescue worker witnessing the death of dogs on a weekly basis I am horrified at the completely irresponsible act of giving a Pug puppy as a prize on TV. What guarantees did the programme makers gain that the puppy would be suitably cared for, neutered or spayed to prevent unwanted breeding (or are the new owners going to be allowed to profit from pups too?). Are ITV giving a lifetime back-up to the pup, guaranteeing they will take the dog back if at any time the owners cannot care for it? If they 'weren't in a position to buy a puppy' what checks were done that they will be able to afford its care throughout its life (food, vaccinations, vet bills or insurance?). I was a fan of Keith Lemon until the programme aired. Now I'm amazed that an apparently intelligent man can be so ignorant to the situation facing unwanted dogs (puppies included) in the UK today. Does he have any idea how many puppies end up in rescues or council pounds in the months after Christmas, because the children who begged for one, the lost interest, or the parents 'got rid' because they couldn't be bothered with the extra work? Perhaps Keith wuld like to take up my invitation to spend a day in a local pound working alondside those who see the results firsthand, and hold those dogs while they are put to sleep. Are you up to that challenge Mr Lemon?
GT 8:31pm Sun 29 Apr
It is completely irresponsible to give animals as prizes. I intend to complain to as many organisations as possible about this so that it NEVER happens again!!!
ReallyAngryAnimalLover! 7:49pm Sun 29 Apr
How irresponsible to give a puppy as a prize! Are we back in the Dark Ages where animals are merely chattel and their well being not to be considered? Shame on you!
Kat 6:17pm Sun 29 Apr
Puppies as Prizes!
Are you going to do "Babies" next? I can't believe you would be so irresponsible to give a puppy to a child as a prize...or can I?
MaDexter 6:13pm Sun 29 Apr
Strongly disagree with giving animals as prizes. Disgusted it happened as part of a TV show
AngryAnn 6:11pm Sun 29 Apr
What a Mess:-(
I rescued an unwanted pug from a shelter!How can you give a puppy to someone who clearly can't afford one, what happens when they vet bills/insurance kicks in and also, when the novelty thin!
deadredhead 6:06pm Sun 29 Apr
Disgusted by the irresponsible behaviour shown on last nights show. Will not be watching again.
Doodle 6:00pm Sun 29 Apr
Completely irresponsible
I used to quite like Keith and this program until last nights episode. How can anyone think giving away a pet as a 'prize' is the right thing to do?! I, along with many others will not be watching again.
Ellie 5:54pm Sun 29 Apr
Deeply offensive, irresponsible & a total disgrace. Giving a live puppy away as a 'prize' on a game show? I was utterly shocked & disgusted.
violetrose 2:37pm Sun 29 Apr
Garbage - typical ITV
Watered down Vic Reeves without the wit. Tv for morons.
Sibby 11:44am Sun 22 Apr
The funniest man on telly
nelon27 3:40pm Sat 21 Apr
Hi Keith!
Hi Keith, My Dream Is To Meet Joe McElderry From The X-Factor! Thanks, Becky X
BeckyGreenhalgh 12:59pm Sun 15 Apr
Talentless tripe
The ratings say it all
Tooth Fairy 1:06pm Sat 14 Apr

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