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Long Lost Family Comments

Davina mccall disowned her own mother, so to try and reunite others is hypocritical!
observant 2:49pm Tue 11 Jul

DOE 10:58am Thu 17 Nov
Love this programme always makes me cry been trying to find my father for year's and still can't find him would love to find
Scooby 8:06am Sun 29 May
Sandy from Indiana
I love this show! I had a son @19 and my parents had me put him up for adoption. I reunited with him when he was 25. Please keep making these shows. Give people hope. Outstanding are the two who do the searching.
Sandybranch 8:45pm Sat 7 May
Beef and wine
I want to find my godmother and godfather my two real good moan godfather I don't know where they are I wanna know why they left me when I was little nose no girl at all I wanna know
Verity de pulford 10:58pm Thu 28 Apr
please help me find my dad
William p kinsella also know as Eddie. from Ireland but worked at the power stations near pontefract. may also have been working with a brother over here. married in pontefrat register office in 1965 ? I have never met him and I'm now 50 so would like to meet before its too late
nini 1:43pm Fri 30 Oct
Long lost family
Real life drama about real people. Totally adore this programme! It seems to be well researched and the guests prepared for however their reality will change. It also gives an amazing insight into the reasons for people's decisions and the importance of life.
JB 7:54pm Wed 16 Sep
Happy reunion
As a result of watching long lost family's I decided to trace my birth mother, the whole process took less than a year. We met two years ago after 46 years apart and it's one of the best things that ever happened to me, I would encourage anyone considering to search to go for it .
France 10:47pm Mon 1 Jun
need to find my son sinclair taylor born 1981 thx desperate
janet 7:59pm Sat 29 Nov
Hi looked at the programme last night brilliant.
As we are trying as well to find my partners mother Carol Ann Fleet it will be amazing for Paul to find his biological mother the sadness in his face and eyes says it all his birthday Mother's Day and Christmas times is the most upsetting.I hope one day he can get united with his mother it will bring peace and closure for him he is lost his dad died in Nigera a fees years ago never had the opportunity to find out about his mum every time he asked his dad and step mum he was shouted down..Love the programme every Wednesday I cry my eyes out seeing people re united with their family.Thanks Nick and Devina love the show.
Rita Ann Webb 10:51am Thu 23 Oct
Sheila gill
I look going for mi mum and dad ok
tv 6:19pm Tue 21 Oct
half brother
looking for Stephen jokn cooper(birth name)dob.21/1/63
margie 5:11pm Mon 20 Oct
I want to find my partners mother her name is Carol Ann Fleet she is Irish my dad was Nigerian I was born at Kingston Hospital ion the 9/8/1960 does anyone knows an Irish lady in the sixties called Carol Aan fleet my biological father took me to Nigeria
Where is Carol Ann Fleet your son Paul Francis wants to find you he returned to the UK age 25 years old and has not stop looking for you pkease pkease Devinia I wish you can find my long list mum Paul Fleet
1760 10:56pm Wed 1 Oct
Me every time I watch
Every time I watch tis I cry and cry why can't you help me? Am no different from all on programme so want to find my roots.
Rachail lost 9:54pm Wed 1 Oct
That's a lesson for all of us who do not keep in touch with those we were brought up with, me included. Best wishes to you and your siblings.
ria b 7:09am Sun 14 Sep
My happy ending
I found a paternal half-sister when I was 44 and my two maternal half-brothers when I was 50. The younger brother was kept and raised by our mother. The older brother and I were surrendered for adoption to different families. The love my older brother and I share was instantaneous from our first hug. We have an enormously strong bond that is unlike anything we had known before. Twelve years later we love each other even more; we are each other's best friend.
LissaS 1:04am Sun 14 Sep
can you help
am looking to find my granddad Wilfred eric English moved to Canada in the 1950s please help me
cathy 9:24am Fri 12 Sep
long lost brother
I would like to find my brother, my mother abandoned my brother and I when we were very young, I found out she had a baby boy after me called Robin John Graham Haile Woldemariam Fuller! Long story there but I would dearly love to find him, his adopted name is John Sturdy and he was born around 1962, he was last known to be in Exeter Devon, would love to find him
Desperaltely seeking John Sturdy 9:29pm Tue 2 Sep
Aug 25th Programme "mystery"
Programme 25th August. Mother looking for daughter given away at 6 weeks. The Photo she carried of the baby was certainly not a 6 week old baby. More like 6 months, yet no contact was made after the 6 weeks give away. Could you please explain. Many thanks.
Will 12:31pm Tue 26 Aug
My lost Dad
Love the programme! I was born and my mum never knew she was pregnant she married the man I know as dad when I was 4 I'm not interested in rocking the boat so to speak but I am curious to who my natural father is unfortunately it's a secret my mum took to the grave so have no idea where to start!
Kooky31 10:07pm Mon 25 Aug
Doesn't always work out
I watch the programme but it doesn't always work out. There are some interesting things that can happen as a result of tracing that perhaps are not discussed. I did it but due to differing expectations namely my birth mother feeling entitled to a relationship with me and and not in the least bit humble or able to let me set the pace. She also seemed to think I owed her gratitude for bearing me and not aborting me. ..unreal.
Dotty 8:56pm Mon 25 Aug
real life
luv the programme but think it unfair to show all the nice side of adoption , I contacted my birth mum and family and have been told to get lost , lets show the other side make it more real and not give everyone the idea that it all works out ok
peppy 10:05pm Mon 4 Aug
trying to find my husbands cousins
iam trying to find my husbands cousins they were born in paddington london and moved to chios greece there names were linda and tina kaniris I know before they moved tina married a guy call mellis and has since married over there to a liolios we hav not heard from them since 1999
sue 10:00pm Sun 3 Aug
Good program, but not at all realistic. We all like happy endings, but that is not real life. How about showing episodes where the birth mother doesn't want to get involved. Oh I forgot that doesn't make good viewing does it. I am a adoptee who traced my birth mother purely out of curiosity. She was OK, but not all the hearts and roses that the program portrays. Get real.
Scoobeedoo 8:58pm Mon 28 Jul
This is a fantastic program I was adopted and spent 27 years searching for my birth mum but sadly she did nit want to know me so it s lovely to see the reunions take place and all the better as Nicky Campbell was adopted him self.
Shylady 56 8:11pm Sat 19 Jul
Very good and emotive
Davina & Nick good and really emotive programme. Very brave people to agree to b filmed when they meet their family !
Tomo 7:48am Tue 15 Jul
Lost Family
How does one get in touch with this programme to find someone.
maciain 10:54pm Mon 14 Jul
Can you tell me how they managed to produce a short birth cert with her fathers name on when he wasn't present. I heard them say she was christened in his name but then showed a birth cert with her fathers name on. I feel sure that he as to be present at registration for that to be possible
Karren 10:08pm Mon 14 Jul
adopted brother
im searchng for my adopted brother in the gtr manchester area wigan d.o.b 24.05, 1982 I was in care also love to connect hard trying to find out his adopted name.. I have his original birth ccertificate but thats all I do have
lee james 11:29pm Mon 30 Jun
Please Help
I'm trying to find my husbands older sister, all I know is her name is Catherine (not sure it thats the spelling) she was born around 1976, my husbands and her biological father is called Noel Francis Sharpe, also if Noel had any other children we would love to meet them as well
Jayne 9:30pm Mon 17 Feb
Looking for birth mother
Hi I am looking for my husbands birth mother her name was Elizabeth chapman working as a trainee midwife in paisley maternity hospital when she had him in 1979, Really hope someone knows her and can point us in correct direction.
Dinne smyth 2:23pm Mon 9 Sep
looking for a walter stanley torrington
i am looking for walter as his daughter sarah would like to meet him as she has never meet hhim i have tryed myself n can only track him from tautan in 2008
can anybody help 10:21am Wed 21 Aug
still looking
Love the show... Im looking for my Mom Carol Richardson born 5-12-48 and my father Michael Ewing now 68 was adopted when I was very young and Im 46 now. If you know them get in touch. I was born in London.
Mike Gee! 4:18pm Tue 20 Aug
still looking
Love the show... Im looking for my Mom Carol Richardson born 5-12-48 and my father Michael Ewing now 68 was adopted when I was very young and Im 46 now. If you know them get in touch.
Mike Gee! 4:16pm Tue 20 Aug
Relevant to people who went through it!
Hope x3. The programme isn't about today's adoptions. That's the whole point!!!
Sid 7:21pm Fri 16 Aug
Great show
Love the show its great seeing people finally being happy and at peace ..better than all the miserable goings on you see on the news....
Vicster 8:36pm Tue 13 Aug
Can anyone help please
looking for my birth father..Richard Farmar...last known area, London,forest gate stratford,around 1970..thx
Joann 10:47pm Mon 12 Aug
I was adopted at 11mnths so I know my mum tried to keep me. I found her and my dad at the age of 30 but it wasn't a loving experience as on the show. I did not keep in touch with them as they were like strangers. Still like to see the ones on your show but as many have said it would be good to see follow ups and how they got on with time.
Audrey 10:05pm Mon 12 Aug
lost family
my dad lost touch with his sister years ago and i would really like to try find them can anyone suggest a good way or any one had success finding family how can it be done.
sarah 9:10pm Mon 12 Aug
not always a happy ever after ending
I have watched this programme since it started and it is nice to see families being reunited and happy but not all cases are like this, I know from past experience. therefore I think that there should be a few episodes where it isn't a happy ending and if not this then going back to the families that have been reunited a year later if thing didn't turn out good in the end. I think this should be done because it would show reality and wouldn't give people especially young people the wrong impression of if I find my dad/mum/sister/brother or who ever then everything will be fine afterwards and it will be a big happy family as this isn't always the case.
dreamer 10:43pm Mon 5 Aug
sad endings
I can guarantee that my horror story of searching would make a programme all of it's own. Reunited as an adoptee at 17 followed by further deceit at 40 years old. Far too biased towards fantasy island
sumosumo 9:05pm Tue 30 Jul
Episodes 6 and 7
When is the cancelled episode 6 going to be shown and in episode 7 did Sharon meet her second brother
Annielea 3:37pm Tue 30 Jul
My son found me after 37 years, we only lived 5 miles apart!!! We have ups and downs. It as been difficult at times because after tracing his father, whom didn't want to know him. I think this programme should do another series to catch up with the people who have been reunited to see if the relationships have been a success.
coco 10:40am Thu 25 Jul
Tui Help
Unlikely that you are one of a twin born in Hampstead. Love the prog but becoming a little repetitive
Ancestors200 5:03pm Mon 22 Jul
The woman who walked out and left her child with the man she said abused her - sorry I don't buy it!
avid quizzer 10:06am Wed 17 Jul
Not so happy endings.
I agree with Dippi above, search and reunion doesn't always have a happy ending. The honeymoon period after reunion can be amazing but doesn't always work out long-term. The programme is a little biased towards the fantasy and not always the reality.
Susie 6:03pm Mon 15 Jul
looking for my brother
Hi im looking for my brother who was adopted in 1961 his name was phillp kiernan he was born in Chelsea
mavrick8181 9:30pm Mon 8 Jul
Go for It!
Found my half sister after 50 years! Its been so worthwhile! All positive!
Sue P 4:07pm Mon 8 Jul
TV advert
We do feel that you giveto much away on your tv advert! More mistery would be better to make you watch the program.
Manuel 1225 9:23pm Sun 30 Jun
Too Sad
I really felt for the man who was given up by his mother only to find her on the other side of the world still with his Dad and not only that they went on to have a second child, his sister. He was so magnanimous about it.......
avid quizzer 9:09pm Tue 25 Jun

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