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Fence paint
What colour is the fence
Kareoke chris 7:48am Wed 1 Sep

impractical cheesy and overblown; a little like the presenter really.
Ric 8:05am Sun 12 Apr
A garden special
From an overgrown wilderness to a stunning landscape full of memories giving happiness and joy to a family hit by a devastating illness. Alan and his team deserve recognition for a job well done!
Chrissy 8:38pm Fri 9 Mar
Love your garden creates good ideas about gardening. It is good TV watching, OR is it? Tjhought he progamme is clever and well thought out, I think it is demeaning and insulting to the subjects. The episode where the lady was disabled through various illnesses and loved animal, working for the RSPCA could never be able to manage the very glamourous garden that was created. Is the garden makeover for the subject or simply a vehicle for TV and the presenters. The programmes are creating unrealistic and unmanageable gardens for people. A BBC programme, "The Instant Garden " creates far more realistic and manageable efforts. I really do think this proramme does insult
papaglowing 8:57am Fri 22 Jul
Not what it seems
I am afraid these programs are far more contrived than they should be. From being immaculately dressed when surprised at the door, to not being able to use the garden because of grief, even though they have already booked a wedding in it and will need somewhere for live music!
Tezmate 10:43pm Wed 23 Mar
Brilliant show
What a wonderful, heartwarming combination of decent humanity and wonderfully creative ideas and beautiful plants. Thank you!
Blueskies 6:05pm Tue 18 Aug
What typ of tee was planted against the fence but was taller than the fence . thanks.
Sharon 10:03pm Tue 24 Jun
loada money.
All they seem to do is put a load of costly plants in random places
wend 9:37pm Tue 30 Jul
antidote to depressing Monty!!
thank God! Alan is back.
nannystate 7:34pm Tue 25 Jun
same old garden makeover
If this was 1995 you would get away with it.
seenit 10:11am Tue 25 Jun
non descript
can't believe AT (as he likes to call himself) is back gardening. I hope he has been downgraded as his other show was all about him and his right wing cronyism.
doubletake 11:46pm Tue 31 Jul
Season 2 Episode 3 - My mum is just as deserving
My mum is also 90, also served in the forces during WWII and also is a widow. She however doesn't have a son who would do her garden,just me a 60 year old widow who works full time and also has a garden to take care of whilst doing all I can in my mum's very large garden. Would Alan like to do my mum's?
The life of Riley - not! 4:44pm Tue 31 Jul
Hmm? Where have we seen this idea before. Oh yes BBC 15 years ago Ground Force:)
Shame ITV and Mr T have not got any new ideas and rehash an old one. His skills have definitively gone downhill. At least Ground Force was good fun, this is dire out of date Television. Mr T is boring now. Much better when Titchmarsh worked with Charlie Dimmock and Tommy Walsh.
Craydark 8:55pm Tue 3 Jul
could you please tell me where to buy the polystyrene planters shown on your last show?
gardenwise 9:49am Mon 3 Oct
More Alan please! (yes, much more!)
Really makes me realise that life is dull without Alan doing what he does best - talking to real people and gardening! Puts the terribly nice and worthy but irredeemably dull and dour Monty into painful perspective. More gardening progs with Alan please - they are good for the soul :0)
nannystate 6:48pm Thu 22 Sep

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