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MasterChef: The Professionals Comments

Might be watchable
If only Walllace would go away.
Jim. 1:27pm Wed 20 Dec

Nobody actually cooks this crap. Give the miserable sods a curry and a few tins. They might actually cheer up a bit.
Mrs. Badly Beaten 10:02pm Mon 5 Dec
if food be the music of love...
...turn down the background din! i can barely hear what they're saying over the 'mood music'. my mood is irked (and hungry:).
leToot 9:21pm Mon 1 Nov
oh no
A 'pudding' episode with the pudding Wallace.
gromit 8:53pm Mon 1 Nov
Greg Wallace
Greg if fantastic, great character, The show would be dull without him.
Floosh 4:54pm Thu 28 Oct
the love
I don't like it when the chefs are made to be under such pressure that the love of cooking becomes too competitive. How can a dish be great when the chef hasn't got time or space to put the most important ingredient in... Love!
Jana 8:50pm Wed 27 Oct
The toad
Still can't understand why the grommit is still presenting. He's vile. Chef Roux is fab and Monica - scary but shes great. It seems like 99% agree about fat Wallace. Why don't the BBC listen. Wallace is disgusting. I have to mute everytime he tlaks and turn away when he eats. He puts you off food. It would be a great show without him
We want more Monica 8:38pm Tue 26 Oct
No fatty Wallace!
Yesterday's show was great, with just Michel and Monica. Shows that all those comments about the gannet being needed for 'balance' and random pudding scoffing were off the mark. More please.
trash man 5:53pm Tue 26 Oct
would like to know more about Monica
Andy 4:29pm Tue 26 Oct
Greg can go
Monica is the star - more of her and no more Wallace - Enough already. He's just surplus on this show. Michel is superb, a true pro.
Drinton Hergfleur 7:07pm Mon 25 Oct
I love watching this program whilst i'm sitting there eating a pot noodle. Next time when i pour the water on i think i'll do a spun sugar basket to sit on top - they like it when you go the extra mile.
haha 2:07pm Mon 25 Oct
Greg Wallace is awesome
I disagree with what people say about Greg, I think he is awesome. He does have his own opinion so the people saying otherwise obviously don't watch the program properly. Also he is likely to agree with Micheal a lot of the time as they both know what good food tastes and looks like.
happe 3:25pm Fri 22 Oct
Steak Tartare
The correct way to present it - IS separately! Duh
furious 9:26pm Tue 19 Oct
Not sure about the chefs
the chefs on this program are not up to a good standard as it is there bread and butter to know how to cook, plus they are given to much time to cook the food and they still get it wrong
Yanto 4:15pm Thu 14 Oct
Just love the show would love to cook the mussel soup but where is the recipe please. I think greg is brilliant and gives a fair opinion and think Michelle gives the contestants great confidence. But where is John?
Kiddo 10:54pm Wed 13 Oct
In this episode
Wallace eats something sweet and says it's 'Luvvllly'. Then he eats seconds.
gromit 8:00pm Wed 13 Oct
where can i find the recipes for the food cooked by michel
i loved the recipe for sesame crisps last night but where can i find it on the web... not fair using recipes if we are unable to try them out for ourselves
jaxnan 6:44pm Wed 13 Oct
web details for recipes
would love to try using the direction and break down of the meals... love the show would like to try to make meals to anything like this standard ..keep the shows going...Thanks
Brian 8:37pm Tue 12 Oct
Why don't they ever make decent stuff like burgers or hot dogs?
John Prescott 6:16pm Tue 12 Oct
...the presenter/judge leaving us, ...is the greengrocer Greg Wallace
scott 8:27pm Wed 6 Oct
thats not M Roux in the pic!
and wallace just repeats what the PROPER chef says - after all wallace is a greengrocer
lalal 7:17pm Wed 6 Oct
Love it
Love this program. The guy on last night made me laugh - "i'm a great chef and i know it". Surprised his head got through those double doors...
i like a tart 6:52pm Tue 5 Oct
Duck Livers
Squallack 4:43pm Tue 5 Oct
Eye Opening
The skill tests for professional chefs are an eye opener. A scotsman with years of experience doesn't know one end of a salmon from another. More bad cooks than good ones out their dripping their body fluids into your meal.
Lafrowda 3:45pm Tue 5 Oct
duckling with cherries
where is the recipe?
marhea 8:52pm Mon 4 Oct
McD cooks
It's a shame they are not actually using professional chefs 90% of the time in the competition. Some of them have very little fine dining experience.
Ronald 8:43pm Mon 4 Oct
I'm sure your bf is very impressed with your 'ham fajita'. Mind the trimmings though....
trash man 7:19pm Mon 4 Oct
Fine dining
What the hell does a greengrocer know about fine dining - lets see Greg Wallace cook a fine dining three course - expect it would come out like a dogs dinner
davidw 8:31pm Wed 29 Sep
Greg Wallace is part of a tv balancing act. It wouldn't have the same dynamic if there were two professional chefs judging the competition. I'm not saying that I agree with his style or manner, but this is how tv works.
4:46pm Wed 29 Sep
I love getting tips from the experts; it has turned my life around. I can now impress my boyfriend with the ham fajitas featured on last week's show.
Mealor 4:27pm Wed 29 Sep
Why is he on every masterchef, while Torode, Roux etc rotate? I'm sick of watching Wallace shovel pudding into his fat head.
Surly T 6:24pm Tue 28 Sep
Gregg Wallace
I am so glad I am not the only one who is annyed by the jumped up greengrocer Get off my screen you funny shaped headed smarmy nob. I hate it when he puts the spoon in his mouth and holds it there! Argh! And he just shouts
jools 3:31pm Tue 27 Oct
At last we see Michel Roux jr's recipes
pasta cooked in veal stock. say no more. The guy ROX.
a foodie 3:47am Fri 23 Oct
phew....Steve won? i cant quite beleive it.
we can breathe again
all is well with the world 1:27am Fri 23 Oct
This show is presided by a greengrocer?
Renard 9:30pm Thu 22 Oct
Thank the lord
Hurrah the OK yar lisper didn't win. Well done Steve. Most chefs were behind you. You deserve it
A Steve fan 9:30pm Thu 22 Oct
ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
ha ha ha 9:28pm Thu 22 Oct
Get Wallace off as a judge
The only people who are worthy to judge contest of professional chefs are professional chefs preferably with michelin stars, which is after all the sign of excellent cookery skills so why is Greg Wallace even on this show? He should never have been a judge, what's that old spud head know about it anyway?
Mr G 7:46pm Thu 22 Oct
PC gaon mad - token useless woman
That woman with the paper paper mache head serves meat that's still crawling about. No matter how many times they tell her she still serves raw meat. You would think the amount of time she has spent sucking muffins, she would know when a piece of meat is done.
cook a pig with a match 7:30pm Thu 22 Oct
lets guess who wins?
Daniel is the most creative and acomplished. Steve is the most consistently hi quality. but the winner will be the one who cant even cook roast lamb. watever.
hi 6:27pm Thu 22 Oct
Presenter & Narrator
Please, please if there is another series of Masterchef please replace Greg Wallace. He spoils the programme with his smuggness and innane and oft repeated comments the narrator's voice grates.
David 5:10pm Thu 22 Oct
I think she is a fine cook. Deserves to win. her pastry and high teas were great as were her three puddings. She was also best at cooking for the critics. She should win.
nanafish 2:04pm Thu 22 Oct
Why is Marianne still there ?
Success should be based on merit and nothing else.Marianne just looks at Greg and Wallace with "eyes on jelly" (!) and it works.She is far the worst of the contestants.
Caroline 11:54am Thu 22 Oct
That Marianne again
Marianne's dishes look like she just throws them on the plate ,no presentation whatsoever. Yet they pull her along and give her the easier tasks . If she wins it will be a farce indeed .
Jennifer 11:12am Thu 22 Oct
Daniel is the best. Steve close second.
Daniel messed up the pastry on the truffle soup, but that looked like a tough ask, Steves Peach Melba looked incredible and Marianne cant stop serving raw meat! just how hard is it to roast a bit of lamb with herbs anyway? wont matter at all in the end, appears shes been pencilled in for the win. with his abundant creativity Daniel seems the best finalist overall... i also to need look away when Greg Wallace eats. makes me shudder. can someone on the production team not tell the man to sort it out!
Dutch 1:10am Thu 22 Oct
Grimace and vomit
I don't know one chef who likes this slap head. He's a joke and ruining a good show. Get rid of him. He actually makes me feel sick to look and hear him. Send him back to the streets selling turnips. Get a professional chef instead.
Cheffie 9:51pm Tue 20 Oct
The dish Marianne cooked tonight was fantastic! Clearly the two who commented below just have a problem with women. Her high tea was absolutely fantastic yesterday too.
Luke 9:46pm Tue 20 Oct
female contestants get it easy - the winner has been fixed allready
the chick who is in the final has been given so many chances (i.e. served raw poultry twice & raw lamb twice. shes clearly rubbish at cooking meat!) and the tasks she is given in the restaurant kitchens have been far easier than those given to her male rivals. clearly she ends up winning and its a total farce.
a foodie 6:21pm Tue 20 Oct
Greg Wallace
Please drop him for the next series. He's just a parrot for Michel. No opinion of his own. I have to look away when he wraps his gob around the tasting spoon.
Michel's Muse 4:41pm Sat 17 Oct
gregggg wallace
That baldy barking, "LOVELY FLAVOURS!" all the time is a hoot.
poohead 3:09am Wed 14 Oct

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