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I'll saves yer Olive
Bluto from Popeye but much nicer 1:34pm Sat 27 Nov

Micah Richards
Micah is brilliant his laugh is so infectious, but i am beginning to wonder if he is real as he looks more and more like Bluto from Popeye but much nicer
Doug 4:26pm Wed 27 Oct
It's Footie footie footie
Mrs Marx 11:26am Thu 16 Sep
Commentary Predictions
I make this comment in shear desperation. I don't care how many times it's denied, but I am totally convinced that predictive comments by commentators are retrospectively added, e.g. prediction by Guy Mobray at 2 all in the Everton Newcastle game was YET ANOTHER example. Can they not simply STOP making these predictions, live or not? I've got to the point that it's almost preferable to watch with no sound. It's bad enough that pundits on Football Focus blandly bark out the score of live games without any notice, but for those who can no longer afford to attend matches, all this completely spoils what is left for the likes of us
SpinDoctorGordon 9:16am Sun 10 Mar
I tend to switch off mentally whenever he speaks which is lengthy and often.
giveitarest 5:38pm Sat 19 May
Can any one tell me what Sheared is on about all these questions some one should be asking Its annoying as absolutely every other word
Chaty 5:22pm Sat 19 May
This show plunges to new depths when disgraced ex England manager sam allardyce is on. Ashamed to say he's from dudley, like me.
Harry. 10:54pm Sat 4 Nov
no more Germaine jeans please!
Cannot compare with sheared,Murphy,wrighty, etc. Lacks charisma, sense of humour and his technical analysis leaves much to be desired. If he is a pundit I switch off which is a pity as MOTD is generally excellent and a must each weekend.
Barney boy 10:55pm Sat 26 Nov
Leicester v West Ham
Why was analysis based around grappling in the box and penalty decisions rather than two quality goals ?
Blade 2:13pm Mon 18 Apr
Lawrence Larkin
Boss actor
Lawrence Larkin 8:37pm Sat 23 Jan
Man U
Fans glued to a frozen screen for 20mins while Leicester beat toffies
Pongo 9:57pm Sat 19 Dec
"on mi pin ed"
At the end of the day I set me stall out and was clinical in me mum's box - init.
Kelly 10:53pm Sat 9 May
Once again Everton dealt with by panel in the customary scant way. Never first match on. Very little praise given to the team. Linekar as an ex Everton player rarely comments in any way about them.
Gladws Street 11:42pm Sat 15 Mar
who watches?
I have never met anybody interested in football. When it is on TV the stands are empty.
It is fake 11:16pm Sat 8 Mar
Why don't they interview the referees after a match to see how his game went?
Stripteaser 10:23pm Sat 1 Mar
love MOTD
love motd best show on bbc.
Jethro 10:18pm Sat 1 Mar
going going gone
wheres michael owen gone? probably boring horses now instead of us. He made lawro sound like Einstein
alun shearer 9:13pm Fri 21 Feb
Time to toddle off, mind those heels!
bemused 4:02pm Thu 13 Feb
my nan watched motd with me and when she saw lawro said ' oo he looks like a tramp`' my dad says he thinks he's funny but my dad sad you can tell even gary thinks ' why do i have to work with mr annoying '
alan no personality shearer 10:06pm Wed 12 Feb
brain dead idiots 12 taxpayers 0
so low 10:45pm Sat 18 Jan
Hull City
Hull City 6 - 0 Fulham...
Hull City - AFC 7:32pm Sat 28 Dec
Match of the Day
A good program if you like football. If not, I wouldn't recommend it.
Gashbuster 9:37pm Thu 28 Nov
Best thing bout saturday night is motd been watching it since I was little with my dad and now my kids are watching it with me.
ms lynch 10:21pm Sat 23 Nov
Rob u have no man soul and can no longer call or see yourself as a man anymore. Real men like watching football AND women!!!
coyfcb 10:26pm Sat 21 Sep
der - on mi ed
at de hend ov de day
footbrains 10:22pm Sat 24 Aug
Compulsive viewing for men who like watching other men in tight shorts, I'll give it a miss, I prefer women
Rob 10:34am Sat 6 Apr
tottenham hotspur
Tootenham are signing that new player soon cmon u spurs!!! Defoe is in awesome shape
spurs 4 life 8:14am Sat 19 Jan
If Walters had scored that penny, would that have entitled him to keep the match ball. Three goals is after all a hat-trick is not?
Mike M 4:52pm Sat 12 Jan
Robbie Savage
Please find somone else to work on the bbc payroll. Not only a poor presenter but I hear he's also a serial abuser of tax avoidance schemes.
John 11:09pm Sat 22 Dec
Liverpool on MOD
I think its time Brendan Rogers was sacked or resigns! I dont know the score yet...but I would not be surprized if Spurs whallop the once mighty Pool!!
Jellyhol 8:02pm Wed 28 Nov
to many people talking
i like to have my own opinion on the games.we dont need two or three ex players saying what the teams doe wrong
k j 2:43pm Mon 19 Nov
Swansea City
Possibly 2 or 3 comments of praise all season. We scalp Newcastle after 30 years and nothing...no recognition ...appalling.......Yes we are Welsh..in the English football league..
Eatyourcrisps 9:24pm Sun 18 Nov
love motd
i love match of the day and i never messed becouse i love football!!!!!!!!!!!
LOVEFOOTBALL 7:51pm Sat 10 Nov
Shearer and Hansen
Shearer and Hansen are like the two old gits from the muppets...never anything good to say.
Fred 9:01pm Wed 27 Jun
MOTD - Great drama from the BBC
TVFan 10:22pm Sat 28 Apr
Hi, I have been trying to post a comment to Alan Shearer on match of the day? Unfortunately without much success. Several weeks ago when asked whom he thought would get relegated from the premier league: He immediately replied WIGAN. Wonder what he would have to say to/Day Owdalf Wigan
Owdalf 5:59pm Sat 28 Apr
Mark Lawrenson
enjoys a good bukkake session
Dale Winton 8:43am Mon 23 Jan
like hoovers
hoover lover 6:29pm Sun 22 Jan
only date women who are men
Mark Lawrenson 9:06am Sun 22 Jan
Lawro's hair
Mark Lawrenson's hair needs shaving off! its looking ridiculous.
Stan 12:22pm Sat 21 Jan
Gotta be kidding
Match of the Day on New Year's Eve! The BBC really is scraping the barrel. Don't they realise the football fanatics will all be in the pubs? Pity they don't cater for the baby-sitters instead.
Disgusted 12:48pm Wed 28 Dec
Merced already
Mr M Erked 9:43pm Sat 19 Nov
John Terry
He plays for Chelsea
Arthur 8:42pm Sat 29 Oct
man u rule
look all the good players have left eg. ronaldo,tevez,scholes but we still murk u all!!!
Ezzie 10:13pm Sat 8 Oct
when a personalitys career is over
they will sell their soul to advertise any product they do not use, its strictly for the cash.
its free 1:18pm Sun 2 Oct
Crisp Comment
Gary Lineker is Britain's top promoter of child obesity. So why is he employed on a sports programme? (The brand of crisps he advertises isn't even any good)
KenDavie 3:45pm Sat 1 Oct
should be on bbc iplayer
john 10:16pm Sat 24 Sep
thought of the day
remember how bad it was on ITV when they had the rights..
we won this week! 9:57pm Sat 24 Sep
On too late!
Match of the day is good, but why can't they put it on earlier like 9pm or 9.30pm something? They always put some rubbish drama show or something before it, to see all the highlights of the games is too late in my opinion and by the time the show is near the end I cannot be bothered to watch the rest, put it on earlier!
George 6:29pm Sat 24 Sep
match of the day is good for catching up on the footy highlights of the weekend (by the way chelsea fc rule)
chelsea fan 8:40pm Sat 17 Sep

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