27 May 2022  | 
Michael McIntyre's The Wheel Comments

Of the very worst TV I've seen in my lifetime. About time that you published the correct score.
Christine. 12:19pm Sat 22 Jan

rated. "celebrity" retainer, top-up. Appalling television.
KikabolokovI 6:27am New Years Day
Duh brain
Joey essex is thicker than elephant dung.
Corry. 11:51pm Sat 27 Nov
Is it supposed to be funny? I would not have guessed.
Olive 10:42pm Sat 27 Nov
Best show ever
I love the humor i am surprised this isnt a 10/10 its my favourite. The only thing witb it is the wait between the episodes
Bigman 3:16pm Sat 27 Nov
As funny as an STD. Big narstie, the IQ of an amoeba.
Ceecee 9:34pm Sat 20 Nov
I do hope that was sarcasm. He is not as funny as he thinks he is!
Glo 7:24pm Sat 20 Nov
Send help
So funny that I lost control of my bowels
Sharron 6:56pm Sat 20 Nov
If you're not brain dead when you start watching this fluff, you will be by the time it's finished.
Eric 3:20pm Sat 13 Nov
Is the contestant Dean related to the actor Cyril Nri? He's the image of him
J 8:03pm Sat 31 Jul
I had to use matchsticks to keep my eyes open during this awful programme with a very unfunny presenter. As for it score of 9.2, you must be having a laugh.
Alf 10:57am Sat 31 Jul
Make him go away
This contributes to the national mental health crisis
Pained 7:26pm Sat 24 Jul
9.3 for this - fiddled figures methinks.
Looky 6:32pm Fri 23 Jul
Too long
Far too drawn out and not much fun when they lose. In fact it has quiet a dismal atmosphere about it in the final rounds. Btw no surprise Greg Wallace who would turn up for a paper bag opening. As for furniture pro Jay Blades......don’t make me laugh! He doesn’t know where a futon originates from!!
Leo 9:34pm Sat 16 Jan
God no.
Bloody hell, spud face Wallace and useless j blades on the same show.
Ceecee 8:36pm Sat 16 Jan
Good Show
If only it could be trimmed down a bit as I found it a bit too drawn out and tedious. Dare I say it a different presenter.
Bradley 12:41am Wed 13 Jan

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