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Mock the Week Comments

Not as good
This show died when Frankie left.
tallica 9:18pm Thu 6 Jul

Is there anything worse than programmes related to current news are repeats from years ago. Pathetic and annoying. Pay less wages and mkae more programmes
MeAtYouRhOUSE 8:49pm Tue 23 Aug
I thought I had tuned into the Andy Murray Show!!! Oh and bty the guy in the green flowery shirt........ you ain't funny!
once more 12:14am Mon 18 Jul
Milton jones
Milton is really NOT funny... I have got to the stage whereby when he is on... I can no longer watch the show!
Elaine 10:30pm Sat 4 Jun
Great to See it Back
Seasons 13-on have been great. Thank god Dara's there to keep them under control.
Yaspaa 4:51pm Tue 29 Sep
Something well worth another series is back.
Watson Telly 2:07pm Thu 11 Jun
O Dara dara me
Love the Irish but don't like O'Briaiaiaian
Scuse me 9:59pm Sun 13 Oct
No good
Mock the Weak
Give 9:49pm Thu 10 Oct
Dara O'Potata is not FUNNY
Crosseyes 12:26am Fri 27 Sep
Lovin it!
Great funny show!
Pebbles 11:35pm Sat 15 Sep
Bolly Bolshevism
Another week of left wing posturing by some of the highest paid voice-over artists in the industry.
True Satire Isn't Party Political 11:04am Thu 19 Jul
Chris Addison...anybody want to buy pet insurance?
Blofeld 11:43pm Thu 12 Jul
we want frankie!
we want frankie!
we want frankie! 8:58pm Thu 5 Jul
Not funny anymore
I thought the show was great once but now its lost its edge. Some of the guest people who come on it are just not funny like tonights show.
doubletake 12:07am Mon 25 Jun
Used to Enjoy it...
When Frankie Boyle was on it, watched every Episode. Now that he's gone, don't watch it anymore. Now Rating: 3/10 Old Rating: 9/10
Swiifteh 4:06pm Sun 4 Sep
............ 3:02pm Thu 14 Jul
If Only
If only they were as funny as they think they are , especially ' Dora O Brien ' . More testosterone rubbish
Yawn 6:21pm Thu 23 Jun
Well .........
Im all into comedy and freedom of expression but taking cheap shots of people who are not there to defend themselves seems a little bit low . and aimed at cheap / easy laughs . Be alternative but do your own jokes ;)
Look at me , im funny 12:23am Tue 21 Jun
response to russell howards comment
"Hey Russell, Staffi's aren't aggressive dogs. You don't know anything about the breed. You're an ignorant idiot." - quoted by Alan lets be honest though, "Alan", staffis are seen as an agressive breed of dogs and its because some of them are complete bitches (see the pun there, lol!) hurting people and such. so fair enoug if yor staffi isn't aggressive but russell had taken the majority population of them and put them into one group
Alan is himself incompetent 9:45pm Thu 16 Jun
To Zestman
Do you not know how to use the internet to find these things out?
11:30pm Thu 9 Jun
I wished I knew the year, month of this program, like “Season 2 Episode 7 of 7” so what? What does that mean? It's like saying this apple fell in autumn. Like what year? Yes we could analyse the decay of the subject & going by the known facts we end up with a year. But with this you know.......So why don’t you just tell us? Please.
Zestman 10:40pm Fri 22 Apr
Used To Love It!
Used to watch all the time on Dave, now the newer ones without Frankie aren't awful they just aren't as good. Ps. If I see Jack 'My Daddy Say's I'm Funny' Whitehall is on it, I change the channel :(
Rapscallion 3:38pm Wed 20 Apr
Love it!
Ok so I understand everyone is upset that Frankie went, but in my opinion, this show is still good! If you don't like the show there's no point moaning about it.. it doesn't make the show any different because you moaned about it.. instead go watch something you like. :)
Ellieeeee :) 11:57pm Tue 19 Apr
What the hell?
Why is everyone slagging the show. it's hilarious. fair enough there are certain comedians who you personally might not find funny, but don't slag the show! and don't call people "Ignorant idiots" they're just doing there jobs. honestly, some people need to lighten up a bit.
Mock the Week is aweosme to don't judge 10:29pm Sat 12 Mar
Such a great show! Better than this talent show bull**** we get on the telly. Worth my license fee.
Olivia 11:56am Sat 15 Jan
Jack Whitehall isn't funny
Jack Whitehall isn't funny
Wack Jhitehall 10:43pm Sat 8 Jan
Russell Howards comment...
Hey Russell, Staffi's aren't aggressive dogs. You don't know anything about the breed. You're an ignorant idiot.
Alan 7:16pm Sat 8 Jan
russel brand
jake whitehall is a dumb idiot, his comedy is crap
rob brydon 8:29pm Christmas Eve
Jack whitehall
Jack Whitehall is funny get a grip people
jack whitehall 10:47pm Tue 21 Dec
Gone, but not forgotten...
Their all repeats on Dave, some old some more recent. What a delight when Frankie pops up again - the team gel beautifully when he's there with lots of to-and-fro banter. Sadly they just fall back on their scripted routines when he's not. Catalyst is the word, I think. As for the attempts to replace him - they have varied from embarrassing (David Mitchell) to naked ambition (Jack Whitehall). Just goes to show what a class act Frankie was...Irreplaceable - much like Angus Deayton on HIGNFY.
Bertram P Wooster 9:25pm Wed 8 Dec
You say thats it's not funny etc but yet you still watch it? so it must be still good. You also say there is nothing else on, thats no excuse, there are plenty of channels to choice from, Dvds to watch and now BBC iPlayer, ITV Net Player and 4oD to watch whenever time you want, so quit complaining. The people on the show are trying to entertain you if you don't like it watch something to your taste that you think is better.
Matt 8:42pm Mon 15 Nov

I wish more people would realise that Jack Whitehall isn't funny...
2:42pm Thu 7 Oct
to "BlueToGreen": you misspelt "anyone". It doesn't need a capital letter in the middle of a sentence!
YesI'mFrench 9:36pm Thu 30 Sep
andy p. is bang on!
odd job. 7:57pm Sat 25 Sep
Can't Anyone spell on this Page, seriously!
BlueToGreen 8:43pm Thu 23 Sep
are you joking
russel is the best on there i agree ffrankie if funni but not as funni and cute as russel
jaz 9:50pm Sat 18 Sep
not the same
since they lanced the Boyle. Pls get rid of "Russell" instead.
Culture Secretary 9:23pm Thu 16 Sep
Its qualityyyyyyyyyyy
Ken Jones 9:13am Thu 9 Sep
simply the best show on earth especially frankie boyle
kev doog 8:35pm Mon 9 Aug
highlights half way fru the series? what a joke. god this show needs frankie back, its way to hit n miss now. only laughs r dara n the occasional funny geust (Stewart Francis). shame was once brilliant
weepweep 10:20pm Thu 29 Jul
Past its prime...
Unfortunately, mock the week has gone past its prime. Hugh barely takes part anymore, Frankie is gone for no good reason, a nose/shark fin joke, I bet the queen hasn't demanded his removal about the hoard of jokes he made about her, Russell has other obligations as well now so his material can be old by the time it hits mock the week. Andy isn't funny anyway he gets a laugh from his stalled intros thats all and usually the guest panelists are lame as well, with the exception of Michael Macintyre (spelt wrong I know) and maybe two others. The material they spit out is generally all recycled after a few months. The show hasn't made me laugh since season 5, I only watch it if I can't find anything else to watch. I would recommend classic mock the week (seasons 1 - 6) at most, but never the recent seasons.
Fred 11:09pm Fri 23 Jul
Getting sad
Has gone down hill faster than a train with no brakes since Frankie Boyle left..Supposed to be cutting edge satirical but now very sad shadow of a once excellent show!
Gman 9:23pm Fri 23 Jul
Mock the week is amazing
Fan 7:59pm Thu 22 Jul
Boring & Contrived
Why do people watch this contrived & scripted rubbish.
Waz 10:09pm Thu 15 Jul
Comment Title
If Howard does the Adebayor joke again I'm complaining to the BBC.
J 7:48pm Thu 8 Jul
Bring Back Frankie!
I miss Frankie Boyle!! His jokes were the best and it's his dark humour which sets him apart from the rest!! But Hugh Dennis is also great =D
DaBeAsTbLuD 9:21pm Sat 3 Jul
Frankie Boyle was sometimes ok but used to swear his head off when he couldn't get a laugh from one of his lame jokes. Russel Howard creeps me out. Andy Parsons is ok. Hugh Dennis is good, and Dara O'brien is... well Irish
Pok3y 8:36pm Thu 1 Jul
Rude drivel
My licence fee pays for this rubbish that tries to pass itself off as comedy and satire? More like a competition for who can be rudest and most unsubtle and unsophisticated. Anyone can be rude.
Watcher 6:18pm Thu 1 Jul
thank god
i may not believe in god but this series is so much better not having a talentless hack of a comic like frankie boyle out of the picture and getting someone with a abilty to come out with a good line.
lexx 11:07pm Thu 24 Jun
Mock the Week
Mine would be Diane Abbott.
True Blue 5:49pm Wed 23 Jun

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