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the bloke up in the video shed...We saw this two days ago.
nell 5:59pm Thu 23 Jun

Well Done
"JJ Chalmers is at Wallyford" You got the right person at the right place :))
BsNees 7:42am Fri 27 May
at J blades is like watching a confused child at work and the results are as you would expect...
Sarah 5:34pm Wed 18 May
jay blades has started to dress as a clown. Fitting :))
Nessie 11:28am Thu 21 Apr
The show lights-up with The Boss (Sarah) at the helm. Give Sarah Moore her own programme.
Elsebee 8:46am Wed 20 Apr
that the makers have started to highly photoshop images of Blades. So obviously trying to square his pointed chin. He looks so bizarre.
Spike 8:29pm Thu 14 Apr
Still carying the witless J Blades and even the new' experts' appear to be low quality now.
Sirnic 7:19pm Tue 12 Apr
Still carying the witless J Blades and even the new' experts' appear to be low quality now.
Sirnic 7:18pm Tue 12 Apr
Funny watching Blades, he's being clumsy and shouting for some reason... Drinking?
Suelen 1:56pm Fri 8 Apr
as if Blades has been working on his own teeth. They're a right mess. Can't he afford a dentist?
Kathic 10:25am Sun 6 Mar
is Sarah back? This Blades man is laughable and spoils the show for us.
phillieb 8:22am Tue 1 Mar
He has conned himself onto all these shows. Used to love JJ rest his soul. Bring back Sarah!
Blades 9:04pm Mon 14 Feb
does Jay Blades ask the stupidest questions, make poor choices for the crafts people and make amature attempts at upcycling himself? So embarrasing. obviously not up to the job.
Helenistici 6:13pm Mon 14 Feb
Sarah Moore have any other tv shows I wonder?
Mica1 9:17pm Fri 28 Jan
the gulf between the professionalism of the crafts people and Jay Blades childish efforts is embarrasing.
Barbiebb 6:50pm Wed 26 Jan
Moore expertly showing how to paint a chair. Blades, on yer bike.
Nikkic 7:22pm Wed 19 Jan
they haven't filtered out J Blades episodes. He's a drag on the programme with his poor presentation and amateur renderings.
Helenistici 7:39am Sun 9 Jan
At last
Blades has been kicked off this programme.
Trienda 6:51am Boxing Day
M for Nothing
Interesting programme,good to see how things can be refurbished.,but it would be better without Arthur Smith and his non stop stupid puns.why does he continually say “but will Sarah or Jackie like it”
Ray 3:18pm Thu 4 Nov
does Leigh-Anne always look and sound like a creepy murderess.
nancy 2:04pm Thu 21 Oct
What a joke!
No sane person would pay anything like the prices that are quoted for this repurposed crap.
Nick. 1:52pm Mon 11 Oct
certainly lifts this programme and makes it more professional. Great job
Moss 2:09pm Mon 4 Oct
She no longer looks like a horse. Facelift?
Jessie 2:14pm Sat 18 Sep
Is there nothing Sarah Moore can't do. Amazing.
Rob 8:48am Sat 18 Sep
bit is when J Blades makes one of his childish creations and calls it buteful. :)
Linda 9:14am Sat 4 Sep
I love this programme
I love this programme but it irritates me when we are not told when if ever something does not sell . We invest time watching an item restored. I feel for the person who the presenter visits to tell them it has not sold. And we never find out.
Ninabee 4:05pm Sun 27 Jun
Money for nothing.... I think not. Table for £700.no good if you spill a drink on and because of splits no good if you have toddlers and has it sold.... We don't know. Any money made will go to cancer. I bet josh and ollie get paid no matter what happens. These two should be ditched from this prog. Sarah is a peach and gives so many ideas. 9
Jendew 5:58pm Fri 28 May
is j Blades fronting this programme. He so amateurish.
Rebecca 4:22pm Fri 21 May
Moore is streets ahead of anyone else as a presenter and crafts person.
Dani 5:40pm Tue 11 May
I think Sarah should have a prog with herself and helpers. The people who make most money and free advertising are the people she gives items to. You never hear any of them say, it's going to cost £600 and then say take a little back for charity. Like l say they are getting free advertising.
Jendew 5:23pm Thu 6 May
Money for nothing ... I thought it was the lisence fee
HAHAHA 5:07pm Mon 3 May
Sarah Moores presence raises this programme 1000% Psad that recently the quality has diminished by the introduction of amateurish elements. Great pity.
Peppy 3:24pm Wed 28 Apr
why does J Blades appear to have a mouth full of metal?? looks disgusting.
Bethany 5:33pm Mon 26 Apr
What a joke,
and what a con.3 bog standard side tables,mismatched,too,345 quid.Somebody’s having a larf.
Lizzie 2:06pm Thu 8 Apr
What a joke,
and what a con.3 bog standard side tables,mismatched,too,345 quid.Somebody’s having a larf.
Lizzie 2:02pm Thu 8 Apr
What a load of fake bo##ocks.
Dave 6:03pm Thu 18 Feb
Sarah Moore
is so good she should have a programme of her own...
Cynth 5:03pm Tue 8 Dec
Jay blades
Busy doing nothing
Kat . 9:42am Sat 5 Dec
Bullying? More like laughing all the way to the bank!
Jo 11:16pm Fri 4 Dec
is so upstaged by the other crafts-people it's so humiliating to watch. It's almost a form of bullying by the programme makers. Terrible.
Ben 4:31pm Fri 4 Dec
I watched him upholster on another show.....it was really rough. He does not pay attention to detail.
Jo 6:13pm Wed 2 Dec
Josh and Ollie
I have seen these two on MFN a few times, what a couple of greedy money grabbing blokes, the prices they charge its nonwonder they have a sarcastic grin on their faces, get them off this programme.
Hammerlad 10:05am Sun 29 Nov
Useless Jay.
He paints a pink line around some tables . A five year old could have done a better job. He's useless.
Old bag. 4:41pm Wed 25 Nov
is really Crap in this...
Peoni 6:03pm Tue 24 Nov
door chair?
Jays door chair was the worst thing ever on MFN who on earth would wanr such a thing that looks like a 7 year old would throw it in the skip
chippers 3:37pm Fri 20 Nov
blades was allowed to show his door bench thing on tv...why is he still here...brings the programme down
Sebi 4:24pm Thu 19 Nov
Nici 11:11am Sun 8 Nov
having blades fronting this, it's so poor.. get sarah back.....
micki 5:11pm Mon 2 Nov
Defund the BBC
why don't I cloud search the deleter(trace file other method) - feel free to email me tv guide why they are deleted - inform JO !
Anon 12:56pm Sun 1 Nov
shout Noo when its j blades )) So boring when he's doing this... Sarah, please stay....
Ellie 6:09pm Thu 29 Oct

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