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Mrs Brown's Boys Comments

For Sun Readers Only
As funny as Ricky Gervais. i.e. Not funny at all.
Rick Gervais 6:58pm Sat 7 May

Past its sell-by date
Not remotely funny and an affront to anyone with more than a room temperature IQ.
Dumpit 1:47pm Fri 4 Mar
bring back gerge
wat if seinfeld still on tv? jery get ipad
seinfan 9:06pm Wed 29 Dec
This is all FREE channels, REALLY!!!
IF all these stations are free, then, why can't we get all of these stations on Roku. We've paid our monthly bobbles, so where are they???
derby pub 4:03pm Boxing Day
At what point was I supposed to laugh.
Ceecee 11:06pm Christmas Day
A good laugh
A hilarious end to an exhausting day ... Anyone who doesn't like it then turn your TV over...
msjb 10:13pm Christmas Day
BBC signed up 6 more years
6 more years of this trash!
JEB 3:27pm Sat 16 Jan
Can it.
Fit only for the bottom of the dustbin where it can rot in the fashion it deserves.
Pat 1:43pm New Years Day
An insult
to anyone viewing with an IQ of more than 10.
Fed Up Viewer 10:25pm Christmas Day
No one makes you watch it
By now everyone knows that Mrs Brown's Boys contains bad language and innuendo. It's a good laugh any many many people enjoy it as adult entertainment. No one is made to watch it. There are many more channels available to watch. Find one if you don't like the great Mrs Brown's Boys.
Danjo 10:11pm Fri 18 Dec
I could say this is dated but I cannot remember ever seeing such crap and certainly not fit for today.
Irishjig 11:20pm Mon 7 Dec
Mrs Brown's retirement
This is comfort TV for nine million not very bright people. It's a very tired blend of dull swearing and sentimental drivel. The live audience's "ahhh"s over the grandchild are particularly stomach-churning, and the punchlines to the simpleminded slapstick routines can be seen coming a mile away.
U Will Be 7:40pm Mon 7 Dec
Christmas Day?
I can't think of anything worse to watch than this crap.
Reed 12:17pm Wed 19 Dec
How does this steaming pile of sh it get on TV?
Gal 1:33pm Fri 30 Nov
Watch taped episodes over and over
Liz 3:51pm Sun 7 Feb
Ria b
Stick in the mud
Love a laugh 3:44pm Sun 5 Oct
Dam good laughter
this is a great belly laugh show...we need more of these shows.
Gramie 1:59am Thu 4 Sep
simply the best
I love your show, it always makes me laugh. Your all brilliant and fantastic actor's . Please do more for TV,you cheer me up no end. Love from shaz goodband.xx
shaz 10:20am Tue 8 Jul
Sons mark and rory look older than mammy
But I do enjoy the Irish Humour
Mary 12:59pm Sun 6 Jul
Have recorded these shows and I have watched them again and again
What a talented family and friends
Jazz 12:05pm Sun 16 Mar
Mrs browns boys
I watch mrs browns boys on TV to night
Ayshariaminhas 8:51pm Sat 8 Mar
Mrs browns boys
Needs to be on more its amazing i love it and it makes my night
Kimmi28 7:04pm Thu 6 Mar
Cant wait for the movie
jordan good 7:40pm Sun 2 Mar
Cant wait for the movie
jordan good 7:26pm Sun 2 Mar
Love the Irish humour
A friend told me about this show it is so funny,I don't mind the swearing
Keep this up 8:15pm Fri 7 Feb
I find this program very funny and Agnes is the most funiest
jess 10:34am Sat 25 Jan
Mad Mrs browns!
Never stop showing it i love it!
Love God 11:27am Fri 3 Jan
mrs brown boys
When is it coming back on
haggis 5:11pm Mon 23 Dec
Love it
Omg this is so funny
Lover 4:16pm Sun 8 Dec
I think all the charactors are great except Kathy, she seems too stupid for a stupid show, all the rest are fine
jamjarjan1 6:36pm Sat 16 Nov
Sooo funny
I dont like these haters
I hate haters 4:41pm Wed 6 Nov
Heart stopingly funny
EPIC please hurry back on to tv
Tv 3:36pm Mon 14 Oct
so comical
I love this programme Brian o'connell is a real genius, plz hurry back onto t.v.
Chem 4:08pm Mon 30 Sep
Watch Mrs Brown's Boys if you want to cry laughing .Great prog best on TV
Magstar 10:50am Thu 25 Jul
when you back on
When is mrs brown boys back on tv
vicky 10:41pm Wed 24 Jul
tv show is good
I loved the shows but im in austraia in wa and every 4min they put adds on. I get bord and dont watch anymore.
cat 2:01pm Thu 11 Apr
mrs browns boys
When will mrs browns boys be back on tv i really miss this funny sitcom its so funny i am lost without it
shaza 6:30pm Sat 6 Apr
I love mis brown boyz
nana 8:54pm Fri 8 Mar
this is the most funniest programe in the entire world its halarious!!!
Crystal 8:53pm Sat 2 Mar
9,000,000 viewers
we only got our tv in the early sixties...... and to be fair I only said it was not a new concept as had been said. Freedom speech and all that!
bemused 6:09pm Wed 13 Feb
Mrs Brown v Old Mother Riley.
I can´t see anything wrong with a revamp of Old Mother Riley??? I enjoyed that too.Many films,shows etc have had their remakes ,some successful,some not The only similarity that I can see is that Arthur Lucan and Kitty Mcshane were married and played mother & daughter as do Brendan O´Carrol and Jennifer Gibney? Apart from that it is very different and very enjoyable! I doubt that Arthur Lucan ever had 9,000,000 viewers in his entire life let alone every week!
Feather 5:31pm Wed 13 Feb
HELL YEAH 10:11am Wed 13 Feb
the best shw
fab fantastic yhe best show on tv come back sooooooooooooon pls mrs brown
tomo 9:19pm Tue 12 Feb
Over 9.000.000 people cant be wrong??Totally unique concept to have all your family involved. This weeks episode with the adoption story and Dermots phone had me in stitches!!
Feather 9:11am Sun 3 Feb
mrs brown boys
i love mrs browns boys i laugh till i cry best show ever if my dad was still alive today he would love it as he was from belfast and loved the irish wit more please
kaz smith 11:08pm Sat 2 Feb
Char Louise Gregory
Mrs brown boys I love you thanks for watch tv funny so good nice my heat mum dad charlotte
Mrs brown boys 11:45pm Wed 30 Jan
Mrs Browns Boys
Would be great if there was not bad language etc
cfloss 10:03pm Sat 26 Jan
whats the one when grand dad hits Agnes brown
marcboii 10:59pm Sun 20 Jan
We've just started watching these, and it's handcrafted humour, so well written it's surely destined to become a cult classic series. I didnt think they made them like any more!!!
Discerning 10:48pm Tue 15 Jan
There are other swear words
Mrs. Brown is funny, but overusing the F word is tiresome.
Bob Law 9:54pm Mon 14 Jan

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