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Best BBC sitcom ever!
This is my favourite BBC sitcom, it's so funny, glad it's being repeated on BBC 1 again and plus Janey (the daughter, played by Daniela Denby-Ashe of course) is so fit ????????????????????????????????
myfamilyfan 12:21am Wed 22 Sep

Best BBC sitcom ever!
This is my favourite BBC sitcom, it's so funny, glad it's being repeated on BBC 1 again and plus Janey (the daughter, played by Daniela Denby-Ashe of course) is so fit ????????????????????????????????
myfamilyfan 12:20am Wed 22 Sep
I thought this garbage had been pensioned off. I suppose the cash strapped BBC are now going to show endless repeats of this tripe.
Sam W. 12:00pm Sat 10 Dec
im sure the last episode of series 11 had already een shown. why is this? i think my family is funny iv enjoyed watching it and will miss the laughs.
Sammy 10:27pm Sat 3 Sep
very poor ending
I guess it was cancelled before the last series aired, so they couldn't have a decent send off. For a series that has aired for 11 years it deserved more, but then they ended last of the summer wine without a decent send off and that had been going for over 30. I think they need some new management at the BBC.
Shame 3:50pm Sat 3 Sep
The Watcher..... you aren't "obsest" (sic) at all are you? But you are OBSESSED with this peurile nonsense...
Soothsayer 5:41pm Sun 10 Jul
im not obsest
my family is incredible, iv been watching it since the first epasode and havent mist a single one. i can play the theme tune on every instrument i have, i own every series apart from the eleventh and i watch them all the time everyday. it is grait. im not obsest. p.s if anyone els says one more bad thing about my family then ill HUNT YOU DOWN AND GUT YOU LIKE A FISH !!!!!!
the watcher 5:18pm Tue 28 Jun
awesome !
awesome show always look forward to it :)
sammy boi 123 5:21pm Fri 24 Jun
time for the axe
RUBBISH, Typical BBC Middle Class family sitcom. Hate this show so much
im a feeder 12:06pm Sun 19 Jun
This is about
as funny as having a haircut.
Ed 7:06pm Tue 4 Jan
funny, if 30 minutes of canned laughter and inane jokes amuses you..rubbish
rob brydons stool 8:27pm Christmas Eve
Good show
I love watching My Family, it's make me laugh like a mad one,I can't miss it
Middie 7:25pm Mon 13 Sep
Well I like it...
My Family used to be really funny when it started. And I admit, the series was funnier with Nick in it. But he's gone, and it's just TV. If you don't like it don't watch it! I personally, love it. I think it's really funny, and I hope it continues for a long time ! :) It makes me LOL!
Belleeeeee :) 2:53pm Fri 6 Aug
This is actually one of those programmes where I laugh out loud...
HAHA 1:30pm Fri 6 Aug
Wait till you have seen it
why are people writing bad reviews when the episode hasnt even been on yet, wait till you have seen it guys! this is an awesome programme
Ant 8:26pm Fri 30 Jul
This is classic slap stick - it's not meant to be genius. It is for a population of people who dont go out obtaining asbo's on a friday night - get a grip guys. its funny - if you dont like it - dont bloody watch it!
Pitt 4:03pm Fri 30 Jul
love it
i think my familys great i find them hillarious i dont agree wiv any of u lot !!!:)
anonamous 5:07pm Mon 26 Jul
is this still on?
What a terrible program!!- same old jokes over and over again, its painful to watch. One more thing this show is written by a team of american style writers where a large group come together to write the program- this is unlike most british comedy programs where one or two writers script it- maybe this is why its so terrible
Jon Stewarts english cousin 7:37pm Fri 23 Jul
this show is hilariously brilliant - although the xmas specials are usually terrible the actual series is fantastic most of the time :D keep on making them please, ignoring what everyone else says :) lol
andy 5:34pm Fri 23 Jul
hos the hell is this still going
terrible 70s style sitcom but without the laughs
pokerpete 9:06pm Fri 16 Jul
Pathetic Drivel
Pension this ghastly rubbish off please.
Magno 7:00pm Mon 4 Jan
Totally agree. I just don't see how this is funny! Do people like this really exist?
tube 4:38pm Mon 4 Jan
How bad was the christmas episode it is totally shocking. They should give up and save themselves the embarrasment.
blue 1:33pm Mon 4 Jan
my family gone down hill
I used to love this show but the writing has just gone down hill over time. where are all the witty one liners that used flowed through the show?!
E C 9:56pm Christmas Eve
asinine rubbish
The series is usually amusing, but this episode was tripe.
reggae 9:51pm Christmas Eve
i love this program and hope they keep making it:) gabriel has become soo hot, i mean i liked him when i was little but when he came back and was blonde i was like:O:D x
Libby 4:13pm Thu 10 Dec
God, this is awful! I watched an episode years ago and thought the show might have improved - it's got worse if that's possible. Robert Lindsay used to be funny. Zoe Wanamaker couldn't be funny if her life depended on it. Pension this rubbish off please.
Patty O'Heater 4:37pm Fri 28 Aug
good good
I'd rather watch this instead of all those rubbish soapies
Anti - Soapie 5:36pm Thu 7 May
Janey's Dress!
At the end of the episode, does anyone know where Janey's dress is from? It's GORGEOUS it's blue, purple and yellow and has a big bow at the back
Anon 1:46pm Fri 10 Apr
I've watched it on and off for ever. As a family, we're kind of split over whether or not we like it. I think its okay, my boyfriend loves it. My daughter loves it, but my other daughter hates it!
Tiff 5:09pm Thu 9 Apr
its great
it one of the best comedys in the world !!! i love it i think theres serise 9 coming out soon this year yee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i've got every dvd of my family its great !!!!
Danny 5:44pm Fri 6 Mar
Dear doctor
Brains are no substitute for taste.
Anon 7:26pm Fri 6 Feb
Entertaining, DOUBT IT
This must be the most boring rubbish ever. It's more fun spending a weekend with toothache.
Anon 7:24pm Fri 6 Feb
i was brought up on my family and its amazing , i have just been part of the studio sudience on series 9 and it was fantastic, but, i admit nick did make it a bit better!
smith 9:18pm Mon 12 Jan
I am confused by the comments aired by people which state that anyone who watches this must have an IQ of 1. Well I dont think i have an IQ of 1 as i have a medical degree and PhD. So this IS a HILARIOUS comedy!
Dr, Marshall 11:52am Christmas Eve
Its great not rubbish!p
PandaJoe 10:34am Sat 8 Nov
MY Family is great
this show is funny and i hope that it will carry on for many years yes i admit it not that funny now nick as left but i think the writers are running out of sitcoms to put on but i hope they wake up and realise that they have got to do something to get the shows viewers back but i think it is an ace show
micky mouse 8:32pm Wed 24 Sep
oh janey
it may be a poor show but worth watching just to see janey oh wow is she fit what i could doo to her ah boy
janeys stud 7:18pm Wed 10 Sep
It's a joke !
This has got to be the most poorly written 'comedy' ever shown on TV ! Why an established and, used to be, respected actor such as Robert Lindsey associates himself with this I cannot understand - money ?. The BBC needs to start looking for the real comedy writers again such as John Sullivan (only fools & horses) before our prime time comedies become a joke ! This programme is Totally UNFUNNY !
Willow 8:24pm Tue 19 Aug
My Family Rox
I absoluely luv this show, i always laff at it. I no sum ppl dnt like it but that is their opinion.
TommyCooper'n'NormanWisdom 10:59pm Thu 14 Aug
no longer good
Previous series were great, but its lost it's edge especially without nick.
Reason 6:35pm Sat 9 Aug
anyone else think that Zoe looks like Furby?
Mrs Batty 8:41pm Wed 23 Jul
always watch it
hey people lolzz yh my famo is funny it alwayz makes me laugh wohooo lolzz
SexyxxRxx 11:23pm Sat 12 Jul
Come on!
sos i mean if u it
alig7000 3:50pm Wed 9 Jul
Come on!
My familys fine its really funny, and anyway y are u posting comments if u it?
alig7000 3:48pm Wed 9 Jul
its alright
i think my family is alright but i have seen funnier comedies.
hannah elvin 5:36pm Wed 2 Jul
This is not a funny show at all
I connot understand why anyone would watch this?
Rod 8:00pm Sun 1 Jun
I think that this show should be cancelled to make room for something else
I have never really liked this show, but it does seem to have r un its course. I think there is room for more innovation on BBC1
Tina 1:38pm Sun 1 Jun
Zoe is a monster
This is like a freak show on BBC1
Sid 6:21pm Sat 31 May
The score speaks for all of us
over 1000 votes and the score is less than 3. The BBC don't care what we want even though it is our money they are spending on this muck.
Chris 5:56pm Sat 31 May

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