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New Tricks Comments

No Comparison
Watched from the start and most repeats. Now Gerry has gone, the last original cast member I will not be watching anymore. The humour has long gone with long faces to match. A real shame!
don'tbelieveallyouread 11:11pm Wed 10 Jan

the sound
sound is terrible - not watching again. elizabeth
elizabeth 4:58pm Sat 16 Apr
I miss NT
I really enjoyed the series. Great actors appeared there throughout the years and characters' creation was simply fantastic.
mrs l 10:23am Thu 5 Nov
Good Programme
New Tricks both new and old are/were really good, bring them back
joules2 7:28pm Wed 7 Oct
New cast
not the same magic, they don't gel , they seem as if they are all acting, get rid
old fan 10:03pm Tue 6 Oct
Shame it had to end
A fan from the start but it was a good ending.
once more 10:03pm Tue 6 Oct
I hope it will be more! There is a petition in the Internet to save the show
dd 1:16pm Thu 24 Sep
the last
I started watching this year (mainly because of Denis Lawson, he's a great actor and I was curious about the show). I hated Danny and Sasha characters but they seemed to improve. Shame this is the last series I was about becoming a fan.
ll 8:03am Thu 24 Sep
agree too
Pity this is the last as I was warming to the new cast. Very funny episode and enjoyed it.
once more 8:08pm Wed 23 Sep
Do you recommend previous series?
I think the new series is far better than for example series 9. I haven't seen the old tricks yet (with the original cast). If everyone complains about the new one I presume the show was absolutely brilliant in series 1-8?
diy 9:30am Wed 23 Sep
The new series is awful. The sound is pathetic. It varies from people mumbling which requires turning up the sound to hear them yet moments later the sound gets so loud you have to turn it down. This used to be one of my favourite programmes but now I have given up on it as it so annoying.
Boult 8:38am Wed 23 Sep
Well then
I hope I'm not the only one who enjoys series 12. Actually it inspired me to watch previous series. I liked 11 and 10 but now I watch 9 and yes it's awful. You say the first series/original cast is better? Then I expect to be blown away watching from series 1 soon.
xolaur 10:14am Mon 21 Sep
Little chemistry amongst the actors. Proposition that coppers could live in homes that this crew does is totally absurd.
Python 6:14am Mon 21 Sep
Please don't cut you have got the chemistry between them all to perfection.
New tricks lover 10:40pm Tue 8 Sep
Old New Tricks
The original cast was brilliant - wouldn't have missed. There is no chemistry in it now. Larry Lamb is the best.
Old New Tricks Lover 10:06pm Tue 1 Sep
whats with the music when they are talking, get rid of it please
Mkb 9:13pm Tue 1 Sep
Better with Larry Lamb
It was a mistake to replace Sandra Pullman with another female boss. Larry Lamb has given this failing format a new spark. I've put it on series record. Danny and Steve are great, Sasha really does not work
Lindy 10:49pm Tue 25 Aug
Still enjoying it...
I still like New Tricks, it's different now but still good. am I the only one who is still a fan?
Ali 8:34pm Tue 25 Aug
Only one original cast member,how can they call it the same show o one worn out actor is that all it takes
Markusman 8:39am Sat 7 Mar
you cant teach........
This new bunch of characters proves you cant teach an old dog new tricks.NONE of these characters are believable.Lyndhurst is worst followed by Tamzin,and even Waterman has gone downhill.
Chris. 8:53pm Fri 16 Jan
can't stop laughing
The interaction between Jerry and Brian in the addiction clinic.....Brilliant! Sad the old New Tricks is no more.
ria b 9:25pm Thu 6 Nov
What a waste of energy!
Never seen so many unnecessary office lights. Desk lights and wall lights, all kept burning regardless of whether they are needed. I suppose the BBC will say they are low energy – so what? If they aren’t required turn them off. Typical BBC wastage over spilling into their programmes, I guess, and reflecting what goes on in their world on a daily basis? Well done, it sets a good example for the rest of us to aspire to.
God 7:33pm Fri 24 Oct
Dennis Waterman
He is leaving. Its obvious he feels the new set up is not working and it shows in his performance. PS he has said as much!
ria b 9:06am Wed 22 Oct
New Tricks Wooden Sticks
The series now consists of Mr Angry(Dennis Waterman, Always upset with someone. Mr Stone ( Nicholas Lyndhurst)his character is about as warm as a gravestone. This is all you see from one episode to another
cybermaf 11:58pm Tue 21 Oct
Nicholas Lyndhurst
Nicholas Lyndhurst. So bad ! retire and do us all a favour
JMB 9:52pm Mon 20 Oct
Nicholas lyndhursts character.
Is their anytyhing he doen't know ??? I only watch it now, to see how smug he will be this week.
Wobbydoo 9:14pm Mon 20 Oct
I fear Change
I don't like it when things change.
Change scares me. 8:19am Mon 13 Oct
New Tricks?
You can say that again! Nothing remotely like the old New Tricks alas.
ria b 2:04pm Tue 7 Oct
Please end New Tricks
I don't think I can bear to watch even one more episode, it is sooo bad now!
Brit 12:25am Tue 7 Oct
This popular, comic but often poignant, programme is now dull as ditch water and Nicholas Lyndhurst is absolutely awful!
dendy 12:59pm Mon 6 Oct
Get rid of the 6" heels, and improve the show no end.
cpochin 11:36pm Sun 14 Sep
Not good any more.
Can't watch any more, Why does Nicholas Lyndhurst talk so weird ? Awful now, didn't think it would be good, but gave it a try.Only Jerry any good,but he alone is not enough to keep us watching.
Oldie 10:06pm Fri 5 Sep
It is the actors sometimes but if you pay peanuts.....
orson carte 10:41pm Wed 3 Sep
More Poor BBC Sound Quality
Abysmal sound quality - does the BBC deliberately choose actors who mumble?
Hawgram 10:24pm Wed 3 Sep
All of those things went when they got rid of the original trio (especially Brian) and their "guv". But then you know that already.....
ria b 7:03pm Tue 2 Sep
New series is such a disappointment - where's the wit? where's the banter? where's the warmth? where are the decent plots? Bizarre last episode when someone blew themselves up, but didn't, and then their ashes were scattered in Dorset - whose ashes were they, and how was the non-existent corpse identified??
Aek 11:57am Tue 2 Sep
New tricks
New series awful Nicholas lyndhurst dreadful and his daughter bad casting no good with out alun Armstrong not worth watching
Faz 10:03pm Sat 30 Aug
A turn off
Flicked between new Tricks and Scottish debate to try to find something worth watching. Neither worthy of attention so witched off and read instead. Have now part watched 2 episodes on series 11 - won't bother to watch any more. Magic, sparkle, humour and credibility all gone - even Gerry Standing's part has been dumbed down. Should have pulled the plug entirely after series 10 - there's no more dead horse to flog!
Son of Fred 8:50pm Thu 28 Aug
Gone to the dogs
Couldn't even be bothered to finish watching tonight.
Ralph 9:52pm Mon 25 Aug
Garbage now that only Denis is left.Sandra Redman brilliant Overwaite terrible. Lyndhurst will only ever be Dave(Rodney).
PETER SUSSEX 9:45pm Mon 25 Aug
I'm afraid lyndhurst is a brilliant plonker but a crap copper.Chemistry has gone out the show.
Donkey 9:25pm Mon 25 Aug
Cold and soulless
I used to love New Tricks with the old cast. The characters were believable and had humour. Dennis Waterman is the only good thing left. Why does Nicholas Lyndhurst talk in that posh superior voice. His character has no warmth or humour. Nor does Tamsin Outhwaite. Does she ever smile? There's no magic here.
Pennylane 9:14pm Mon 25 Aug
useless music
Bermondsey Boy spoiled by overload music.When I see an incident in the street I do not hear an orchestra drowning out the verbals. So pack in the unnecessary.
The old guy 11:56am Tue 19 Aug
Dress sense.
Whose idea was it to cast an aircraft blonde of diminished stature as the Guvnor? How many Inspectors wear 6" high heels on the job??
cpochin 9:45am Tue 19 Aug
Out of date
Why a picture of Amanda, who left last series!!!
dave6969 6:02pm Mon 18 Aug
Gone downhill
So much so that the lazy tvguide editors haven't even bothered to update the picture.
David A. 3:57pm Mon 18 Aug
The new new tricks
The new actors are perfect..They are obvious replacements However I had a good look the writers are different - I think this is the problem..
Morag 6:25pm Thu 20 Mar
Dont like it now
Watched new tricks for years but it isn't any good now
Comments 9:11pm Mon 20 Jan
I agree, the current series hasn't been a patch on previous episodes. Poor writing, and not sure about some of the casting changes.
Discerning 9:37pm Wed 27 Nov
It's (not) alright; it's (not!) okay...
I'm a long time watcher of New Tricks; it was the one show that I use to look forward to but unfortunately not anymore. The inane music is repetitive. Overall disappointing.
Tish 10:09am Sat 23 Nov

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