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Not Going Out Comments

Not Going Out
I like watching Not Going Out with Lee Mack and Lucy
Ben Singleton 11:28am Mon 17 Dec

Lee Mack
If he was a knife he would cut himself. Was on Steve Wright show today and not an easy bunny. A bit defensive for a comic imo.
don'tbelieveallyouread 7:22pm Thu 8 Mar
Going downhill
Since season 5, this has been getting steadily less funny. It now raises far fewer laughs, and is getting a bit lame and repetetive.
Fat Controller 4:39pm Thu 8 Mar
Love it
I love this programme. I think it is very funny!
nickname123 5:34pm Sat 30 Dec
Can’t get enough
Sa4534 8:56pm Wed 22 Nov
not at all funny now. not like the old episodes. very hard to watch till the end. won't watch any more
lejardin 9:59am Sat 18 Feb
Once a great programme (particularly with Tim Vine), to relatively pleasant and now to clinging on with hope. It's time to wrap up and remember the great earlier episodes.
Ronnie 9:28pm Fri 3 Feb
I have always enjoyed this programme and had been looking forward to the new series. It was so disappointing and not at all funny. It is completely different with kids in it and I didn't laugh once. I switched it off before the end because it was so boring. Even Lee Mack couldn't make me laugh with the lines he had in this.
kieran355 5:36pm Sun 15 Jan
I am not a robot and
find this show very funny.
Lee Vine 12:28pm Sat 9 Jul
This show is really funny. Mind you, I am a braindead idiot.
Stavros Fasoulas 9:35pm Sat 31 Aug
No Tim Vine?
I like the characters but where's Tim gone? No good without him or that dopey cleaner.
JB 4:08pm Fri 19 Apr
What do u mean
Friends is awsome i got da boxset
Me 9:26pm Fri 5 Apr
Funny? I think so
Ignore all negative comments why obviously have been written by someone who hates a laugh. Love Miranda? Same here, this is no disappointment - funny, sarcastic, brilliant. I seriously can't believe anyone would write such mean comments, conclusion: they are all aliens. Go not going out!
Hev x 5:59pm Tue 2 Apr
Funny? I don't think so
That well known saying "sarcasm is the lowest for of wit" says its all. Thats all Lee Mack is about.
doubletake 11:11pm Mon 10 Sep
Keep it coming guys!
The funniest show in years, packed full to the brim of clever one liners, bang, bang, bang, one after the other...brilliant, and look forward to more!!
Jane es 7:52pm Mon 10 Sep
Brilliantly funny and yes, it does take at least some vestige of intelligence to appreciate it.
Jeremy T. 3:42pm Fri 15 Jun
not going out
eqerqerwvedrc 8:05pm Fri 11 May
Hust a series on one liners: No man is an island what about the isle of man? If you think laugh at lines like that then you really need to get more. This programme is truly dire..stick to stand up mate
Hyut 2:41pm Fri 27 Jan
ONMGGG i luv dis i think its amazin and sooooooooooooooooooooooo funni hehe. my brotherlike dis too. at last sumfing we can wotch together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1heheh hahhehehe xxxxxxxxxxxx luv diiissssssssssssssssssssssssss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
laurenfromhull 12:36am Mon 9 Jan
fecking amazing
joseph james 4:18pm Wed 4 Jan
Have to say...
...that virtually all the comments saying this is awful are from people with only a remedial grasp of English. I think that says it all: if you're not very bright, you won't find this funny.
Dave 10:16pm Fri 11 Nov
Best programme ever All artists are very funny
maz 3:12pm Sat 6 Aug
this is NOT funny - lee mack is a decent standup but he fails big time with this and the pathetic looking tim character adds insult to an already tacky depressingly bad show
............ 6:33pm Wed 27 Jul
Very BIG can of laffter!!!!!!
brockle 11:23pm Wed 29 Jun
I'm Staying In
Joy to watch. Lee Mack's script input and comic background not to mention Tim Vine's fall guy role, one liners, and faultless timing make this unmissable for me. The inter play/word play, double entendres, and the North/South humour divide are performed to a very high standard throughout the cast. Comedy is subjective, however, as suggested before those who don't see the above should stick to something warm and friendly like The Vicar of Dibley, My Family or The Life of Riley.......
Johnny D 2:32pm Mon 23 May
A divided nation. Iv'e seen a lot lot worse.Remember Diner ladies, and don't forget that awful Miranda !!
trigg 2:49pm Fri 11 Feb
This has to be the worst programme, ever.
Get this off the air now 5:42pm Thu 10 Feb
absolutely awsome
this is an amazing programme guarenteed laughter and tears from me i honestly lose my breath wathcing this from laughing.. never missed a episode... hope u carry on and make more... n for all u losers/haters whatever dont like it dont watch it!!!
Princess 11:40pm Wed 9 Feb
Great Fun
Love Tim Vine and just good enjoyable fun.
Magsie 6:38pm Fri 4 Feb
Not funny
What a awful program
Jon Stewarts english cousin 2:01pm Wed 2 Feb
Gagging for more
This is a very funny show - high gag rate and laugh upon laugh. The timing and bond between Lee Mack and Tim Vine is excellent. I can only imagine the people who don't find this funny prefer their comedy a little more sedate? Terry & June boxsets all round.
Renko 12:37pm Tue 1 Feb
Awful Show, Awful Writing, Awful Acting, Really Terrible
This has to be the worst programme on TV. How it is not pulled i do not know. The writeing is so lazy and the punchlines of the jokes? Did they have leftover christmas crackers
I hate this show 5:09pm Fri 21 Jan
10 out of 10 (for me)
Lee Mack is a great stand up comedian. I am not usually a fan of the set-up sit-com, but this show works and i like it. Of course the gorgeous Sally Bretton has no influence on my tuning in each week!
Anyone for coffe? 10:26am Sat 15 Jan
Bring back Miranda!!
It's a great show, but not the same without her!
Kentish maiden 8:44pm Thu 13 Jan
One of the worst!
This has to be one of the worst comedy programs on tv - basic set up, plots and jokes - I thought we moved away from the predictable canned laughter 10 years ago- ever line doesnt have to be a joke!!!
jon Stewarts english cousin 9:44pm Tue 21 Dec
if you think Friends is good....
Don’t compare this to Friends. Friends have half of the top Hollywood scriptwriters on the show and its still crap. Its a soap opera with canned laughter. I defy anyone to laugh at it if the laughter was removed. It's bereft of jokes. Friends compared to this show is like the Monkeys compared to the Beatles!! People ony think Friend is any good because they’re on a daily drip feed of it. There’s not any time you can’t switch the TV on and Friends isn’t on. It’s the McDonalds of TV land. I’s cancerous rubbish!!! This show on the other hand IS FUNNY!! Hahahaha!!!
Seinfelt 8:53pm Tue 21 Dec
Not good
There's just no acting. They stand around waiting for their lines. Somebody sets up a joke, Lee Mack delivers the punch line and then canned laughter. Over and over and over again. I remember somebody saying Friends is good because every line is a joke or a lead-up to a joke. No, that's what this is and it's awful. Friends has something called 'storyline', and most lines contribute to it, and most are funny too.
Tomid 12:29am Fri 5 Mar
This is, without doubt;
My favorite program - EVER!
Hilary 11:09pm Wed 23 Dec
Why has this got such a high rating? It has to be one of the worst comedy that the bbc show- that say a lot. Lee mack you dont have to make every line you say a joke. joke canned laughter joke canned laughter. Come on lets get somthing a bit more needed BBC.
Watchman 11:51pm Sat 29 Aug
this is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love it it is great you must watch it on bbc iplayer or any way you can it is excellent!!!!! well written and very funny!!!!A+++++++++
jamieM 8:35pm Fri 3 Apr
Absolutley BRILLIANT!!!!
I don't know what people mean when they say it's rubbish, the jokes are cleverly written and even the actors are brilliant, some people may prefer the more subtle jokes but i dont see why!
MissTennant 5:48pm Sun 22 Mar
I watch it every week
I watch this every week and laugh despite the fact I know it's crap. Laughing is better than being miserable.
shaman 8:53pm Fri 20 Mar
GSOH needed
If you find Friends funny then stay well clear of this. This comedy uses puns can doublentendre to gain its goal. Crap acting, crap story but who cares. You will chukle at some point and if you have a funny bone then most of the time. If you describe yourself as a funloveing person and don't like this then you are an idiot.
29xthepain 2:52pm Fri 20 Mar
Talk about Drivel
I had the unfortunate experience of watching this programme last week. This is not comedy it's tragedy. What ever happened to good comedy? Only Fools, Yes, Prime Minister, To the Manor Born, watchable, cleverly written, actually funny. Instead of THIS rubbish!!
SimonP 6:55pm Sun 15 Mar
I thought it was a fly on the wall docu-soap like the One show. Well there you go. Shows just how wrong you can be.
Mella Likka 8:16pm Thu 12 Mar
Laughed my head off -not!
Very annoying canned laughter which must amount to an admission that basically its not funny.
Chaplin 10:09pm Mon 9 Mar
Well I like it..
It's not exactly groundbreaking tv, but sometimes you just want something to laugh at, and this does just the job. When i go out on fridays, i consider it good enough to catch up on iplayer, so i dont just watch it out of sheer boredom.
I.heart.tv. 9:57pm Mon 9 Mar
i luv this show, i always want friday to come quik coz i luv it so much. Lee is sooo fit xx
TommyCooper*NormanWisdom 12:14am Fri 27 Feb
weak comedy. but expect nothing less from the bbc.
Samc 9:38pm Fri 20 Feb
Hang on a second
Personally I dont particularly like this program, there's no need for acting as it is non-existant, they might as well put out a script.. But saying everyone north of london has no culture is going a bit far... Anyone who is that derogatory obviously themselves has no concept of 'culture' as they have no right to define it..
jono 8:56pm Fri 20 Feb

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