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On the Buses Comments

Great tv.
An age before the PC brigade. Who cares. I don't, and I'm a woman.
Septic. 11:38am Sat 31 Mar

Best TV programme ever made!!!
Cat 4:24pm Wed 6 Dec
All this stuff was at a time when no offence was meant and none taken. Two neighbours would address each other as Chalkie and Sambo. Folk nowadays could start a war in a paper bag and should get over themselves least of all for getting offended on other peoples behalf.
get real 11:00pm Boxing Day
Absolutley Brilliant Show
I could watch on the buses over and over a again. Which I do.... it is a timeless clasic
Valerie 10:57am Wed 28 Sep
Utter crap
Worst programme ever made
Rob Seed 10:21pm Mon 27 Jul
Very very funny
Way ahead of its' time. Very cleverly written and performed by wonderful actors with impeccable comic timing. Not really, it's utterly abysmal.
Donald Windsor 4:39pm Wed 13 May
Utter crap
Not funny 40 years ago. Atrocious, dated, humourless drivel
champion the wonder horse 1:39pm Mon 12 Jan
good tv
this is one of my best programs i would love to see it back on again
steve 12:15am Mon 6 Jan
Not even slightly funny
bert worm 6:03am Mon 16 Sep
very clever and highly amusing
Not really; it's abysmal tedium written by morons, acted by talentless ugly freaks and laughed at by thick peasants.
hugo van der greyere 1:26am Tue 23 Jul
absolutely abysmal
The worst tv ever made.
catwoman 12:14pm Fri 7 Jun
Witless drivel
Utter garbage about 2 ugly old men leering at young ladies. Absolutely abysmal.
The rev 4:20pm Sat 1 Jun
Absolutely abysmal
A cast devoid of talent performing a script devoid of humour. Not funny then, simply atrocious now.
Ed House 2:02pm Wed 24 Apr
Iconic Stuff
You can't change history, it was what it was then. Accept it and notice the perfect timing, brilliant. So there was innuendo and smoking, gee get over it!
bemused 9:48am Fri 15 Feb
Utter crap
End of.
Ted Mouse 5:26am Fri 15 Feb
Pathetic dated humourless trash
Wasn't funny then, isn't funny now. Creepy ugly old men chasing teenagers, a boss who models himself on Hitler, a man who lives with his ugly wife and mother-in-law. The same 'jokes' in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE. Please tell me how is any of this is even slightly funny?
Rigsby 3:43pm Fri 21 Sep
great prog
great prog -could watch the repeats time & again. can't believe the pc brigade comments below. chalky was never bullied or picked on. & 90% of the episodes he didn't even feature. he was not an outside , he was a mate. if he didn't like the nickname he would have said so. far funnier than todays pc non-comedies..so memorable that no-one could even name 1.
bob 11:20am Tue 18 Sep
I'm not sure if I completely follow the complicated plot to this show but does Inspector Blake dislike Butler?
Cynic 2:03pm Fri 7 Sep
comment ignored - iconic stuff!
doubletake 11:52am Fri 24 Aug
Classic carry-on style, honest and very British. Ignore the nugget below.
Yaspaa 11:25pm Thu 23 Aug
Utter, utter, utter drivel. Not even close to being funny, watching lazy ugly old men who can't act, chasing girls 50 years younger than them
Ban St 5:27pm Thu 10 May
classic comedy
British fun with good old fashioned humour and no swearing
mogsy morris 10:54pm Tue 24 Apr
Drivel. Utter, complete tripe. How this ever gets rated above 0.1 is beyond me. Blakey's mildly amusing. Sniggering vileness. Comparing it to comedies like Rising Damp is obscene; plot, acting, direction in a different league to this heap of excrement.
andyy 7:09pm Fri 6 Apr
Colour washed out
Cant make my mind up wether it's black and white or colour...why dont they tweak it. i do like on the buses though.
aboard_epsilon 2:52pm Sun 12 Feb
oh how I wish I lived this life during this time...
Inspector Blake impersonator 4:06pm Thu 29 Dec
times change
if you dont like it, dont watch it, fools.
distemper 11:35am Tue 6 Dec
Watch one...
You've seen them all. Pathetically unfunny garbage. How ITV are getting away with this is beyond me. Thick ugly old men leering at teenagers and referring to black actors as 'chalkie'. Very PC, I don't think. Burn all the tapes, this is drivel.
Major Lear 2:36am Mon 5 Dec
No chance of "Love thy Neighbour" hitting our screens again anytime soon then??? The orld has gone mad.....
Unit 3:41pm Tue 18 Oct
stan is wellll fit xxxxxxxxx
abby46 11:52am Sun 20 Feb
classic show
Jack`s Teeth lol
Feed The Pigeon 3:57pm Tue 7 Dec
Behave Arthur
Olive's Mum 6:01pm Fri 3 Dec
olive's glasses
They give me the horn those thick goggles. They make me feel all pervy
Arthur. 12:18am Mon 29 Nov
Marry me Olive
Olive is well fit!!!!! Arthur treats you with contempt, come marry me Olive i will treat you like the Godess you are
Concerned Viewer 3:15pm Wed 10 Nov
totally abysmal
utter crap. Ugly old men chsing young birds. Pathetic drivel
tony f 11:49pm Thu 26 Aug
Basic 70's slapschish !!
This & "Rising Damp" clever crap... disengage brain & ENJOY !!!
CrazyHorse !!! 7:42pm Sat 3 Jul
Fares Please
Absolutely brilliant programme, great British Comedy and some great sexist humour. Reg Varney was a marvellous comedy actor. The shows are mostly slapstick but are great fun and so entertaining!!!!!
Blakey 8:00pm Fri 2 Jul
Me too
Black Power 10:06pm Tue 29 Jun
Actually I've changed my mind I quite like it.
Pro Labour 6:29pm Wed 23 Jun
Classic British comedy, with links to the carry on team.
Yaspaa 7:26pm Tue 22 Jun
Total and utter crap. Whoever wrote this garbage should be shot.
Jack the Hat 10:20am Tue 22 Jun
You all racist stoopid loosers
WAZ 10:52pm Wed 16 Jun
Odd John
Racist! How's Nick Griffin these days?
Say No To Racist BNP 5:10pm Wed 16 Jun
Black Power
You obviously haven't watched it either. Fuzzy Wuzzy? Where on earth did you pull that one from. It wasn't from this program, I can tell you that much.
Odd John 5:08pm Wed 16 Jun
Odd John
UAF & Pro Labour are correct, this program is vile & racist, it must never be shown again. Terms like chalky & fuzzy wuzzy aimed at non-white must never be used again.
Black Power 3:33pm Wed 16 Jun
UAF and Pro Labour haven't actually watched it.
Odd John 5:06pm Mon 14 Jun
This Program
A throw back the days of the NF. It must be banned now!
UAF 11:11pm Sun 13 Jun
Not Racist
You don't understand and I'm the idiot...idiot.
Yaspaa 7:40pm Fri 11 Jun
Utter drivel.
This programme is repeatedly on the schedule; why? It's trashy, unfunny and hopelessly poor. Crap.
Veg Nana 7:34am Thu 10 Jun
Not Racist
Since when is naivety, racism. You're an idiot.
Yaspaa 2:49pm Fri 21 May
Ban This Racist Garbage NOW!
These Racist shows must be banned asap.
Pro Labour 4:41pm Wed 19 May

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