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Saturday Kitchen Live Comments

Joanna scanlan
Patti 8:34am Sat 21 Jul

Chris Packham.
Another on my can't stand them list. Vote food hell, whatever it is!
The real septic 8:03am Sat 21 Apr
The whole show is spoilt with that ridiculous omelette challenge. JM has gone so why bother wasting any more of the show's time on it. Give the eggs to the food banks instead!
don'tbelieveallyouread 10:28pm Sat 24 Feb
My Saturday morning when I saw she was on I switched off
Disappointed 10:11pm Sat 24 Feb
Food Hell
THAT wiped the smile of Davina's face!! She was clearly very put out and perhaps realises she's not as popular as she thinks she is!!
Timeout 11:27am Sat 24 Feb
I've voted food hell . She's even worse than I thought she'd be.
Sceptic. 10:47am Sat 24 Feb
Davina McCall
Why??? She's loud. She shows off. Loves the sound of her own voice. Spoils anything she's on.
Jodie 10:31am Sat 24 Feb
Davina, again.
It will be the Davina show off show. I hope the viewers vote for her food hell. Liver and anchovies
Sceptic. 9:51am Sat 24 Feb
Auction progs.
Same should be done with the auction and property shows.
Jimbo 6:46pm Wed 29 Nov
These cookery programmes are so cheap to make, they are on lots of channels everyday, and half the stuff they cook up, are not worth eating, lts time the Government stopped all these kind of programmes, lts no wonder that the UK is the Obese capital of the world,
MIKEM 6:32pm Wed 29 Nov
Give Pixie food heaven xx
Banjo 10:35am Sat 18 Nov
Surely you don't use hot water from the tap when cooking. You boil it. She probably makes her cuppa that way, lazy madam.
Dory 10:05am Sat 11 Nov
Shaz and Ben.
Bully for you, wasting your money calling in. Who cares. Zzzzz zzzzz.
Lozza. 12:10pm Sat 4 Nov
To Gregg
Sharon and Ben from Wem voted food heaven x
Shaz&Ben 10:15am Sat 4 Nov
Rebecca front
Please Rebecca let us know where to buy your shirt from ? LI've it
Jo 9:39am Sat 28 Oct
Nadiya Hussain.
How full of herself she is. Every response she gives has an indignant edge to it. Dont think I like her.
Claudette P 10:25am Sat 15 Jul
27.5.17. Does that Italian woman, Eleanora, EVER stop talking?!!!! How she loves the sound of her own voice.
Zoodo 10:19am Sat 27 May
Does Nick Knowles think..
..anyone other than him is interested in anything he's saying in his loud, booming, common voice?
Nico 11:29am Sat 8 Apr
Nick Knowles
What a smug, self-satisfied, rough character he is. Got a terrific lot to say....about himself!!! Surprisingly he had such a lovely EX wife. I know now why she's his ex!!
Banjo 10:37am Sat 8 Apr
Angela H
is a natural down to earth person. No need to look any further for a permanent replacement presenter/chef for the show imo.
get real 11:34am Sat 28 Jan
Previous comment
I agree. She has been a couple of other chat shows recently . very likeable and humorous
A.P 10:39pm Sat 21 Jan
Liz Carr
Agree with coco. She is wasted in SW where she play a somewhat miserable character. She needs to be in a sit com.
get real 12:11pm Sat 21 Jan
saturday kitchen today
I don't usually have the tele on but I have this morning I have and it's got my attention.Liz Carr is a delight what a lovely lady and so entertaining,if she could be on every week,then I would definately be its no.1 fan.
coco 11:09am Sat 21 Jan
Loved the programme today. Very entertaining and AD was so honest about food. Some foodie folk take it so serious.......first world problems!
get real 12:32pm Sat 26 Nov
Get a GRIP!
For goodness sake! How many episodes do we have to put up with before you decide on a credible new presenter for SK. Watching todays episode and so irritated by loud forced laughter and ridiculous chatter. Also people talking at guest table when presenter is talking. This is a food show and people who tune in care very little for random guests or for the ego of the presenter. We want to see how the food is cooked and what ingredients are beiung used. I havent watched it for a few weeks and now I am very tempted to give up on it altogether. John Torode is the best alternative for James Martin so far. Get a grip or you'll lose even more viewers
Jess 10:15am Sat 26 Nov
Very disappointed today as I normally like Jason Atherton but handling raw meat and then cooked meat without washing his hands in between, it would never have happened with James Martin at the helm,what does that say about chefs in general never mind top chefs, also Angela Hartnett giving Catherine Tyldesley a spoon to taste the dish and then putting the same spoon back into the dish without washing it.I'm afraid hygiene standards have gone down the pan since James Martin left.
Al 2:46pm Sat 19 Nov
Angela Hartnett
What a stupid woman. Dont like her doing this programme AT ALL!!!!
Ronny 11:00am Sat 19 Nov
Totally agree
I switched off after ten minutes
Annoyed 11:10pm Sat 12 Nov
Poorly treated sugs
What are the presenters doing, sugs looked shoved out of the way,. Perhaps the Italian chef should go back to pulia. Sugs really tried, the and appeared stressed. Felt really uncomfortable for him Show really missing James Martin. Show lost its pazzas . Change before it dies a death please,. Used to love the show, really gone down hill
Messiness 11:06am Sat 12 Nov
saturday kitchen
Maybe it would be nice to start the show with breakfast's from around the world
Mel from marlow 10:30am Sat 8 Oct
Time to Say Goodbye
Jason Atherton presenting today lots of cringe worthy silences he was obviously uncomfortable. I stopped watching after the genaro episode definitely wont watch again.
cazzer 11:18am Sat 3 Sep
Saturday Kitchen today
What a dull, dreary programme!!!!
Maud 11:30am Sat 27 Aug
Turn Off
I switched off after the first ten minutes. Such a shame, as I had watched it for years. Maybe best to call it a day.
ex fan 10:46am Sun 21 Aug
Lorraine Pascal is an ex model not a cook. This programme needs some one with kitchen know how
Henry 1:19pm Sat 20 Aug
No more Lorraine !
Lorraine pascale is terrible on sat. kitchen! John Torode is the best bet so far.
Ritte 11:35am Sat 20 Aug
Jacqueline Coonie
Lorraine not a good choice for Saturday Kitchen, did not listen and was lack lustre, BBC should sign up John Torode, the best guest chef by far.
Jax 11:32am Sat 20 Aug
Lorraine Pascal is a terrible presenter - what a shambles. The BBC need to sort out a permanent presenter before they lose all their viewers - but please not Lrraine Pascal!
CJMU 11:09am Sat 20 Aug
saturday kitchen.
Lorraine Pascal is dire
riever 11:02am Sat 20 Aug
John Torode
At last - a great replacement for James Martin. He is prodessional, fun and in control. The chat is about food again. I could watch him every Saturday. Please get him to stay.
Nicky 11:11am Sat 13 Aug
Saturday Kitchen
Really enjoyed Rosie Birkett on the show, great lively addition.
DL 9:15pm Sat 25 Jun
Wear a hat!
Don't know who that woman was today but she should have listened to Jamie about wearing a hat. I'd hate to eat anything she's cooking with a huge head of hair like that flapping round and getting everywhere.
GP 11:33am Sat 7 May
Today's presenters gennaro and Antonio are the worst yet! The only decent one so far was Donnl.
Eleanola 11:20am Sat 7 May
So annoying!!
Does this woman today EVER STOP TALKING??? I could not stand her doing the programme on a regular basis. She talks over everyone and knows it all!!!
Joanie 11:24am Sat 23 Apr
Saturday Kitchen 23rd Apr
The show format HAS TO CHANGE.....this lady today is irritating and if you have someone who has been on it for lots of years that leaves.........you either stop the programme or change it. YOU MUST CHANGE IT !!!! Johnny Vagas is BORED !!!
Storm 10:36am Sat 23 Apr
Please keep Donal
Loved Donal presenting this week, didn't think anyone could replace James, but Donal was a breath of fresh air! So natural with the guests and it felt like he'd been doing the programme for years! Please keep him we need young blood on this show. Will still miss James though!
Di from Leeds 1:56pm Mon 18 Apr
Excellent Show, Donal was so full of energy, please keep him
Ausmalle 9:57pm Sun 17 Apr
Not very good :(
Really didn't like this week's show put him back on cbbc I won't be watching if he's on again :(
MOUSEKIN 8:39pm Sat 16 Apr
New chief to Sat kitchen
Must sat say really enjoyed the new energetic Irish chief . Loved James Martin but give this young presenter a good go !
KAE 7:28pm Sat 16 Apr
Irritating, excitable, Donal
Really, Really, annoying. Completely changes the character of show. Strident. Will loose this viewer if He continues.
Joe 11:32am Sat 16 Apr
Donal is so annoying
Please don't get him back, he is way too annoying after the lovely James Martin. Might be better if he calmed down a bit. Watched it for years but won't watch again if Donal is on
Caz 11:20am Sat 16 Apr

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