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Sexcetera Comments

Please stop broadcasting this show. My son keeps watching it and he is only 12 years old!
Anonymous 9:16am Wed 6 Jan

buy a top shelf mag like everyone else.
nancy palmer 8:29am Sat 17 Mar
15.10.11 Showing I like sexetera but shoing on this show was alot of people having fun. The question raised on the programme as hy sex as bareback or in laymen terms not safe explanation as all participents had under gone test over to months for stds BUT IT TAKES THREE MONTHES TO GET RESULTS FOR HIV OH DEAR SEXETERA WHAT A LET DON
LILLACMOON 12:42am Sat 15 Oct
I am sorry but if children are watching this then its the parents fault not ours i have 5 children and not 1 of them will wtch this show but i do does that make me a bad dad NOOOOO i like to learn new things to please my wife so TO every 1 complaining get a LIFE.
PYLON7686 11:26pm Thu 13 Oct
grate fun
Should do more
xangle wings 11:37pm Mon 19 Sep
Bad Parenting
To all those complaining that children watch this, you should focus on your parenting. You have the ability to block channels. Any parent who allows young children to stay up until 11pm watching television is clearly a bad parent. It is common knowledge that adult TV begins at 9. Stop blaming other people for your faults.
Tomiz_Awesome_UK 6:11pm Sat 6 Aug
i love sexcetera :P its awesome...
sexcetera 1:12am Thu 21 Apr
never see
we watch sexcetra when its on but yo never have a clip with sex underwater
Mrmagoooo 10:19pm Thu 24 Feb
the bodybuilder
her name was aria noir
intheknow 10:48am Sun 9 Jan
doesn't anyone care?
Please take this off air. I work with 11-16 year old kids and know some of them watch it, because I have heard them talk about it and they are definitely not ready to see this stuff. Lets protect this generation. If adults want porn, then fine there must be plenty of other easy ways to access it.
concerned 11:12pm Fri 19 Nov
the website has links which are a good place to get started with the various real fantasies shown in each episode red rocket. Hope you enjoy your 'explorations'! :-)
Tracy 1:28am Sat 23 Oct
real or fantasy?
ppl is this a true reflection of life? cos it aint mine, or anyone I know!!?? where do i sign up!!
red rocket 12:04am Sat 23 Oct
I'm 32 and I beg to differ
Fuglies 10:48pm Thu 21 Oct
Beats tellietubbies
I'm 7 and my mummy says it's good for me. I watch it with my boyfiend (He's 5)
Katange 9:09pm Tue 19 Oct
why does this programme show male privates from every conceivable angle and vile close up but we' re not allowed a glimpse of the female genitalia ? on a sex show,its disgusting and upsetting that in this one life i have i'm not allowed to see what i want to but allowed to see what i find the most offensive image ? people are scum
brody 11:22pm Tue 10 Aug
Shouldn't be on Tv.
This programme is pretty much porn, young children can access this too easily and Its wrong! Some of the things on it are also wrong. This programme should at least be on an adult channel for gods sake, its bad enough its even on tele never mind on a normal channel that anyone could come across. Its offensive to many people and most people I've spoken to think its weird! BASICALLY IT NEEDS TO GO.
Not Impressed 1:52am Mon 26 Jul
how to watch this online
how to watch sexcetera online. any link?
edwin 7:56pm Mon 19 Jul
i love it. we should all be more open about the 'wonderful world of sex'
jim 9:43pm Mon 28 Jun
Sexcetra is amazing!!
woot 4 sexcetra!!! its well gd
asdfghjkl 8:53pm Sun 20 Jun
it a good one
i love sexcetera! im cmin up to my 70th birthday, but i still love to surprise my man with the odd good move. iv even shown a few clips to the grandchildren. they get all excited and erected!
granny betsy 5:44pm Mon 14 Jun
not good for tv
i think sexcetera is bad for normal tv its porn they shouldent be aloud it on normal tv you get people with issues and what if you get your bf/gf watching it people with issues take it the wrong way there not real people there people who have been under the knif to make everything look un-real its really off putting its not the real world do you really see super-modles waclking up the street every day? hell no you dont you see normal people from my point off veiw iv said to my boyfriend not to watch it because it gets me down.
stary-eyed 11:32pm Wed 9 Jun
i like to see harder uncut content and why can't i watch on t.v
groak 9:42pm Sun 6 Jun
sex love it
ummmmm 9:30pm Fri 28 May
yuck. discusting.
SaRaH 6:37pm Thu 27 May
Why is the sex part blury is there anyway we could see it uncut or even on tv its like that ?
tyson 2:37am Sun 23 May
secetra yay!
im 8 and i luv sexcetra and can someone send me a link to that pet girl site? on sexcetra it said it was a site
brioni_sexi 10:53pm Thu 18 Feb
its fantstic i watch it and i am only 8.what time is it on and finish's
emma 6:15pm Mon 15 Feb
juy6ht 2:52am Sun 14 Feb
does any one know where i can watch last nights show again or does anyone know the website they mentioned about adult fantasies please help
adventure playground 10:21pm Sun 7 Feb
Great Show
This is probably the most watched show in the universe!! I've travelled and had some 'Sexcetra' type experiences and can say if you get the chance to take part in some of the things shown, go for it. Be safe, of course!
Chas 11:27pm Sun 31 Jan
all good
its nice to know the other side of sex. it shows how much you realiknow about sex. i love sexcetera, for all the others that are saying bad things about it there minds aint open to the out side world
shelly-sea 7:49pm Sun 31 Jan
horny sexcetera
i love sexcetera i watch most of the time when it is on television
pinky georgina 7:50pm Thu 28 Jan
can sum1 help me please,what is the name of that virtual game that featured on the show.xx
saucy sue 10:18pm Sun 24 Jan
the name of the body women builder
what was the body women builders name who had the trainer that worked her out a the gym and a home
georgia 9:43pm Wed 20 Jan
this program is full of steaming hot guys and babes
taboo123 9:57pm Fri 8 Jan
Aw, t.a.r.i.k has gone...
...luckily, I got loads of screengrabs while his comments were still here...
phew! 7:53pm Sun 3 Jan
Good Lessons
Most important message I've got.....sex for men is about orgasms - their own! Women don't come (no pun!) with instruction manuals. Watch this prog and learn how to turn your woman on. Sex is fantastic for a woman - if it's done right! If you're a man, and you need to ask if she's come........you've failed. Don't treat your woman like a hole in a tree.....learn about her body. By the way.......she should know all about her body too........
alwayslearnin 7:16pm Wed 30 Dec
hannah griffiths i love you
i have learnt alot from this programme, and can now show my one true love how much she means to me.
tucker d 11:06am Fri 18 Dec
why do you censor vaginas
meny 10:36am Fri 18 Dec
cursed and be fire filth
degrading are would awaits and are
autotarik 6:32pm Wed 25 Nov
uh oh...
That's you up the creek without a paddle then matey :)
concerned bystander 8:22am Wed 25 Nov
Bring back Eurotrash
and The Red Light Zone. Remember those. I don't like the style of this one.
RubberDuck 10:17pm Thu 12 Nov
Burning sulphur nom nom...
yummy 6:55pm Sat 31 Oct
Gay condition?
For your information 'he' is a 'she'. Sorry to disappoint you.
SI 4:43pm Fri 30 Oct
i think programmes like this should be harder to come across because it's too easy for young children to find them :/
buyhtgfdre 10:52am Fri 30 Oct
wow !!!
What a turn on, if only we could see it all
Big boy 1:13am Wed 7 Oct
I find the show very informative to be honest
Dobs 7:16pm Sat 3 Oct
i want to see the sex
aji 11:44pm Fri 25 Sep
Valerie Baber
I have to say this woman is PERFECTION. I think she is sooooo hot :) i only wach it for her!! When she was getting painted on the canvass...uuummmmmm :)
She is HOT!!!! 10:27pm Fri 4 Sep
does anyone know the name of the artist that body painted people and laid them on a canvas? thanks
=] 9:30pm Wed 2 Sep

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