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Silent Witness Comments

They get worse each episode. Writers must be used to comics.
Davey 9:01pm Mon 4 Oct

Nothing new and refreshing. Tired old storylines.
Jenny 9:19pm Tue 21 Sep
Clap trap.
Pathetic crap for Philistines.
us 7:46pm Tue 21 Sep
This story was absolutely ridiculous. Who writes this stuff? It is not the bl**dy USA!
Martin 9:02pm Tue 7 Sep
Wait for series 9
These early series were renowned for the terrible acting of Amanda Burton. A plank of wood could not have shown less emotion or less acting ability.
Gran 1:43pm Tue 2 Jun
Theme music
Nmmewm series but if only they had dropped that haunting song.....gives me the creeps and adds nothing!
mazza 10:17pm Tue 15 Jan
Burnt body
I have seen this one before about the woman in the burnt out car. The close up on the slab was horrific to see and I remember how gory it was in the beginning. However that does not excuse the "cloud cuckooc plots they are showing in the new series.
don'tbelieveallyouread 11:32am Mon 26 Feb
Would Nikki's character go chasing through the woods when there was supposedly a gunman at large?? Thought after last weeks episodes it was getting more watchable. But seems I was wrong
confused 11:37am Tue 6 Feb
I can't be doing with this anymore. Nikki the forensic scientist OTT again with her emotions. She needs to sort out out a career move asap.
don'tbelieveallyouread 9:36pm Mon 5 Feb
Rediculas storyline.. As if??
Andy 11:04pm Mon 30 Jan
Second Time Around
You find how mplausable this was. eg a Forensic Scientist (Nicky) gets attacked and can only remember a strange smell. It turned out to be the smell from alcohol breath.....so much for an "expert". Even moi could identify that!
once more 8:43am Mon 10 Oct
dna testing
The forensic scientist obtain a sample from a child in a play area while undercover while the parent is unaware......is that legal??
once more 10:43pm Sun 1 Feb
must it always be about foreign diplomats and espionage in this type of show.......so baffling and boring
once more 9:33pm Tue 27 Jan
Ridiculous plots, lazy writing with inconceivable leaps of logic to solve crimes, unauthentic, corny dialogue, terrible acting. Can't wait for the next one.
Watched 10:22pm Wed 7 Jan
What exactly is Jack's profession? I thought he was a pathologist! If that is the case why was he so heavily involved in the tracking down and capture of the suspects, surely this would not be allowed in the 'real world'
confused 9:56am Sat 25 Jan
two thirty something asian men wait outside school gates and then take two schoolgirls in uniform shopping in broad daylight. The story subject is real enough but the culprits are more subtle than that which is how they are getting away with it for so long.
doubletake 10:36pm Sun 19 Aug
A story too far
Shot in the leg, walking within minutes, no blood loss... LOL really, defies belief. Someone, somewhere is very desperate for a story lines. Woefully abysmal
Oblomov 10:42pm Mon 7 May
As others have said.
All getting way too far-fetched. Earlier series were much better (once Amanda Burton and her wooden acting had gone) and a return to feasible plots would be well received.
Dai Laffin 2:30pm Sun 6 May
To far fetched
This programme has now entered the realms of the silly season. The writer should be hung. You stumble across a road accident, and you don't think to phone for an ambulance? Then you go of to a house, without contacting the police or again an ambulance, and there's twoo of you!!!! Totally rediculous.
Crumhorn 10:16am Tue 24 Apr
totally unprofessional
I know this is a work of fiction but Leo's action.... drummed out of the profession within seconds..the one man crusade... ROFL.. and the anger.. from a professional "scientist" No way Jose
Oblomov 11:35pm Mon 23 Apr
Wake me when its over I got lost in part one
brockle 5:37pm Mon 9 Apr
Could it get any worse?
The worst acting and continuity in all the series, ever!! What's going on with Silent Witness? Love the series usually, hate these 2 episodes. Is there a learner director and editor let loose? hhrrrumppff.
Cattmint 9:13pm Tue 1 Feb
No No No
This is the worst acting of the whole series.
Dances with mice 10:17pm Mon 31 Jan
Is this a joke?
Worst acting in this series ever. Come on BBC !!!
Hammy 9:13pm Mon 31 Jan
Stagnant, repetitive guff
Ay Nal Probe 4:57pm Mon 3 Jan
Contrived unbelievable complexity. Not as good as last series.
abubbler 10:08pm Thu 7 Jan
watched but bemused
can anyone explain what happpened in this episode as I am a bit lost
tippi 3:47am Tue 7 Oct
hoping to watch...
love this programme.... although sometime gets a bit boring but most of the time it is a good watch especially on a wednesday night when there is nothing else on!!
other fan 7:30pm Wed 1 Oct
silent bystander
part 1 really caught my eye, not quite a csi but quite similar. modern technology mixed with english attitude made this a very watchable programme, cant wait for tonights episode!!!
Tharman 12:30pm Tue 9 Oct
Silently subtle
I love Nikki in this i think she and Harry should get together before she leaves next series
fan 9:09pm Mon 8 Oct
I haven't seen this episode, but the wonders of technology allow me to express an opininion anyway. I predict it will be dull and unimaginative, possibly verging on the patronisingly racist, and will definitely be scientifically naive. But I may well be wrong. Bring back Amanda Burton.
vacuous 8:51pm Mon 10 Sep

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