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Ski Sunday Comments

Too much talking
I absolutely agree with so many fans of Ski Sunday, there is to uch shouting and chatting by the presenters! We only need the odd statistic to help with understanding the careers and background of the skiers not the talking without taking a breath! As so many have commented too much talk, more skiing please. Will give it another try next winter but switching off for this season.
Disappointed ?? 5:46pm Sun 28 Jan

Not enough ski-ing
What happened to the old Ski Sunday showing thrilling downhill races? It has deteriorated now into a chat show. More content, less talk, please.
pippen 4:00pm Sun 21 Jan
ski sunday
hi too much focus is on the presenters and not enough coverage on actual skiing.The programme does not need so much chat from presenters only on the proffesional skiers.
chris 8:11am Sat 25 Feb
World champion
Disappointed ski Sunday made no comment showed no coverage of the 2017 World Para Alpine Skiing Championships currently taking place in Italy. Especially as Millie Knight won gold on opening day. Today she and Mena Fitzpatrick won silver and bronze respectively in the super combined. Well they have the opportunity to highlight it next week. They did show an elderly lady skiing in their social section. What about a World Champion!!!!!!
Not an elitist skier! 10:13pm Mon 30 Jan
Too muich talk.
SKI Sunday. Ok,some snow-boarding etc., but there is far too much chat - albeit the presenters are knowledgeable - and what the viewer wants is action. Let's see more of it (or make the program longer)
Mike 7:54pm Mon 8 Feb
Ski Sunday
Why do we have to have snowboarding on BBC's SKI Sunday? The key is in the title!! Please give them their own programme and give us ski lovers a break.
Piste off, from Kingston 12:36am Wed 15 Jan
Less Darts more Skiing
Why is there so little skiing on TV. There used to be live skiing on a Saturday. All we seem to have is now is unfit overweight people playing darts.
Shorty 3:25pm Sun 12 Jan
More skiing please
The new version spends far too much time talking about it - show us the action!! Esp the races - there's no sense of drama/competition any more. Like lots of shows now it seems designed for the 1 minute attention span!
ancient skier 6:49pm Sun 10 Feb
More about the different ski resorts
Look forward to this program and don't want to turn it into the holiday program but would like to know more about the different resorts across the globe
Wac 10:41am Sun 26 Feb
I Love it
This has got to be the best sporting prog around (bar Tour de France). Exciting and sexy including the presenters - a year is too long to wait.
SkiFreak 7:39pm Mon 16 Jan
Ski fans
Nothing against Ed or Graham but if you want travel watch wish you were here - if you want gadgets watch the gadget show -if you want to watch competition skiing - well better get Sky because you wont see it here or at least not much of it.
Sam 4:34pm Sun 17 Jan
I love skiing
Gutted that I'm in the UK this winter, was living it up in Deux Alpes last winter. Looks like Ski Sunday will be my only skiing experience this year :(
TW 5:48pm Sun 13 Dec
Flourescent Rollerblades
Bloody Spanish eh Joseph? what about Waterloo, Seal and the minefield we ran yesterday het runabin forgot to eat those didn't you?
Brian Bollen 8:47pm Tue 17 Mar
Mr Bollen do u not understand the word fun? If u want whatch real skiing watch Eurosport!
muslim no1 9:58pm Thu 22 Jan
Will we actually see some skiing?
Will we actually see some skiing this time round, or is to be more of the presenters and their pals larking around and having a great time? As someone who is actually in Wengen before, during and after the race weekend, with press accreditation, I will watch Ski Sunday with considerable interest this weekend. Oh for the days of David Vine when the BBC treated skiing as a proper sport rather than as a backdrop against which presenters can show off their wit. Then again, if it's not the Premier League or Champions' League, it's not really proper sport, is it?
Brian Bollen 4:21pm Fri 16 Jan
i think u have to be stupid not to like it and for your information mate Graham Bell was in the top 100 skiers in the world for over 10 years
nick 9:59pm Sun 11 Jan
Lack of Coverage
Could someone please explain why for the second year in a row Ski Sunday is starting half way through the ski season? To the best of my knowledge the Alpine World Championships started on 25th October this year and Ski Sunday coverage starts at the end of January? Admittedly Graham Bell and Ed Leigh are good presenters and the new format works well, but the half-hearted coverage of the championships is appalling and in that respect a big step backward from the Ski Sunday of old. We could probably also do without the summer alpine trekking this year in favour of reviews of resorts people can actually go to. Skiers and non-skiers alike have loved the program for 30 years (myself for 30 of my 34 years) and I can't help but feel that the fans are being let down. I can't imagine that the BBC will be starting coverage of next years F1 half way through the season.
Steve 11:17am Thu 11 Dec
Fab Show
Brilliant up todate infor, more magazine programm than straight sport so it appeals to a bigger audience. Great to see in the summer. Love the whole new set up and design of program. Shame others like the old one, but humans are not good at excepting change. It's really interesting and both presenters are great, fresh and interesting. Keep it up
Saga skier 8:48pm Sun 2 Mar
Its fantastic
What a super prorgam, having watched ski sunday for years and enjoyed it, this new series is brilliant, I like the way it appeals to someone of my age (4oish) but now my 13 year old daughter also watches it every week and loves it. Havig met Graham Bell at the Manchester ski show in november what can i say, really nice bloke and my daughters hero (poor man signed 3 different autographs for her) and he didn't complain one! Thank you Graham. We will continue to watch every program, keep up the great coverage. You have now convinced us one and for all to retire to Austria. Thanks Graham and Ed
Old mother Field 8:44pm Sun 2 Mar
oh yeh
ski sunday is the best way to keep in touch with my dream sport. have been 4 times and have loved every mintue if it. i have watched ski sunday every week and it has always excited me.
choco bear 6:34pm Sun 2 Mar
jollies for the boys
Just an excuse to spend my license fee on holidays for overpaid tv people. Get Mr and Mrs Average out and take them somewhere us moratals can afford. Ditch the close ups of people we have seen too much of and show us what the resorts about. Ski lift queues prices what you get for your money red blue black runs. Try and get people interested in trying it for themselves not put off by the extremes that the elite get up to. Ask me to go..please
Herb! 6:15pm Sun 2 Mar
it's all good
Come on people - the winter sports ethos is all about the 'journey' as much as the result and I thought the whole ski v. snowboard debate was kinda outdated. Top Gear is a very popular show and that's no bad thing. If a love if the mountains is promoted in a similar way it's all good. I volunteer at my local dry slope and think that tis show format is helping dilute the bigoted anti-snowboard issues. If others can't get on with that then they need to get into the modern age. The comments say it all. Idiots and no doubt idiots on the snow too. Ho hum.
method 8:28pm Sun 24 Feb
Loving Ski Sunday
Loving the variety of topics and to see such a range of world-wide resorts is superb. Ed Leigh Rocks and Graham Bell provides informative and relevant information. Great to see Boarding sharing space with Ski-ing. Room for all!
Ricey 8:21pm Sun 24 Feb
...Graham Bell was a decent skier..
If you could do better ... why weren't you winning top 20 race placings.. or maybe you were? Anyway why isn't this repeated in the week on BBC3 or 4?
smurfie 7:57pm Sun 17 Feb
big event
much better now it gives u useful information about alternative ski destinations all around the world and why wouldn't you want it to be like topgear??
gfsdfg 6:27pm Sun 17 Feb
Top of the world
Fab show and highly entertaining. Would just like it repeated in the week incase I'm out for the evening.
Trumptastic 7:17pm Wed 6 Feb
Very disappointing
Truly appalling. Who really wants to watch hopelessly-inept Z-list "celebrities" wasting taxpayers' money? Or some chav snowboarder caravanning around Australia? News for you, Ski Sunday: You're not Top Gear, so stop trying to be. Please go back to showing us highlights of proper skiing done by professionals.
ResortMonkey 7:54pm Sun 3 Feb
Better than before
Ski Sunday is moving towards a Top Gear style show and that is no bad thing. If you want serious race coverage you can get it on Eurosport.
freestyle 12:57pm Sun 27 Jan
No skiing on the first episode - just travelogue waffle, celebrity nonsense and an attempt to re-write history and make out that Graham Bell was a decent skier
stanno 7:40pm Sun 20 Jan

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