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Stargate Universe Comments

Its a good show,but it needed more aliens and action.Too much personal stuff.
leanmachine 9:00am Tue 18 Jul

Last episode
You are showing series 2 but what has happened to episode 20 - you have scheduled up to episode 19 then start again at series 1. Can we not have the last episisode before you start repeats?
SGU fan 11:28am Wed 24 Feb
Freak show for otherwise out-of-work US actors
Yuck 1:01pm Fri 27 Sep
It's a bit late for this show to get all the love.
Yaspaa 7:32pm Sat 28 Jul
Doesn't Matter How Good
It could be the best show ever and still get cancelled, and with Americans infatuated with shows like Teen Mom and Jeopardy, many great shows are dying, and SGU was a great show, cut down before it could fully blossom.
Yaspaa 8:17pm Sun 13 Nov
the usall story
its good, but not good enough to make immediate high income that the producers want.
sky high 5:15pm Mon 7 Nov
Bring our much loved SGU back !!
I really could not believe they pulled the plug on this great series !! I was gutted when a friend told me they were not making any more. It is not being repeated on SKY2 through the week and it really makes me miss it more. Seeing it again shows so many paths it can still take and questions that need answering. I really hope they bring SGU back.
Rick from the UK 2:49pm Sun 6 Nov
Another Great Show Finishes To Soon
I've loved all the episodes of SGU so far, I really can't see why it has been scrapped so many sci-fi fans are liking this series. The last episode 20 of series 2 is a real cliffhanger, so there may be a possibility of someone making a series 3, hoping they will.
Matt 8:44pm Tue 24 May
Best sci-fi show ever.
ayejay 3:31am Mon 23 May
Paramount have nothing to do with Stargate Universe. It's owned by MGM and airs on Syfy, which is owned by NBC Universal.
Jenks 7:31pm Fri 22 Apr
stargate atlantis
It looks like paramount wont be carrying on with stargate universe. Not sure if someone else will pick it up, it's a gd show be a shame to loose it
atlantis43 11:00pm Sun 17 Apr
Jogging along okay then like so many other series it just disappears, why 0 why? Feb.10th 2011
exspringbok 10:37am Thu 10 Feb
I love this.
i like stargate sg-1 and atlantis, and i really like this one too. There's not an infinite amount of human planets that all seem to speak the same language and have the same vocabulary even after a millennia away from earth, and it's not just wit and action, it's more psychological, like star trek voyager but with intense character relationships. If they'd have made another stargate exactly the same formula as the others it would get old. This is different, and I'm hooked. I hope it's around for a long time. And Robert Carlyle is brilliant.
Al Fonzo 12:25pm Thu 9 Dec
I love this.
i like stargate sg-1 and atlantis, and i really like this one too. There's not an infinite amount of human planets that all seem to speak the same language and have the same vocabulary even after a millennia away from earth, and it's not just wit and action, it's more psychological, like star trek voyager but with intense character relationships. If they'd have made another stargate exactly the same formula as the others it would get old. This is different, and I'm hooked. I hope it's around for a long time. And Robert Carlyle is brilliant.
Al Fonzo 11:35am Thu 9 Dec
Yeah, people under immense stress, don't wink and smile at each other, ala SGA/SG1, they are irritable and selfish. It's not a live action cartoon anymore, it has far more depth and realism, with real adult problems occuring on a regular basis. You don't know that it's going to be OK, you don't know if they will all make it alive. There are so many questions revolving around a multi-arc storyline, tedious? What are you talking about?
Yaspaa 6:46pm Sat 6 Nov
SU vegetating
Well the storyline isn't exactly new but its becoming a less engaging series by the programme I can barely keep my eyes open I have enjoyed SG1 Atlantis and the movies aside though stories about alternate realities became tedious after a while. Sadly SGU has so little going for it most of the charactors could fall out of an airlock and not be missed better the scriptwriters get sucked out as well.
Del 9:21pm Tue 2 Nov
Action is All Atlantis has
I had plenty of it. Atlantis is based on a 90's show that used an 80's formula, it's too predictable. It's a new decade I want something more intense and this delivers, with a real sense of danger. The Atlantis movie, if it ever comes out, will be the same old stuff.
Yaspaa 8:06pm Wed 20 Oct
It's better than Atlantis.
Ebeneezer Goode 9:39am Tue 19 Oct
to duncan
due stargate atlantis is way better!!! because.... there is more action. watch the film when it comes out.. its gonna be amazing
ant 6:14pm Sat 16 Oct
It's a sci-fi character drama, not a mindless action adventure. If you approach like you would a show like Defying Gravity or Lost, rather than drek like Dr Who then you'll probably enjoy it a lot more. It certainly isn't cheap either, the production values are sky high.
Jenks 4:55pm Tue 5 Oct
Great Show
Contrary to many of the posts on here, I honestly think that this new incarnation of Stargate is really good. Rather than a relatively loose story - like SG1 or Atlantis which seemed to have a series of mini stories that rarely fed into the next episiode - this one seems to have a real narrative going. And also the detail into the characters I think is really good, because with the other series you barely scratched the surface. In essence it's Stargate for grown ups!
Duncan 7:24pm Mon 4 Oct
Amazing show, probably the best sci-fi on TV right now.
Adam 5:59pm Mon 4 Oct
I tried again to watch stargate universe. I am a great fan of Stargate and have enjoyed watching it more then more. I was so looking forward to this new one which I thought would be the same....it isn't!! Take about a cheap show....it is all done in the near dark, no action or special effects and as boring as watching paint dry. It is a big let down after the other exciting shows of the same theme. I don't usualy comment on shows but come on. Even the camera shots are not very good and I can see they are trying to make it seem more exciting...it is not!!! Maybe the next series of it will have abit more money spent on it and be more in the way of the other stargate shows. One disappointed watcher.
stargate fan 12:31pm Sat 2 Oct
Not surprising
I've been a "gater" from the start, but they really are losing me with this iteration of the series. Way to much soap drama and a pretty dark, pale imitation of Battlestar Galactica. They need to inject some life into this version if they don't want it to die in it's tracks. In my opinion if they get any deeper into the characters they are going to have to be surgeons.
VBT 11:22pm Tue 28 Sep
You can't spell
How can you understand let alone review a show your too dumb to understand. Try the cartoon network.
Yaspaa 8:54pm Wed 18 Aug
y dint thay depresurise the room... complete idiots.. if it was me i would kill al of them.... now they got them all over the ship and radiation is going to kill them all...
o 9:13am Wed 9 Jun
This is getting to be one big Bore. I expected better than this. What are the Stones all about? They have built entire episodes around these stones. Yawn.
Apophis 5:59pm Tue 8 Jun
Where's it gone?!
Beware the 9pm Sky 2 slot on Weds has vanished..! Grr.
Creep 9:30pm Wed 12 May
Have you ever seen a soap opera?
Yaspaa 4:39pm Tue 11 May
this is not what i want in sci-fi
This feels more like a soap opera in space - i couldnt care less about relationships/pointless chitchat
pokerpete 11:16pm Mon 10 May
About Time
Stargate needed to freshen itself up after Atlantis, and it has. Atlantis soon feel prey to "generic cliched scifi show" and worse - it tailed off after the 3rd season, with the producers seemingly not knowing how to significantly progress the storyline. Universe tries to "Battlestar Galactify" Stargate, and apart from the pointless and almost silly sex scenes (why would a wife have sex with another bloke, just because her husband's mind is inside him? How come it doesnt freak her out like it would 99% of the rest of us?) - Stargate Universe has built its characters up over the first 10 episodes very well. Now it looks like the next half of the season is going to prove exciting!
Mr.Critic 7:10pm Tue 13 Apr
Lets have a SCI FI programme that's exciting,full of gadgets & spaceships,lot's of action, alien worlds and technology etc. We had that in Atlantis, people didn't watch, it got cancelled.
yaspaa 6:34pm Tue 23 Feb
Season 2?
I don't watch Sci Fi for the relationships!! hope the next 10 are not such a turn off
billybob3010 9:25pm Mon 1 Feb
Like it but-----
Where is it--why the stop start broadcasting of this series?
the artist 2:52pm Fri 22 Jan
Sci Fi Dramas no good
Lets have a SCI FI programme that's exciting,full of gadgets & spaceships,lot's of action, alien worlds and technology etc.. or we can have a boring drama calles Stargate Universe.Let boring fall under the DRAMA section and action,adventure,imagination fall under SCIENCE FICTION.
BringBack ScienceFiction 5:17pm Sat 9 Jan
Back to the beginning, why? And why is it on Sky 1? It gets repeated enough on Sky 2. I'm enjoying the series so far but the (already mentioned) bloody stones - I'll just change into someone else's body, nip home and service the wife, and what is she thinking? and what is he thinking about what she's thinking??!! - then, a 100,000 year old spaceship that can travel through the middle of a burning sun yet never mentioned previously in SG1 via the Goa'uld, one of their Gods being Ra or Atlantis with that massive database on the Ancients and even worse, Daniel didn't know anything about it, curiouser and curiouser.
keithy397 12:08pm Tue 5 Jan
Why has it stopped ...
after just 10 episodes? Very annoying!
Libra 3:33pm Fri 18 Dec
liking it!
Regardless of the negative comments, it is a very good series and unlike SG1 and Atlantis makes the characters more human in the fact that they are mostly civilian scientists. There isn't a never ending supply of ammo and "red shirts", nor food. And most implortantly it isnt populated with "super heroey" characters (i.e. ones who always save the day or can escape seemingly impossible situations just by wits and gun fire alone). For all those reasons, though I am an avid SG1 lover, SGU gets 10/10 and i hope it carries on for many more series!
JLeic 5:29pm Sat 12 Dec
Rating vs. comments?
Most comments seem to be negative but the rating is 8.3. How does that work? I found the series dull, too different from SG-1 or SG-A and have switched off. I don't expect this to run for too long.
Mantra 7:58pm Mon 7 Dec
the exception
something interesting and unexpected actually happens in this episode
pokerpete 7:31pm Mon 7 Dec
Absolute Rubbish!
What a waste of time. All the episodes so far could have been condensed into a comic book! This should have come before the original STAR TREK series or even the original Dr. Who, Fireball XL5 even? Why should people be expected to watch people trekking through a desert for almost an entire episode. What kind of sick humour is this. It is indulgence without respect for the viewers or The Stargate legacy. Talk about retrograde.
Leddih 4:37pm Fri 4 Dec
needs more
Robert Carlyle is the only thing generating any interest in this show. I'm a huge Stargate fan but this really is becoming quite dull. Enough with the damn communication stones. It's like watching Eastenders (which I don't) I watch in hope.....show me some sci-fi
Carter 1:29pm Tue 1 Dec
...I've had enough! No more wasting an hour every week on this turgid stuff. I'm fed up waiting for something to happen. Someone give me a shout if anything exciting occurs
Lucinda Throb Quillmonger 8:46pm Sat 28 Nov
we are not pathetic for expressing our opinions that the show is boring. This little section is for show comments - deal with it.
pokerpete 7:14pm Tue 24 Nov
so dull
and those stupid communication stones are tilting/confusing the hell out of me - hoping something actually happens in next episode
pokerpete 7:04pm Tue 24 Nov
God you people are pathetic
There's more to television than stuff blowing up. Stop whining about action already.
Misanthrope 9:05am Sat 21 Nov
Whats coming next ?
Ok, so first we had a desert, next episode the sand turned nasty, then we had ice, and there's something nasty in the water. That leaves Fire and wind, so in the next episode we should have a windy planet, to be followed by lots of people farting, then the fire episode, followed by people with the " Ring of death ". Ok, so the last episode did go up a notch or 2, at least we did not spend half the episode with the " Com stones ". It can only get better, maybe.
uncletufty 7:57pm Thu 19 Nov
i 0wn u
hi again:)
ant 7:15pm Wed 18 Nov
i 0wn all of you!!! bow down to ur master !!!! just kiding BTW when is the stargate atlantis film coming out
ant 7:15pm Wed 18 Nov
the last episode was realy good, but they need more action like the ship get under attack and they fire back or somthing its boring...... more action or good twist like the last episode
ant 7:13pm Wed 18 Nov

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