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Strictly Come Dancing - It Takes Two Comments

Oh Joy!!
One whole hour of nonentities dribbling and wetting themselves over a scripted and pre-ordained "dancing competition". Could a programme be more sycophantic?
FFS 1:39pm Fri 8 Dec

Guest artist
Who were the four piece on the show tonight? (27th Oct) they were awesome !!
Gibo 6:41pm Fri 27 Oct
Zowie Fab Dress
I love Zowie's dress tonight. She looks amazing. Where can I get it?
Wulie 5:42pm Fri 20 Oct
Ian Waite...is not gorgeo
Why is this guy still on TV..he looks so stupid with his overtight disgustingly coloured trousers,,yes he was Zoey's partner back in the ice age..axe him..please :) Also think Zoey is teaching her sell/view by date on this show....
Chrissy 6:41pm Wed 7 Dec
This really is the pits
The bottom of the barrel doesn't even get close.
Cath 9:25am Mon 24 Oct
Oh dear
I see Zoe's new toy-boy has been let loose with the crayons for the last two comments.
Len 2:17pm Wed 19 Oct
I really get irritated by the morons who write derogatory things about Zoe. There's a simple solution, don't watch the show. Remember SCD is an entertainment program and Zoe does a fantastic job presenting it. I love Zoe and long may she reign over STRICTLY ITT. The rest who don't like her program, can stick their heads in a bucket of horse muck!! Ha ha.
Dancing Diva 8:37pm Mon 14 Dec
Zoe Ball
Are these idiots watching the same programme as me? Zoe has personality dripping from every pore. Pick on someone who deserves it, like each other, dimwits!!!
non strictly watcher 6:49pm Thu 10 Dec
Drivel spouted by dimwits from what looks like a Turkish brothel.
Jo 2:02pm Tue 8 Dec
This must be the cheapest tackiest show on TV. Cannot see the need for it
Gingerbread 7:33pm Fri 27 Nov
Fake as cake
I would be good if the audience threw buckets of chit on the presenters.
Nelly 5:36pm Fri 27 Nov
Utter Guff
Presented by the biggest guff master of them all, Zoe Ball.
FB fan 4:48pm Tue 24 Nov
What a load of crap
Do we really need all this manic wittering every day?
Kelli 11:55am Fri 23 Oct
Could this get any more vapid and trashy?
Jo 2:39pm Tue 20 Oct
Band its
kelly 6:53pm Fri 16 Oct
Really Zoe Still on SCD 2???
Zoe Ball is the worse tv presenter I have ever watched. She is so false and full of herself. It is enough to make you stop watching the program even if you LOVE SCD!
teresa 8:33am Thu 1 Oct
Len and Darcy got it so wrong last night,Pixie has been incredable since week one this is really bad i thought strictly saw it for what it was unlike any of the other reality shows,Len went off on a right strop on Trent too what was his problem,totally wrong decision.......
Charlotte 2:00pm Mon 8 Dec
What a bunch of talentless sycophants, why oh why do we have to suffer this crap? This is 2014 for gods sake.
SCD what a joke 1:04pm Mon 8 Dec
Good grief
What a pathetic last comment.
Dan 9:34am Wed 15 Oct
Zoe Ball
You would have thought after all this time she could conduct an interview without constantly looking at her notes.
bemused 7:01pm Fri 20 Dec
The Missus
Hates Zoe Ball - what a numpty! Better suited to CBBC
Bring Back Claudia 2:32pm Thu 12 Dec
Zoe ball
Can't watch scd it takes two cannot stand her stupid presenting won't watch any more hope not with scd next year
Annie 6:48pm Mon 9 Dec
zoe ball
please get rid of her she is an awful presenter tries too hard and obviously hasnt got the talent that claudia had!
missg 7:52pm Sun 8 Dec
Zoe Ball
Not a bad presenter if only she would calm down a bit! I agree that all that shouting and artificial excitement etc is a real turn off!
Feather HG 5:13pm Sun 1 Dec
Get rid of Zoe Ball
Too much shouting, too many idiotic comments. What is she doing on this show ? She brings strictly nothing. Get rid of her quickly.
Carpenter 11:56pm Fri 29 Nov
Zoe Ball
Is quite awful. Gasping, gulping,gabbling and like a demented over-active dervish. And too fond of herself to be a good interviewer. Scrap that show!
Katy 7:06pm Mon 25 Nov
Tackiest thing on TV. And Ball is awful.
Hayley 3:31pm Mon 18 Nov
TV Guide error:
Dave Myers and Karen Hauer, the couple who narrowly avoided elimination in Sunday night's dance-off
ChasD 6:43pm Mon 11 Nov
Zoe ball
Get rid. She shouts, upstages the people she interviews and keeps talking over them.
Koala 6:46pm Wed 6 Nov
Rachel "I'm a celebrity" Riley has finally gone. I bet she ends up on that show now anyway, such a fame hungry, talentless entity
get gumede out 2:06pm Mon 4 Nov
Rachel Riley
Was the celeb to get the boot
bbc insider 9:32pm Sun 3 Nov
hate it
Sack Zoe and bring back Claudia!
cod eye lover 2:59pm Mon 21 Oct
Zoe Ball
Why does she have to shout and squeal all the time, it spoils a very good show
Amizen 6:54pm Thu 17 Oct
Karen Hardy is an idiot! Chubby, cannot dance and has a face like a bulldog chewing a wasp! Get rid of now! And bring back Claudia, Zoe Ball is also an idiot!
mongvir kahn 1:57pm Tue 15 Oct
Scraping the Barrel once again
How much of regurgitated programmes do we have to suffer. This is BBC and ITV's annual TV Spam and dribble which lasts for 3 painful months.
Observant chap 1:17pm Sun 29 Sep
How much more?
Absolute trash. The presenter is a manic moron, the set is unbelievably tacky and the guests pathetic. And it's on every day!!! Can this garbage.
Margot F. 5:48pm Fri 14 Dec
can't say the name of the show
how can you comment?
Jim 6:57pm Wed 12 Dec
Zoe Ball
My enjoyment of the Strictly experience is spoiled by Zoe Ball. She puts my nerves on edge by her shouting and constant movement. Too much coffee? Calm down dear!
Griggy 7:13pm Mon 3 Dec
why bother voting?
At last, Pendleton is gone! :) :) :) :) She should have gone week 2, she cannot dance like i cannot ride a bike. Denise van Outen WILL win, she is a shill
denise van outen is a shill 3:22pm Tue 27 Nov
Zoe Ball
IQ of 7 and the face of Crimewatch
subjective opinion 1:56pm Sun 25 Nov
Strictly CD
Wd like to apologise for the David Kennedy remark; I have a lot of time for the Beeb. And I love dance. However manky it gets, my life would be poorer if scd was withdrawn (though I AM getting a bit fed up with Zoe Ball, who seems to just go on talking OVER the people she is - supposedly - interviewing!)
Sande 6:51pm Mon 12 Nov
Inane drivel
Do we really need this tripe on every day? What a waste of time - it's even more pathetic than The One Show.
Switch Over 4:03pm Wed 7 Nov
Never thought i would say this....
Come back Claudia, all is forgiven! Zoe Ball is unwatchable and even the Missus agrees! (and she loves this tripe)
Mike Morris (Husband of Carly) 4:35pm Tue 30 Oct
No he hasn't. Neither has Keith Richards.
Mr Point 11:39pm Mon 29 Oct
The presenter
Iggy Pop's not aged well has he?
Davina 4:01pm Mon 29 Oct
Ola Jordan...
Body worthy of Baywatch, Face seen on Crimewatch!
i feel sick 3:44pm Mon 29 Oct
Zoe Ball
not that hyper pseudo-self effacing barbie again.
doubletake 6:59pm Mon 8 Oct
boring claptrap
why do we have to have spin off programmes from this tedious, stagnant awful tripe. Please Mr Forsythe ....retire and take the rest of the embarrasing panel with you.
mmjh 6:15pm Fri 16 Dec
Why is money spent on SCD?
Probably because quite a lot of us enjoy it! I never miss it!
Feather H 9:51am Mon 21 Nov
You can gold-plate a TURD, it's STILL a TURD. Why is my license fee being spent on gold-plating so many?
P V 9:09am Mon 21 Nov

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