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The Chase Comments

The chase
Why does Bradley Walsh speed up to help the beast . Also if you do the maths 90% of the time only 2 or 3 in final . Thus at lease 1 or 2 should go low to get back Well done Ray for going low with £400 and answering the most in the final ... if Bradley had spoke the same speed as the team they would have won ...seemed like Bradley was helping the Beast speeding up questions!!
Wipeout 11:09pm Mon 22 Nov

Is kelly a man trying to look like a woman, or a woman trying to look like a man. I think it's a man.
Kat 5:08pm Tue 16 Nov
Waste of time watching. Trying to win a grand. Jenny and her gurning face is bad enough.
Bagpuss 6:18pm Wed 10 Nov
Go big or go home
About time contestants went for the big money Hardly anyone wins anyway Used to be a good show Bradley funny but soo boring now
Curly 5:52pm Fri 1 Oct
So Fake
Has anyone caught on that the show control when they are paying out?
So Fake 4:59pm Tue 14 Sep
He needs to stop giving an opinion about the answers. He gave away a clue saying the question was ironic….
Dave 8:17pm Wed 1 Sep
Jenny Ryan
After watching the chase tonight 13/8/2021 I will in future immediately turn over when Jenny Ryan walks on. She smugly has something to say after every question.... BRADLEY.... Its getting boring.
Dexymcl 4:55pm Fri 13 Aug
Jenny Ryan
After watching the chase tonight 13/8/2021 I will in future immediately turn over when Jenny Ryan walks on. She smugly has something to say after every question.... BRADLEY.... Its getting boring.
Dexymcl 4:52pm Fri 13 Aug
The man-datory question.
Great show, but seems every single episode there is a question about manchester united.?????
Mapaly. 4:11pm Thu 15 Jul
Prev comment
Fgs it is an act. They each have one.
Sean 6:16pm Tue 13 Jul
Egomaniac Beast
Such a disgusting human being and a real turn-off. When his Ego is in full floe contestants should remind him that he managed to get £32,000 in Who Wants To Be a Millionaire before becoming a chaser which is quite average.
Teddy Bear 11:29am Mon 12 Jul
Low offer
Why do they say go for £1000 as makes no difference to £3000. Do the maths. £1000 extra each or £333 each. Eh!
Millie 4:43pm Mon 24 May
Love it!
Bradley is as kind as ever. He helps players. Great!
Michael 10:08am Sun 2 May
A cross between captain birdseye and old man steptoe.
Kat 4:39pm Sat 24 Apr
Oh my goodness she was hard work. Feel sorry for her son with a parent with an attitude like hers. Hope his other mother is different.
Brad 4:36pm Fri 23 Apr
The chase
I call Brad Winchester after famous rifle. He repeats every thing three times
Jimmy 2:48pm Thu 11 Mar
waif and strafe
The chasers answer should have not been allowed as correct as the correct answer is waif and stray but then when the contestant answered puppets on a string instead of puppet on a string this was not allowed very biased in favour of the chaser
silver fox 7:20pm Wed 10 Mar
How terribly mean.....
....and petty, disallowing Puppet(s) On A String as the answer to the question, which was the first UK Eurovision winner!!
Grimble 6:02pm Wed 10 Mar
Like the show but you have to get rid of Sarah she is totally AWFUL!!! GET BROOKE BURNS BACK!!!!!
Watcher 3:06am Fri 5 Mar
3 good players only scored 7 in the final including the 3 to start. Why is that? Obviously the questions were difficult with the Chaser herself saying they were tricky. The Chasers were a doddle. I think all question should be on an equal basis and I still believe A and B is iffy.
Lulu 10:57pm Mon 22 Feb
Dennis the menace
Looks like simon barlow in 40 years time.
Joey. 5:50pm Thu 18 Feb
Someone should rein him in. The teacher was going for the middle but he did not accept it and advised her to go for the bottom offer. Hah she would have won easily and could have got the top offer.
The Beast 5:55pm Tue 26 Jan
Another Teacher
Heaven help the kids nowadays!
Nock 5:44pm Tue 26 Jan
Boring, not personality
Not even close to the Beast, brains have no personality. Not exciting Nd very boring. The Beast far superior
Lunker 2:57am Fri 22 Jan
Primary school teacher
So thick
Worried parent 11:12pm Tue 19 Jan
I feel sorry for her pupils....thick as a plank!
Flo 5:46pm Tue 19 Jan
Oh why
When will it ever end? The theme haunts me like a nightmarish feverdream. His carved wooden face lives beneath my eyelids. Make it stop
Satanus 4:44pm Wed 13 Jan
Bradley is the presenter not a contestant and needs to stop trying to make out he knows all the answers.
sandy 11:17pm Sat 9 Jan
Who is the girl?
Get Brooke burns back. This new one is terrible. She is so slow during the cashbuilder round and overall. This game is called the chase not the jog.
XYZ 6:31am Fri 8 Jan
Does Bradley Walsh own the I.T.V. He is on 3 different programmes today and even gets his son on as well.
Dave 6:09pm Mon 4 Jan
Previous comm
Give it up anon. The stupid comments along with the defund ones are boring.
Sussed. 5:23pm Thu 17 Dec
Pock-ed Stewart
Egon, Josh, Eve n Kitty 4:34pm Thu 17 Dec
You are so right. Whatever they pick A or B someone behind the scenes shuffles the questions. I am convinced.
Lou 6:01pm Wed 16 Dec
I have watched the chase for many years I belive it is fixed against the contestants the chaser questions are much easier
Roy the boy 5:59pm Fri 27 Nov
For heavens sake somebody stop Bradley Walsh saying “ All day Long”
Billy 5:14pm Wed 25 Nov
Now now he is not going to wear his best for some tv quiz show.
threemonkeys 9:57am Fri 20 Nov
Ha ha brilliant. All that is missing is his shell suit.
Gizmokatz 9:21am Fri 20 Nov
More like the three scousers Gary, Barry and Terry. Calm down!
threemonkeys 6:47pm Thu 19 Nov
The new chaser
The last time I saw a perm like that was on Kevin keegan and magnum p.I.
Gizmokatz 5:17pm Thu 19 Nov
Mystery chaser.
Is there a new chaser? Has jenny left? Was it recorded before jenny first appeared. Is it in fact jenny? So many questions.
Gizmokatz 5:48pm Tue 10 Nov
I think it was about the songs she sang not wrote!
myguess 9:50am Tue 10 Nov
Dolly Parton
Question today. Which Dolly Patron song never reached the top 40 in the uk? Answer 9 to 5. Surely wrong, as Sheena Easton took it to number 3.
Silverman 7:54pm Mon 9 Nov
Why have you stopped using subtitles, l love your station but now l can't watch it, so really upset
Smidge 1:17am Thu 15 Oct
Celebrity, Chase
Why hasn't the show recording that we attended (2/1400/0092 2016), not been shown on TV yet? There are a few others, why is this?
Richard 9:57am Sat 26 Sep
yankee doodle dandy
keep up the good work you and your son achieved on your visit to u.s.a. cool.wow.Awesome.
had enough 4:20pm Wed 16 Sep
If it wasn't for Bradley the show wouldnt be the same he makes my day ,So funny tte Way he takes tte micky out of them
Risky 4:50pm Tue 15 Sep
Missed chance
£100,000 in the kitty and only one contestant in the final. She did a good job and if they had all been there they would have done it as it was Sean, the slow chaser......shame!
kb 9:09pm Wed 19 Aug
Appreciate your comment. Unfortunately he also knew Lorna was being treated for cancer....she died at 24. Sadly her cancer has a high survival rate now.
kb 5:08pm Fri 31 Jul
Trying to reply to you on the take your pick site but comments have gone. That so called friend of yours that swindled your family out of the proceeds of the car should rot. I hope that the money was cursed. I felt sorry for your mom and I didn't even know her. The money would have been a fortune in the 60s.
Gizmokatz 4:57pm Fri 31 Jul
Oh my goodness
The chaser's face is tripping her up with the last contestant through on £100,000. Let us hope she gets as many wrong in the final.....making my tea in the interval.
kb 4:46pm Fri 31 Jul

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