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The Gadget Show Comments

Nothing's changed
I haven't watched this for years, and now I remember why! Nothing (apart from some of the presenters) has changed. Same, tired, old formula. Boring!
P V 6:42pm Fri 13 Apr

Going downhill!
This show has been steadily going downhill in every respect since around the time Suzy left. I love technology but HATE this show. The presenters and the presentation styles are total crap.i won't be watching ever again. Pull the show and cut your losses!
Pete R. 8:55pm Fri 12 May
Cheap alternative to wii switch with Mario cart
Could not believe they recommended ps2 with wipeout when a wii and actual Mario cart can be bought for the same or less, lol the show has gone right down
Buggy 9:34pm Sun 30 Apr
i used to look forward to this . the ratings must tell you something !
kirk 12:55pm Mon 24 Apr
What is happening at the office?
The new show format is terrible its like watching a naff akward 90s show there is no chemistry between the team, you can feel the cringe they feel with Craig Charles. Taking the series link of the Tivo box after watching the show for years. Why is Craig the boss? It's horrible.
Paul 10:54pm Sun 9 Apr
Why oh why
What on earth is going on? This show was great as it was and the new changes are awful. Watched for many years but now I feel ist lost. Craig Charles does not fit, he's turned this show into a kids show. Bring back Jason. This is now childish, immature show.
Joe 12:20pm Sun 2 Apr
Whilst change in itself can be perturbing I did not like the changes made namely: The large group of cheering spectators on the TV set, it gave it a feel of "Robot Wars" & "Top Gear" which trivialised the feel of the program. No problem with Craig Charles, but he needs to keep the sense of humour but be a little bit more serious and not treat it like as an egotistical game show. Jon Bentley who I think's great seems a little bit uncomfortable - I wonder why? Ortis Deley has the adaptability to survive and hopefully keep his great contributions to the show, on its rails. Georgie Barrat - A tad more personality required.
Frank Samet 12:25pm Fri 31 Mar
need to find tech elsewhere
tried watching new style gadget show and it's not working for me anymore I preferred it how it was last series . I have watched for many years now it lost its appeal.
cymro19 7:47pm Fri 17 Mar
i still enjoy the show
ShubLubs 1:47pm Sun 30 Oct
Car race was ace
Loved the car challenge Jason. Hard luck
Speedbuggy 10:05pm Fri 18 Mar
Sat nav (parrot)
John using parrot sat nav while driving (bad) thought that was illegal
Biker 9:40pm Sat 12 Mar
Love gadgets, hate presenters
I love gadgets and tech but hate the Gadget Show, most of the testing is irrelevant or trying to compare apples and pears.. The presenters over emphasize everything as though speaking to young children.
Ricky6 1:23pm Sun 28 Feb
Cant buy the stuff they show
Jason is annoying. Love john. Bring back susie. Would love to be able to buy the stuff they show e.g. Kazooloo but cant!
Speedbuggy 10:53pm Sat 20 Feb
Special Olympics Contestants
That wooden spoon has no idea.
Kevin 7:15pm Fri 15 May
RIP Gadget Show
This show has gone down hill big time. Waste of time watching now. Same is said for the Gadget show Live at NEC. Complete waste of money.
Gangsta 2:14pm Mon 13 Apr
The Gag was a Joke...!! Waste of Time... Pull The Show
TonyD 1:12am Tue 31 Mar
Can't stand
that female presenter that they have on the show, her command and use of the English language brings one to tears. I have to turn off the show as her talking and Jason's constant woohoos really annoy.
Toku_Floyd 6:13pm Mon 16 Mar
Is it now aimed at 5 year olds?
Must now be the must annoying program on TV. Jason Bradbury's in particular OTT performances seem to be aimed to the IQ level of Milk Shake viewers - except this one's supposed to be aimed at adults. I now cringe at him whining on. Can't help wondering if the presenters are on something by their over enthusiastic shenanigans nowadays. It's now more pantomime than the useful, intelligent and relevant comparative test of current gadgets it used to be. I used to be an avid viewer but now I can't even stand to watch it. Either bring back the original format or drop it.
lky 11:27am Tue 10 Mar
Bring back Suzy! Amy is boring
Amy Williams is dull and out of place, knows nothing about tech. Bring back suzy!
Step 8:56pm Mon 9 Mar
give us the old presenters back
give us the old presenters back i do not watch anymore because it is to annoying
muka 11:08am Sat 29 Nov
this wont be posted
I got a brand new combine harvester and i'll give you the key.
Jim Wurzel 8:52pm Mon 24 Nov
Have a lobotomy B4 watching
"Gadge" they presenters are the type you see earning money in public lavs.
Keef 7:04pm Mon 20 Oct
What on earth!!!!
I'm sorry but the Gadget show has gone from a series I'd always watch to one of the most annoying on TV!! Jason my friend you are 45 not 25 and unfortunately the constant acting your shoe size is beyond annoying!!! Also the attempt over the last few series to bring in a looker who knows nothing about what she's presenting and couldn't careless about gadgets except for how much she's being paid. Its all gone a bit pear shaped and even bringing john back hasn't improved things. Ortis, are you presenting a Gadget show or auditioning for a pop career, does he have to sing at every opportunity?? Sadly I will not be watching anymore as its more about egos than the gadgets!!!
Smoothhead 8:37pm Wed 8 Oct
Yep sadly it's crap
I'm out...
N00tt 9:07pm Thu 2 Oct
Yes, the new show is really awful. I have watched the show for many years, but tonights was the last.
Fergie 9:55pm Thu 25 Sep
Gadget show presenters
The Gadget show has great presenters - apart from Jason Bradbury. Stop changing the informative and entertaining presenters and lose Jason or the show will lose viewers. Missing the former presenters and puzzled by the decision to keep Jason.
Johnfree 12:51pm Mon 28 Apr
I want one
Last nights Gadget show was a real suprise. The electric 'Johammer chopper bike was the best thing i have ever seen on the Gadget show.
ChopperLover 9:23am Tue 8 Apr
Missing the old show and Presenters
My title says it all!!!
GirlNerd 8:41pm Thu 13 Mar
What's happened to pollyanna???
sissykins 8:48pm Sat 8 Mar
Horrendous for the past 2 seasons
The "New" Gadget show is so terrible, the DIY sections are terrible, the challenges are non-existant, the gadget reviews are pointless as the gadgets are too expensive, and pointless. Bring back the old one!
gadgetshow1 7:20pm Fri 7 Mar
lets look at cunnies.
Jim 7:59pm Fri 28 Feb
Another series of
garbage, presented by the dregs of TV
talentless thing 4:43pm Sun 23 Feb
Susie Wolff obd comments
She is so WRONG about this, DIY diagnostics is a boon for motorists,. She goes straight to the dealers if she has a problem with a car, oh really,?, and get ripped of for hundreds when a simple reset is all that is needed, shame on you GS for letting that one through...
Garagedood 9:24am Fri 10 Jan
The gadget show!!!
I think is okay. But all I what to know: Do you get to keep the gadgets? To me that's the most important bit. Xo Xo
Loobyloo (Lucy) age: 10 7:29pm New Years Eve
Oh dear not good!!
Please do yourself a favor and get the old team back ASAP, Rachle Riley is like a fish out of water and having to listen to Jason's voice all the time now greats, well done c5 keep it going and you will soon loose all your viewers
Disappointed 8:38pm Mon 16 Dec
gone right down - used to be cool
Kenny 7:43pm Mon 16 Dec
Used to love this show. Currently trying to sit through another flawed test of tablets I have a 5 year old niece that could draw up a better test
Rob 8:08pm Mon 25 Nov
How to Mess up a Good Thing
I was really impressed by the original team of three - knowledgeable and fun. They bounced jokes off each other and they all seemed to have depth of personality. Otis was a giggling ninny failing to mimic the others, Polly was a screeching disappointment and Rachel is a very intelligent plank of wood. The idiots who axed John and Suzi made the biggest mistake since Bike Magazine got rid of Ogri to cut costs.
Doctorwhodini 4:27pm Tue 19 Nov
From Unmissable to Unwatchable
This used to be the best show on TV, and although I was getting fed up with the way that the Challenges were taking over, this was only a minor gripe that would have been easily rectified. But these last couple of series have been atrocious. The presenters are wooden and the gadgets are either ridiculously expensive or of little interest to anyone. Why would I have any interest in making my own gadgets? The only bright spot in the whole boring format is John Bentley's bit, where he's usually providing useful advice and stats on things that are relevant. BBC's Click is now the best show for gadgets and tech. Who would have predicted that a few years ago?
Trog 11:07pm Mon 18 Nov
Prefer Click
I much prefer "Click" on the BBC. Its far more interesting, investigative and more importantly...intelligent.
Tired of GS 5:21pm Wed 13 Nov
Used to be good
Go back to the old format, you are now clearly one big advert!!
Whatever 12:59pm Tue 5 Nov
TGS turn off
Rachel Riley is worse than Pollyanna! Utterly in love with herself and frankly in my opinion she is not even worthy of being on TV in any capacity!
Suzi P 1:50pm Mon 21 Oct
From best show to crap
Why have you not got the old team back. Iv not been watching the gadget show since you made it the biggest load of crap on TV. Please sort it out you must have upset so many of your viewers by getting rid of suzi Otis an polly. It was the best tv show on. Now it's a really crap show
Matymash 8:40am Mon 14 Oct
An epic fail
I liked the old team, now its boring. Jason is ok in small doses and Rachel is boring. This example should me used as how NOT to improve a successful show. Even with Rachel in a bikini wont save this failing show. I have now taken it off SKY series link.
ur2insecure 9:46am Wed 14 Aug
What a shame.
There is a real need for a 'Gadget Show' of sorts but not one aimed a Blue Peter audience with irritating SHOUTY presenters.
mark_t 9:00pm Wed 7 Aug
Can't watch anymore
All I can say is its gone down the pan. Please bring back the old team
Rwj 10:05pm Sun 28 Jul
At last it is over
I have been a long time viewer but the last 3 or 4 series have been diabolical. I refuse to watch this show anymore!
Mike C 12:48pm Sun 28 Jul
Utter Garbage
The show has really taken a nose Dive into the abyss of sheer crap,and that's putting it lightly.
reaper 2:05pm Sat 27 Jul
New Format a Disaster
What used to be a Must Watch TV show on Mondays , is now who cares ....
Ackers... 9:07pm Mon 22 Jul
Bring back suzie
Not enjoying the new presenters at all. Has lost credibility.
:( 2:03pm Sat 20 Jul

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