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The Great House Giveaway Comments

Poor Show rips off Contestants
The whole basis of the show seems to be to build up and then smash down the contestants and the fees etc are not reasonable as from buying and selling over 40 houses the fee scale are extremely large Big Richard
Big R 5:02pm Thu 23 Sep

Ripped off by the BBC
I agree with the slave labour comments it’s simply not worth putting ask that effort in for nothing. The fees are a convenient method of ensuring no profit and it should be taken off air as a big fat con! Also those doing the work should be able to negotiate the sale price but the programme presenters …. Shameful ??
Trisha 4:06pm Tue 21 Sep
What Total Crap!
These poor people, working like dogs for months on end with no chance of any profit. Please explain the fees and budgets? The only people who profit from this are the awful presenters!
Martin 4:25pm Mon 20 Sep
The chapel episode is on,now,I didn’t see it,first time round.How absolutely unbelievable,expecting 2 rank amateurs to tackle that kind of job,and to complete it and have it sold,at a profit,in 6 months.Of course they then bring in Brookside Simon,and his band of Merry men,to throw up the walls.In the real world that would cost a packet.The whole thing is stupid,stupid,stupid.Oh,and stupid,too.
Lizzie 10:35am Wed 31 Mar
Complete rip off
Most of the episodes make him look like a scouse con man Agree with all of the above comments Fees are fictitious
Oscar 11:25pm Mon 9 Nov
They must be auction fees,plus 6 months of council tax on top.The whole show is wrong.Everyone has their full-time job to maintain.No say in how much budget they will need(real developers do their research).The whole thing is badly thought out.
Lizzie 5:21pm Tue 3 Nov
the fees are a bit high .will never get a chance to make a profit . the show is good but needs changing of show is good
Robee 2:28pm Tue 3 Nov
GreatHouse Takeaway
Yep That’s the correct title for this SCAM of a programme,Two strangers giving up 6 months of their time to renovate a house for nothing to show financially at the end,The people that walk away mid term are the real stars of this pathetic rip off format to line the pockets of others...modern day slavery
Bones73 4:22pm Sun 1 Nov
Will not be watching any more. Feel so sorry for these lovely people who gave their time to try to make it work
Nendy 9:11am Sun 1 Nov
Poor contestants?
Do you not think they get paid to take part?
wowisme 10:19pm Fri 30 Oct
So unfair
These poor contestants are being used to make a tv programme. They have been set up to fail, most of the properties couldn’t be done up properly in 6 months in spare time. I hope they are paid for appearing on this programme. You have used people who are not in a good position in the first place, Shameful
Crimb 5:26pm Fri 30 Oct
The Great House Giveaway?
Surely the title of the programme is against the Trade Descriptions Act. There is no Giveaway on this show, only 6.months hard graft for a big fat zero cheque in return
JEB 4:33pm Fri 30 Oct
Take it off
This gets worse. They must select losers and the budgets are beyond belief
Michael compte de beaumont 11:03am Fri 30 Oct
This program should be taken off air budgets way too small felt sorry for late to finish why did Johnny leave think he knew better the project was doomed to fail due to lack of sensible funds
Maw 5:09pm Thu 29 Oct
Defund the BBC
waste of 160 quid
Anon 5:02pm Thu 29 Oct
Total Exploitation
To ask a couple of novices to work for 6 months to renovate houses that are sometimes only slightly better than derelict, armed with a miserly budget and then at the end sell the house for 20-30K less than value and add fees which seem to be plucked from thin air to further lower the profit is disgusting ... Surely dodgy Damon from Brookside should have stayed there
calm down calm down 4:30pm Thu 29 Oct
Doomed to fail
A couple of strangers who have little or no experience of renovating or DIY are asked to take on a house uograde which would leave experts perplexed. What do you think happens?
Mike C 2:34pm Thu 29 Oct
Defund the BBC
good reason to keep it - not
Anon 1:52pm Thu 29 Oct
Sorry but
If a house goes for that price then you know there are major problems so leave it to the builders who taken them on to make a profit.
naivenot 9:41am Thu 29 Oct
Episode 18, during filming the floor joists were being replaced (3/4) and the girl mentioned that the procedure was not correct, and should be refered to a surveyor. It was dismissed out of hand, only to be found later she was correct. O,brien called in his mate to investigate. The girl was right, the house was riddled with rot. What a joke program, the contestants could earn more on a check-out !!!!!!
Jack 7:45am Thu 29 Oct
Is this a money making exercise fir the presenters? I think the people are forced to work for 6 months and then ripped off a total the end when there allegedly no profit. Presenter and handyman over look the issues on the house so they can make up over exaggerated costs at the end. Very disappointed
Jr 3:55am Thu 29 Oct
Take on doing a house up with a deadline and go on holiday in the middle of it....as you do! Where do they get them from?
Asif 5:43pm Wed 28 Oct
this programme is a joke, terrible overpriced properties , ridiculous low budget, 6 months slave labour, ripping people off
megan 5:01pm Wed 28 Oct
Terrible rip off
Watched every episode and it only gets worse as the couples are ripped off everything and the showpresenter and his pal take over and make money at the coupled expense. If that scam doesn't work they add fictitious fees to Rob the couple after all their hard work. A good programme idea is a farce! Disgusted.
George J 5:01pm Wed 28 Oct
Always a break in
Two days on the trot they have to have his expert help and there’s a break in. Is this staged.
Mary3393 4:38pm Wed 28 Oct
One of the pair usually has a lot to give or knows someone in the trades and usually the man while the other has nothing to bring but manages to look glam throughout,
bobthebuilder 4:09pm Wed 28 Oct
Designed to Fail
Unrealistic targets, particularly the time available to sell and the grossly inflated expenses ensure there's no profit. Going to stop watching as it's too predictable.
Corky 5:09pm Tue 27 Oct
Don't get the Fees? Need breakdown!! No stamp duty on £90.000?? SOME properties were too much for novices with no hope of profit. Budget a joke!!!
nellie 5:05pm Tue 27 Oct
Fees and difficult projects
Surprised at the fees as many of the houses are below what stamp duty would have been so this would have been nil. The house yesterday Monday which had subsidence was a stupid project to give any one to complete on a tight budget and not for 2 novices.
LizB 9:40am Tue 27 Oct
Mr C C Mr C C
The property selection, very poor, better property selection for so called professional no all's, very poor program, will not be watching again. 0 out of 10
Mr C C M 5:07pm Mon 26 Oct
cardboard cutting garbage
Sarah 5:29pm Sun 25 Oct
So so unprofessional, who wants to see contestants dressed as if going on photo shoot when scraping wall/cutting plasterboard , rather see couples giving their all and being rewarded
Errigal 5:40pm Fri 23 Oct
What's going on here with the fees at the end of the project?? I agree with the slave labour comment previously mentioned... Absolute joke, what a con!!
Chris 3:37pm Thu 22 Oct
Are the individuals chosen vetted beforehand? Why are the fees so high at the end of the projects. Programme seems to be promoting cheap / slave labour for 6 months.
JB 2:03pm Thu 22 Oct
Not realistic
Unrealistic targets for novices, episode shows two novices given a huge chapel to renovate and sell within 6 months, building looked to be well in excess of 3000 sq foot and required a second floor developing etc. Each episode targets to have house completed in time to market through estate agents and sold within six months start to finish so really means work needs completing in four months and then two months to sell, not many houses sell within two months of coming onto the market, completely floored process
Mondo 8:40pm Wed 21 Oct
Need to explain what the 'fees' are
£18,000 of fees on todays episode for a £90,000 house? What are these fees?
Willnotbetold 4:01pm Wed 21 Oct

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