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The Hotel Inspector Comments

Love Alex
Love this programme and Alex, she is so good at what she does, pleasure to watch. And what a fantastic wardrobe she has !!
tigilula 9:07am Thu 1 Feb

Is this real?
Pheonix nights
Minicat 10:34pm Wed 20 Jul
Swearing not called for .
No need for the swearing , it really puts us off watching it .!!
cully 12:40pm Mon 6 Jun
Best of the best
The best of the best. She clarifies and opens your mind. Good mental gymnastics for anyone.
Fox 8:48am Mon 23 Feb
Hotel Inspector.
Well done Alex for your sterling work done on the Alexandra Hotel Llandudno. Reading the latest reviews on Trip Advisor it sounds like ,apart from the hotel make over,you have given John the owner a head transplant! Lol
Feather HG 8:59am Fri 28 Feb
who watches this?, worst programme i've ever seen :/
TvWatcher 9:43pm Thu 6 Dec
only thing
going for this programme is that Alex replaced that foul mouthed whale Ruth.
doubletake 4:44pm Fri 24 Aug
Real Life?
@Leebo- you need to get out more then.
whome? 10:28am Thu 16 Aug
freedom of speech
my comments were not shown for not particular reason
doubletake 3:08pm Fri 20 Jul
This Program is just awesome. I love watching it and can never wait for the next one!
Leebo 4:06pm Thu 19 Jul
well made me laugh...
the comment below mine is a joke right? Sarah Beeny & Mary Portas are intelligent businesswomen? Why is it then they need TV funding to pursue their projects? Insipid vacuous vessels.
serious man 10:30am Sun 15 Jul
Love Alex
It's rare for a programme to lose it's original presenter and actually improve but this is a good example. Alex falls into the same category of presenters as Sarah Beeny and Mary Portas - intelligent business women who happen to excel at their secondary job, presenting tv. She's a very likeable and witty lady. More series please!
Cardiff man 8:26pm Tue 5 Jun
Soooo Repetitive !!!!!!!!!!
I find this programme and other like it so repetitive always the same format, one minute they are in a desperate situation, allegedly bankrupt with nowhere else to go. Then suddenly a fairy god father or mother appears spends a few days/ weeks,and miraculously every thing turns around and improves and they make money and are successful. The other programme that is the same format is that Dom & Melinda,the buildings are almost on the verge of being demolished,then they find that the re-build and re furbishment are under budgeted and over costed.Finally local businesses donate all sort of things free of charge..Question is would they if they did not have the television cameras stuck uder there noses.........
Mr TV Critic 1:51pm Tue 14 Feb
Why did the last series seem to particularly home in on Alex's swearing? And what has happened to her clothes?!!
Mary Whitehouse 12:25pm Mon 9 Jan
has much has i enjoy hotel inspector, alex has really taken on an unbeatable task with barbara, at the hollybush inn. at the age of 25 barbara was told by god her mission in life was to run a community, gathering together 6 lost souls, she started to build her mission from god, after two of the 6 paid for the hollybush inn, nedless to say the other 6 have since fled, along with a turn over of about 70 staff at the last count, which was some time ago. after her 45 minutes of fame, there is no doubt it will be as if the hotel inspector had never been.. good luck alex this would take a life time to turn around.
we live in hope.. 11:23pm Wed 18 May
Wot did i just say?
Why do some episodes have endless recaps? Do they think we have the attention span of Gold fish?
Forgot 9:30pm Tue 7 Sep
I love The Hotel Inspector!
The Hotel Inspector is brilliant. I simply adore Alex. She is a straight talker and has the right amount of empathy with her 'subject matter'. Although the show is focused on the hotel industry there are many general business, and indeed life lessons to be absorbed.. I am not generally a fan of this style of show but thumbs up! She is a star and needs a bigger stage!
Parsimonious 4:05pm Fri 27 Aug
Very Good
It's a change to see some positive and interesting comments on this site. This programme is to my liking OK
Basil Fawlty 6:00pm Thu 29 Jul
Love it!
I love the show! I have always wanted a small hotel and thought I could pick up a few tips watching Hotel Inspector as I and my partner are coming to the UK next year and are looking to buy our own small hotel/guesthouse. Judging by the programme Commonsense and a good standard of hygiene is not always a natural talent of a Hotelier.
sueinvienna 6:08pm Wed 28 Jul
I worked there
I worked at The Astor for several weeks and, it is not just his hotel that Joseph Louei is in denial about, he is in denial about himself. He does not pay staff on time or at all, he treats the business as his personal bank, swears at customers, waters down the alcohol, charges different prices depending on who is being served, recycles left over food from parties and weddings to use at the next "event" and micro manages past the point of gross inefficency and wonders why no-one wants to eat or stay there;- it is because people do not want to put up with the abuse, bad atmosphere or run the risk of catching botulism from the sub standard refreshments on offer. PLEASE DO NOT STAY OR EAT THERE.
Concerned Citizen 11:39am Mon 19 Jul
I would not have teh patienceto deal wih these people, surely they are not REALLY so thick and obdurate?
ButlersKeeper 3:02pm Thu 14 Jan
good show.
should be shown in the evenings. wasted in daytime.
dranoel. 2:16pm Thu 14 Jan
Hotel Inspector
Alex Polizzi is simply stylish and on the money when it comes to her comments on failing hotels. A worthy successor to Ruth Watson. Straight talking and sexy.
The Scot 12:56pm Sat 29 Aug
What else is there?
Nothing much to choose from on TV. At least Alex has a great rack :D
Nitro 9:09pm Mon 24 Aug
Watched it once when nothing else was one, and have watched it ever since! Dunno why though, might be the idiotic Hotel Owners, Alex Polazzi's simple brilliant solutions or an insight into a buisness. Whatever it's a very good programme 9/10
PlymouthforthePrem 8:29pm Mon 24 Aug
I think its a fantastic show. Alex Polizzi simply makes me laugh, while professionally trying to help struggling businesses. Great TV.
SXad 9:12pm Mon 10 Aug
Great TV
I simply love this program. The delusions of adequacy people have never ceases to amaze. How Alex stays so calm in front of these people is a wonder to behold. She avoids the Ramsay Rant, and that is to her credit, although I sometimes feel the show would benefit from her being a toush more brutal with some of these people.
Grimace and Vomit 4:34pm Mon 27 Jul
More reality tripe
Waste of time
Ted 8:24pm Sun 26 Jul
tv writers running out of ideas so have to make ridiculous programs about hotels...0/10
wt 7:51pm Mon 20 Jul
Too repetitive
I agree with Stan's comment, it does get too much when you have this voice-off constantly repeating what we've already seen. OK, I guess this is aimed at those who didn't catch the show from the beginning so they know what's going on but for those who've watched it from the start it just makes you go AARRRRRGHHHH
No nick name 7:17pm Mon 13 Jul
so many small private hotels/pub
are awful! We stayed in one not far from Rye and what a nightmare place it was and we had to pay for it!
dubious 10:05pm Mon 6 Jul
love it
What a brill show! only started watching 2 weeks ago and now im hooked! I love how some people are just so dam thick and dont take any advice! lol so brilliant!! :)
sam k 1:01pm Sun 28 Jun
Why oh why do the idiot producers need to NOT ONLY tell you everything that's happened after every three-minute advert break, but also tell you exactly what's GOING to happen before them!? It really does my head in, makes the program quite unwatchable. I'm off to moan at the radio times.
Stan 6:44pm Sun 20 Jul
Hotel "Loser"
How can one be so weak and silly and yet not know. Good material for a film, contains all the weaknesses one could hope for, but will it succeed long term in this climate I'm not hopefull.
accordionman 5:20pm Sun 13 Jul
Coat Lover
Why does she never take her coat off?
Fan 1:49pm Fri 16 Nov
Hotel Inspector Show
Great show. Ruth Watson is excellent. Enjoyed the trip to Greenwich particularly.
TVInspector 12:22pm Thu 15 Nov
Miss it
Total rubbish..
Hi23 7:38pm Wed 7 Nov

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