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The Jonathan Ross Show Comments

Jonathan Ross Why??
What is this talentless, boring, ignorant idiot doing on our screens?! It's bizarre! Got to be worst presenter in the world! Wake up England!
Get it wight 2:08am Sun 20 May

wuss n woss.
Wussel bwands on tonight. At least him and woss can't upset Andrew sachs.
old man steptoe. 2:55pm Sat 23 Sep
You really shouldn't mock the afflicted but in his case maybe. Made me chuckle!
reuben 7:51pm Sat 9 Sep
who are ya?
Whos waggon bone man?
old man steptoe. 6:32pm Sat 9 Sep
this program has been rated as 1.9, definitely well over rated, I would put it along with Mr. Woss at 0.019
peterman 6:12am Sat 2 Sep
No good
Not a patch on the Graham Norton Show. He is certainly good at disrespecting his guests.
Discerning 3:25pm Mon 12 Dec
Mr Smug
Why is he still around?
doubletake 10:12pm Sat 12 Nov
Has beens
Giving has beens a chance since 1990
Paulie 12:25pm Sat 12 Nov
Prev comment
JR is a legend in his own mind.
once more 6:26pm Sun 23 Oct
JR legend
Excellent Show - Jonathan Ross Fan.
The Show Off 5:22pm Sat 22 Oct
Nice one Graham.....hah hah
once more 9:49am Tue 18 Oct
Look, ITV! What is wrong with you? People hate this show! Enough already!
Norton 10:17pm Mon 17 Oct
Ross and Brand
Will not let it rest about their tel abuse with their in- jokes. Contrition is lost on them. Ros should never have got back on our screens and Brand's "white jacket" is a long time coming!
once more 6:37pm Sun 16 Oct
Owe Nothing
ITV you own him nothing so give him the boot! Wight away! Widicuwous show.
Mike 10:36pm Sat 15 Oct
Why? Why? Why? Why is His Vapidness back again? Off! Off! Off!
Parky 5:31am Sat 10 Sep
Anna Friel is always a delight but otherwise the best thing is that this is the final show of the series.
Parky 4:41pm Sat 2 Apr
Don't usually like because it is always luvvies and not a JR fan anyway but the guests tonight were terrific and not up themselves at all.
once more 10:32pm Sat 19 Mar
How does he keep his job?.
I really don't it, how does he keep his job, he has no idea how to bring out the best in the quest and I notice that his quests recently have gone down in stature.
nicnoc 3:18pm Mon 14 Mar
unnecessary swearing
The things the guests do to get a laugh. They think by effing every few minutes it makes them funny. In fact it shows them for what they are. Mostly talentless people these days who lack proper vocabulary and so have to swear.
simonsays 10:27pm Sat 12 Mar
music slot
I hate the way the music slot goes all arty with narrow screen effect. it takes away the live feel , you might as well be watching a video
beckncall 6:53pm Fri 12 Feb
Put him in Piers' pocket and shove them both out. ITV? What is wrong with you?
Parky 7:03pm Sat 6 Feb
Boring and tired show
I have watched the last 2 shows and they are sooo boring. The guests seem boring, and I think Jonathon seems to have lost his sparkle. Maybe it is time for him to try something else. This show seems tired now. Watching Johnny Vegas playing tunes down his nose along with someone else who I can't remember, was the point I decided tonight, to never watch this show again.
Emma 10:25pm Sat 30 Jan
insulin diabetic
I am insulin diabetic and really upset about the comments that you said been type one for over 30 years yeah you were making fun of it
fireblade1980 10:16pm Sat 30 Jan
Amazing. Such an amazing lack of talent. Take him off!
Gong 9:46pm Sat 23 Jan
Harrison Ford
Somewhat lacking in the personality stakes......
once more 10:23pm Sun 20 Dec
Harrison Ford isn't easy but anyone can do better than that jerk. Why pay him so much when we hate him, ITV?
Norton 11:06pm Sat 19 Dec
But does not deserve to be hated more than Moron........as if
once more 12:04pm Sat 28 Nov
End it
End it. Please end it now. This person is the most unsuitable ever. The people of the UK hate him more than Piers. Save some money, ITV. Send him off in his roadster, never ever to return.
Parky 5:50am Sat 28 Nov
Joan Collins
she is not liking not being the centre of attention and could shen sit any further away on the couch.....
once more 11:52pm Sat 7 Nov
Johnathan ross show repeat is not showing up on my tv guide can u help me plz.
kay88 1:04pm Sun 29 Mar
Gone West
How can it be said that Kanye West sings live on a pre-recorded show. Everything about Ross is false including his speech impediment.
Stan the realist 10:23am Sat 28 Feb
How could this show be renewed? This is the best the UK can offer?
Johnny 8:46pm Sat 24 Jan
tv set
Observing the set guests having to sit on the edge of a settee is not good, it should be curved and a 4 seater
horlicks 9:11pm Sun 14 Dec
tv set
Observing the set guests having to sit on the edge of a settee is not good, it should be curved and a 4 seater
horlicks 11:44pm Sat 13 Dec
How on earth
is he back on our screens????
ria b 10:42pm Sat 1 Nov
He was a bully at school
seems very low and imbecilic
Kanny 9:51pm Sat 8 Mar
Past it
Time he went. What's keeping him?
Apuskidette 9:05am Mon 17 Feb
is X crem Ent
Sandy 10:08pm Sat 15 Feb
Weds show
What bad language on tonight's show no wonder our young adults talk the way they do when an adult with a new baby talks like that to viewers.Disgusting
Trisha 10:54pm Wed 5 Feb
Danny Dyer
Was it really relevant for Danny Dyer to use the Fxxxx so many times complete idiot and Ross even bigger idiot for laughing
Mad 10:19pm Sat 1 Feb
I was a bit bored Jon
What a boring episode of the Jonathan Ross show. Apart from Dermot O'Leary no-one had anything to say.
Fan 11:12am Mon 20 Jan
b list?
James Blunt again and that Linda whatshername! Should Graham Norton will be worried?
bemused 11:51am Sun 19 Jan
needs idiot
Noddy 9:47pm Sat 18 Jan
sort of greasy
revolting idiot
Jemma 9:05pm Sat 28 Dec
Jonathon Who? Talentless and overpaid.
Discerning 8:31pm Mon 18 Nov
Did you realise Forrest was on your show?
weeanne 11:56am Sun 17 Nov
Best Tv Show!
People need to stop this programma is fantastic! Best tv show ever! Tonights guests are amazing!! Well done Johnathon Ross Show!!
Megss 9:23am Sat 16 Nov
Disappointed Viewer
I was SO very disappointed that Boyzone weren't wearing Poppies. Disrespectful to those who died for us.
Broxy 10:41pm Sat 9 Nov
The poppy is not English|||||Did not understand your other comment
A SCOT AND PROUD OF IT 10:29pm Sat 9 Nov
andt murray
why is andy murray wearing the English poppy? is that only because he won Wimbledon, if he didn win he woul have been. scottish
shaz 10:05pm Sat 9 Nov

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