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Always watch
One programme which I never miss,highly enjoyable
BB 8:40pm Thu 6 Jul

Always worth a week's wait
One of the best TV programmes, except when Portillo isn't there. It's live so you never know what might be said.
Tim 8:39pm Thu 29 Sep
Why don't they pay Andrew Neil by the joke, with no repeat fees? If they had, they would have had his "services" free for the last four years.
Braindead Britain 1:33pm Sat 9 Nov
Good Politics Show
I always watch this cos it follows Question Time. I personally don't mind Andrew Neil and his corny puns and the lighthearted quest reports. Nice to learn something without the preaching.
doubletake 9:45pm Thu 29 Nov
Better without Diane
This Week is so much better without Diane Abbott. She was so full of her own self-importance and rarely added anything informative to the show. The Labour stand-ins are far more knowledgeable and talk much more sense than she ever did.
LastWeek 7:11pm Thu 29 Nov
Andrew Neil is Awful
The fact that some reviewers think Andrew Neil is a good presenter speaks volumes about the intelligence levels in this country. Repeated silly remarks about Blue Nun and Annabel's do not constitute humour.
IQ in more than double digits 9:41am Wed 5 Oct
political scumbags
how dare the scumbags in 10 downing street plan to build more unsafe nuclear plants. so whi don't the condems turn up to scotland and face the might from working class people. same old torrys always fantasists.
apolitical scot 9:32pm Thu 16 Dec
'cold male atmosphere'
As opposed to the highly rational, intelligent nad mature atmosphere on somewhere like.... 'loose women' perhaps. Hmmmm.
Thin person 11:31pm Thu 18 Nov
Diane is Back and looks Pretty
It'll be good to see Diane Abbott back in the corner of the sofa. I haven't watched the program for a while because when I look, she's not been there! She's the warmth in the cold male atmosphere! Love her!!!
Pammmoe! 1:24am Thu 4 Nov
In total agreement..
..with Poker Pete and Maggie T. Andrew Neil a national treasure.
River King 9:56pm Thu 14 Oct
Emma cripps
If you have a 'learning disability' you can still sweep streets or clean toilets. Why should everyone else pay you to do nothing? In most parts of the world you work or starve. Get off your fat behind.
Maggie T 7:38pm Thu 8 Jul
people with a learning disability
what with people who has a learning disability and have a mild disability that find it hard to work and they will try and get people like us to go to work when we find it hard and can they stop are benefits because some people who has a learning disability right now are getting worried about it and getting upset with it all its upsetting them to much
Emma cripps 11:50pm Thu 1 Jul
strangley one of my fav. shows
like portillo and neil, dianne abbott..not so much.
pokerpete 11:33pm Thu 24 Jun
ha ha
That's not Diane Abbot it's Oona Thingamebob. Hahaha
its you 12:22am Fri 18 Jun
well done
Diane Abbot's lost a lot of weight hasn't she! Well done love.
itsme 12:13am Fri 18 Jun
What hapened ?
This was a really interesting show, then Hazel Blears arrived?...oh dear...does she have anything interesting to say ?
broxibear 11:44am Thu 3 Jun
i never thought
I would like michael portillo but he seems like a really nice guy, as is andrew neil who is very watchable - Diane Aboot ... not so much. I hope shes on tonight as shes announced shes running for labout leader lol
pokerpete 7:23pm Thu 20 May
Best politics show on TV
Seriously. Humourous, serious, illuminating...should be on in primetime.
lock 2:35pm Fri 30 Apr
Self sufficiency
Didn't some people call that "Autarky" in the 1940's? 62% isn't terrible is it? Is not the real problem that we don't make use of more local networks and import in much more cheaply from poorer countries?
Alex 12:14am Tue 20 Apr
Money money money
Ohh Andrew, were's my fat pay cheque?
Diane Abbott 6:03pm Mon 19 Apr
Dopey Di
Great program somewhat compromised by the f'n stupid Dianne Abbott, otherwise total class.
HotelMotel 11:42pm Wed 7 Apr
My Fav!!
My favorite show. I won't ever miss it!!!
m0by 8:43pm Wed 7 Apr
Too Smug
All three get top marks for being totally smug. I can't watch as the smugness gets in the way.
Mrs Wildebeast 10:25pm Thu 21 Jan
Value for money
The show delivers a lot of honesty and good sense for the budget it is afforded. No other show can even get politicians on in case they are asked about expenses but we get 2 good politicians every night on this. The other guests are hit and miss but no segment goes on too long. A very underrated show in my opinion.
Ash 11:38pm Thu 17 Dec
Yeah, ok
I don't mind the show, I find some of the out of studio segments a little cheap though and Andrew does look like someone has kicked the stuffing out of an old chair and put a suit on it. He's a bit like a baked potato as well. It's at least mildly remarkable. If you put a potato in the microwave for a while and then leave it in the fridge for a couple of days you wouldnt be far off. He also reads the autocue too slowly so they might want to have it running faster, or put a little something in his tea. Apart from that, not bad.
Joe 11:29pm Thu 29 Oct
You looked dishy tonight. Come up and see me sometime....
Chuckles 11:55pm Thu 8 Oct
one of my favourite programs
really like all the 3 presenters, especially Andrew Niel and his dry wit.Speech d'abelle stick to singing please, you have a very naive view of how the owrld works.
pokerpete 11:54pm Thu 24 Sep
Get real dood - this matters....
I reckon if Andy Coulsen isn't shown the door then the Tories will lose the next election...
Chuckles 11:55pm Thu 9 Jul
quality control
Have to agree with the quality control issue...a few weeks ago they had Andrew Sachs's grandaughter on and she barely said 3 words? A good show but needs some tweaks.
J.Logan 1:23am Thu 25 Jun
Generally very good
Like the show a lot. They should have a little better quality control for the guest on the final segment called 'Spotlight'. Nancy Del Ollio has been on twice and is utterly incomprehensible.
Bob 7:51pm Thu 18 Jun
politics suk!
you know i tried, i really did, to tow the line, pay my taxes, turn my back on crime do my bit, and then i find these idiots have claimed for clearing moats and duck houses. yeah, well im off back to the old ways, screw you too! the french had the right idea; where's the guillotine when you need it?
A Hitler 10:55pm Thu 11 Jun
epic trolling fail
Satan 11:25pm Thu 30 Apr
They ought to replace that fat, stupid, black pig Abbott; she seldom contributes anything insightful or intelligent to the debates.
God 7:23pm Thu 18 Dec
tonight you have it just right, perfect. Now, let's get on with the show..
Chuckles 12:12am Fri 21 Nov
gettin there..
Now just do your shirt buttons up Andy, you're old enough to be my granddad FFS..
Chuckles 12:28am Fri 31 Oct
old hat
Oh look, Duncan, EGO MANIAC Bannatyne is the guest today, his agent must be raking it in! "I'll give a few more £'s to charidy, that'll buy me some more exposure...- look out Simon Cowell this guy want's your hotel suite....
R. Branson 11:51pm Thu 25 Sep
Would you buy a car from this man?
I'd like to take Andrew O'Neill seriously but I'm sure what he sees in his mirror isn't what we see on our screens. This week, (18.09.08) in a suit that one might expect a young footballer to wear and hair straight from pantone he looked like someone had painted a face on some kind of discarded pin-stripe condom and left it on those dreadful tub chairs - I do like him as a presenter and I know it's a semi-parody show but I can't help but wonder what gravitas he might manifest were it not for his used car salesman image...
Chuckles 9:40am Fri 19 Sep
Running a book on andrews hair.
what shade will it be this week? A man that age without a hint of grey yet he pontificates about the honesty of others...
M Portaloo 9:15pm Sat 26 Apr
Blue Nun not required
One of the best political shows on TV (not difficult!) with la Abbott and Portaloo usually making incisive comment, egged on by Brillo and intersting guests. Don't bother with Question Time and the planted audience - watch this!
Ginnantonnix 9:00pm Thu 10 Jan

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