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Weakest Link Comments

Great show
Love the show. Anne Robinson is great!
JackSquad94 1:30pm Wed 21 Oct

Anne the miniature cracked china doll ... sl@gs off contestants and spits out insults galore .. 10 points
Yuck 12:53pm Fri 27 Sep
Boring and predictable. AR finds something out about a contestant and you know what she is about to say. How she gets away with it in 2012 is amazing.
doubletake 11:09pm Sat 30 Jun
Rubbish quiz master
I was so glad when I first saw http://youtu.be/-Kc3ywyj_1s because until then it seemed like no-one else realized just how rubbish Anne Robinson is as a quiz master. Her latest incident was pronouncing "thorough" as "through", and only correcting it when the contestant (Sharon) asked her to repeat the question: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0178q3f
PeterFord 12:02pm Wed 9 Nov
This show was never any good - unless it was intended as a deliberate parody of quiz shows. Now, however, it has gone well past its sell by date
Britainisscrewed 10:34am Thu 22 Sep
o deer
sum yu comentats hear plez dont go in wikid linnc bceas yo spelinz crep n granma is
sheila,easton yorup 4:07pm Mon 12 Sep
Could be much better.
If only Anne Robinson could do a little research so she could pronounce words she's not heard before. If only Anne Robinson would stop the inane comments between rounds. If only Anne Robinson could enunciate so that we would know whether she said B or P or D, C or V or G etc. Perhaps she needs new teeth yet again.
Patty O'Heater 3:24pm Wed 8 Jun
What on earth is wrong with Anne's teeth... she sounds different from when I watched last year.
blany 5:24pm Tue 26 Apr
brockle 4:56pm Fri 25 Feb
Anne Robinson
In boots and a whip, the weakest kink.
cedric 4:28pm Fri 25 Feb
good show
I love this programme, Anne Robinson can be so rude and intimidating to the contestants, I just love it.
jacko 9:03am Wed 16 Feb
Down Hill
I always watched the show BUT!!! I do think it has gone downhill.*********
brockle 2:34pm Wed 26 Jan
she is lovely
she's my idle i love her nastyness so much
n.fox 2:51pm Tue 11 Jan
The loudest
Whatever will u think up next? Bad enough having celebrities involved in all sorts now but this really defies belief !!
Chel 5:04pm Thu 30 Dec
The Strongest Stink
Really past it`s sell by date, it is beginning to STINK
Don`t Feed The Pigeons 9:49pm Tue 30 Nov
Did you know?
Alcoholic woman who picked up her daughter from school drunk and then went to buy a bottle of Vodka. Now that is parenting!
Bill Gates 1:02am Tue 30 Nov
CJ From Eggheads
Anybody remember when CJ was on this show (pre-Egghead days) and he was really obnoxious and behaved like a poilt brat when he didn't win? I think he ended up (and winning) a special 'Losers' edition of the show... LOL
ZKC 3:46pm Fri 26 Nov
omg i love you anne when im old enough i am gonna apply to go it from angie
angelka gembala 3:03pm Tue 23 Nov
Love it!
I love Anne Robinson and I think that she is far more beautiful than all these plastic babes everywhere on TV
Traveller 12:14pm Tue 23 Nov
Does anyone
still watch this boring, irritating crap?! Also, Anne Robinson and her 'clever' comments are pathetic. This is well past its sell by date - when is the BBC going to do the right thing and ditch it?!
Sheridan 4:19pm Thu 21 Oct
i love the weak links mostly due to anne asking the questions
billy 7:08pm Mon 18 Oct
Let's have some new editions ,if these were any older they'd be in Latin,and that's not good.
Angry of Olvera 10:50am Sat 14 Aug
Anne Robinson
I used to like the Weakest Link; kind of relaxing after a hard day at the office - now I hate it with such a passion that I shall be forced to watch the Hairy Bikers sweating into their food on the other side....oh joy!
Sarcy Narc 4:46pm Wed 4 Aug
Time's up Anne
This show could do with a shake up. How about Anne asking the questions while suspended by her ears ? She'd save on the botox and give us all a laugh.
Ginger nut 4:42pm Tue 6 Jul
too much football
I am fed up of the football coverage there is too much
william 5:21pm Thu 10 Jun
foxy chick
We could break down Anne Robinson's back door and push in 50 foxes and hope they eat her face off.
Sue 5:36pm Mon 7 Jun
Very dated
Very dated now.
Bob 5:54pm Sat 29 May
gaaaa 3:14pm Tue 11 May
Wow Dizzy !
You must be thick as a plank then !
Crapulent Fudge Mingler 3:25pm Mon 26 Apr
4 da 1st time ever i got 4 Q's write!
Dizzy Jane 5:30pm Thu 8 Apr
Worth watching
Great for the grey cells
Bindy 11:53pm Thu 1 Apr
Another hours licence fee down the pan
bbchater 6:19pm Sat 20 Feb
It's a good job she doesn't do anything important
Only in a plastic industry like TV, could anyone get away with this obnoxious attitude.But people will endure any humiliation, just to be on the telly.
aspen 1:34pm Wed 10 Feb
better rates deserved
this was quite fun today, even though some people were thick...lol... the rates should be more correctly rated :((
eljay 5:56pm Wed 23 Dec
and false is and them they
values is between and pray to
autotarik 11:05pm Thu 3 Dec
Dog Muck
I think of Anne Robinson when I look in the bog just before I flush. It's an old plastic trash drunk being a smarty pants at the expense of half-wits who win enough money for a bag of chips and a quick poke with Jordan.
Sally 5:55pm Mon 12 Oct
weakest link with luke pasqualino
why does the bbc iplayer show weakest links from december 2008 but not from september 12th 2009 !?! the website says they are the most recent ones being shown but that is obviosly not true! im very disappointed with the bbc.
foxyroxy 10:03pm Sat 26 Sep
retire Ann
why are we funding her plastic surgery .. she's well over paid , and I haven't watched the show in years.. come dine with me is better =) and the BBC like wasting money on people.. like her Ross, Moyles etc etc
old git 4:35pm Mon 14 Sep
Repeating Weakest Link
Surely this is taking liberties when the BBC show repeats of this inconsequential programme. Haven't they got anything better to offer for licence payers?
Sad 8:51pm Thu 3 Sep
Weakest link
What a great end to a hectic day Anne giving someone else grief its medicine i swear it is, I used to hate this program now i hate missing it.
LeeandHannah. 5:08pm Sat 18 Jul
Desperate measures
Some people will do anything for self promotion.
Not a mail reader 11:56am Tue 5 May
kill yourself
Hello this is your dad, you are the weakest link, go clean my slippers
Your Dad 5:51pm Wed 25 Feb
kinate it
kinate dis much 'n' much stylee
Rimone 7:11pm Tue 2 Dec
weakest link is so boring
Annes silly comments and presentation. YAWN!
dubious 6:58pm Tue 2 Dec
i lov this programme. though Anne tries to hard. the contestants are the real stars here. wasn't Anne an alcoholic once...
kidVicious 2:53pm Fri 14 Nov
Anne started this rubbish
Abusive, rude, arrogant and all the rest of it. Anne - it is ok if you say it but not ok if anyone else says it to you? Stupid show, Stupid host. It has run its course of "shocking" the general public and doesnt cut anymore.
LOL 5:58pm Tue 11 Nov
BETTY BOOP 4:51pm Wed 29 Oct
This show is not as good as a good quality beef burger with fries.
Hubert 6:53pm Fri 17 Oct
anne robinson
I'm sick of her. It has been funny to see her take the mickey out of people, but you can only take it so far. Sometimes I think she's just bored
Graham 5:45pm Fri 17 Oct
with %57 percent of the vote
You are the weakest show.
Goodbye 3:11pm Thu 4 Sep

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