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You've Been Framed! Comments

Peurile dross
May appeal to anyone with an IQ less than an amoeba or younger than 3 years old. The laughter track adds to the agony of watching the last two minutes of this crap.
Toxylad 8:04pm Mon 22 Jan

The only thing that was remotelty funny in the whole sorry mess was the ludicrously prentious perfume ad.
Len 2:53pm Thu 21 Dec
This must be the 20th. repeat of this Christmas "special". So special there's not one chuckle in it.
FFS 2:18pm Mon 18 Dec
Whu is this utter sh i te still on? It's an insult to the intelligence.
Alyen 12:15pm Sat 23 Sep
What was the damn song
I know it was a bit naff but what was the song with bells in it if anyone can remember? please?! it's driving me mad
Beavis 10:30pm Wed 2 Aug
So tired, old and dated. And that canned laughter is such a joy.
Gerroff 2:19pm Thu 29 Jun
Why watch this old fashioned, predictable crap. If you want to see funny stuff, watch YouTube.
arrys ill. 6:52pm Sat 24 Jun
Thank you so much!
Love to see this crap being shoehorned in at every opportunity.
FFS 11:06am Sat 24 Jun
Will this crap never end?
Blue 2:44pm Fri 19 May
Cant stand harry now time to leave and go
dave 5:22pm Mon 13 Mar
Awfull program
Dross that needed canning from our TV around 10years ago!
Natty 6:56pm Thu 9 Mar
Enough of this utter crap!
D.O.M. 2:59pm Mon 19 Dec
Two whole hours of utter dross. Well done!
Ted 1:18pm Wed 14 Dec
Enough of this crap!
So many staged clips, so much canned laughter, so many repeats.
Blue 1:36pm Sun 11 Dec
Yet more repeated dross
The 100 funniest? There have not even been 100 that are remotely funny. 10 as a slim possibility, but I doubt it.
D.O.M. 1:36pm Fri 19 Aug
Ted's comment.
Spot on! There should be minus ratings for this sort of garbage.
Janet 3:58pm Fri 12 Aug
No rating given
Because you can no longer give this crap a zero rating. Not sure it even deserves that.
Ted 11:07am Sun 7 Aug
You like me
I didn't watch the movie so i'm very sick.
You have to go home to drink, eat 8:17pm Sun 31 Jul
You've framed
Uk framed
Gold 7:28pm Sat 16 Jul
Stop blighting the schedules with this crap.
Hal 5:00pm Thu 14 Jul
A whole hour of repeated drivel - for about the tenth time - complete with canned laughter.
Switch over 4:21pm Tue 12 Jul
Not again!
Is it any wonder Harry Hill has gone in to hiding when ITV keeps regurgitating this festering pile of crap?
Tom 1:41pm Sat 4 Jun
One whiole hour of shaky, blurry crappy clips and canned laughter. What a treat!
Gerroff! 4:02pm Sat 16 Apr
You been framed
I can't handle any more repeats
Weeroy 6:54pm Sat 9 Apr
The dregs
It's shows like this that make you realise why Elvis put a bullet through so many TV sets.
Tom P. 3:09pm Tue 22 Mar
More crap
How much longer are they going to keep repeating this pile of crap
dave1 10:04am Wed 16 Mar
No rating given
because you can no longer give this crap a zero rating.
Ted 3:54pm Wed 9 Mar
im not a robott
ee 10:12am Sat 13 Feb
Utter utter garbage. People falling over, mostly staged. How terribly funny! To a mindless laughter track. Dear god this is hell on earth
Vcr 9:01pm Fri 28 Aug
Hairy Swill
C'mon Harry, You are more talented than this.
Dixie Chode 6:26pm Sat 22 Aug
Enough is enough of this tripe!
Joe 2:12pm Wed 8 Apr
How wonderful!
Two whole hours of this utter drivel.
Fat Controller 3:14pm Mon 30 Mar
Oh joy!
Yet another repeat. Now into double figures.
Bored stiff 1:41pm Wed 18 Feb
Which Video??
confused 9:18pm Wed 21 Jan
This vidio is so funny
johnna 8:49pm Wed 21 Jan
I love this show!!!
This show is my childhood!! Some of the clips are a bit reused but it's still great! Anyway who doesn't like it is clearly a miserable old bint! If you don't like it don't watch it pfft
Tom 10:46pm Sat 30 Aug
So old
Way, way past its sell by date.
Watson Telly 10:59am Sun 29 Jun
wh cares carl, u get £250 sooo
archie 7:25pm Tue 28 Jan
Hey You! ITV!
I see Crap TV isn't exclusive to America. Harry, this Show sux.
Idaho rny 4:37pm Sun 24 Nov
Does ITV listen?
I suppose it's too much to hope that ITV will ditch this dross. It would be nice if they could find something even halfway decent.
FFS 12:09pm Sun 24 Nov
You've been framed a show about a guy who was framed for a heist he didn't commit
OOps 7:42pm Fri 27 Sep
I can't fathom why this is still shown - little kids falling flat on their faces - so hilarious!
bemused 7:59pm Sat 7 Sep
You've been f***ed!
Abosulte crap. Of the highest degree. Quizmania was better. Bring back quizmania!
YBFKT 6:31pm Sat 7 Sep
Less of this Shart and More JINSY!
This isn't Jinsy 3:59pm Sat 24 Aug
Why repeat garbage?
Utter crap from beginning to end.
Spud 10:12am Sat 24 Aug
Pointless drivel
This would be an insult to the intelligence even if your IO is 50.
JJ 2:49pm Thu 15 Aug
Please, please, please.
Get this moronic drivel off air and see if you can find something half-decent for a change.
Eddie 1:59pm Fri 9 Aug
Well said infuriated.
Amen to that! Ditch this pathetic programme.
Tone 3:35pm Thu 1 Aug
It is so boring and on constantly. Mind I have always felt uneasy at the canned laughter when a young tot gets hurt.
avid quizzer 11:30pm Sun 28 Jul
Fed Up
Please credit us with some intelligence and give us a break from this programme. It was on twice last night (Saturday) and again tonight. It is not even funny I am sure I am not the only one who is longing for some decent programmes to be shown at weekends-If there is anyone actually reading these comments please take note
Infuriated 11:10pm Sun 28 Jul

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