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20 October 2020

FilmBraveheart (1995)

Category: Film
Sat 17 Oct
10:00pm-12:35am (2 hours 35 minutes)
Certificate :

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MG has syphilis.
Rob Roy   10:43pm Sat 17 Sep Report Abuse

Or some kind of alcohol is what I meant. Nice to see a film with less historical accuracy than Star Wars getting the rating it deserves.
Dan Brown   10:17pm Thu 9 Jun Report Abuse

The Bottle
The bottle let Mel down. That and his crazy father and stupid cult. This world's had to much of those idiots.
Dawkins   8:14pm Fri 14 Aug Report Abuse

Dan Brown
I think you meant 'Scots' !!
A.SCOT   7:08pm Sun 17 May Report Abuse

Only The Hobbit
Is actually more of a fantasy than this sad piece of drivel. Fodder for deluded scotch nationalists.
Dan Brown   5:39pm Sun 17 May Report Abuse

Plenty edge of seat moments amazing film
movie mags   6:03pm Wed 3 Sep Report Abuse

Overly romantic trivia
More dream than fact. Take it as a romantic Hollywood illusion...then it works as a film. Believe it, and you fail in your history exam.
Bof   11:42pm Wed 23 Apr Report Abuse

omg, its gibson down the left flank...
The little mel wont give in against England, look, watch Itv, hes got himself starring in the game as a hero again,
whu   8:29pm Wed 14 Aug Report Abuse

Standard 'Hollywood; swashbuckling fodder
Its OK. Standard tale of the underdog besting the 'evil empire'. Star Wars is far better in this genre, and is probably more 'historically accurate' LOL. Sit down, let it wash over you and enjoy it for what it is.
Bof   8:21pm Sat 20 Apr Report Abuse

How can this be rated 2.8? Is that all those English rating down for the sake of it? We all know it's historically inaccurate but so what, the film can stand on its own merit. IMDB gives it an 8.4/10 from 410,869 votes! So I'd tend to go with that rating rather than this ridiculous 2.8/10 rating. Shame!
Pete and Repete   6:23pm Thu 24 Jan Report Abuse


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2235 votes
Account of the life of medieval Scottish hero William Wallace. After the slaughter of his father and brother, young Wallace is taken in by his uncle, who teaches him how to use not only his brawn but his brain - which he employs to great effect years later when he resolves to drive the English out of Scotland. Oscar-winning historical epic, directed by and starring Mel Gibson. With Patrick McGoohan, Sophie Marceau and Catherine McCormack

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