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FilmIndependence Day (1996)

Category: Film
Mon 4 Jul
9:00pm-11:50pm (2 hours 50 minutes)
Certificate : Subtitles Audio Described
2517 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
2517 votes
A fleet of huge flying saucers launches a devastating and unprovoked attack on Earth. As survivors try to flee the seemingly unstoppable alien invaders, the courageous US president, an ace pilot and a computer genius come up with a plan to take the fight to the enemy and save the human race. Roland Emmerich's sci-fi adventure, starring Will Smith, Bill Pullman, Jeff Goldblum, Mary McDonnell, Randy Quaid, Robert Loggia and Harry Connick Jr

Category: Film


TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Well the yanks...
...save the day again.
Yawn   9:26pm Sun 4 Jul Report Abuse

Repeated yet again
GIVE IT A REST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sick2DeathViewer   5:53pm Sat 30 Jan Report Abuse

Edited for daytime viewin
How to make a good film unwatchable.
Den   9:53am Sun 17 Jul Report Abuse

Yes, this film is rubbish.
TV Guide   6:59pm Wed 28 Dec Report Abuse

WillDependence day
Gr8 film,apart from the crap that spoils ALL the films on these channels; ONE HOUR of ADVERTS!! Its disgusting in this day and age, expecially paying a TV licence. Please dont bore me with the bull about it's only for the BBC. I dont care; i don't want 5 minutes of ads every 10mins. check the running time of this film on google..
FilmHead   6:09pm Tue 14 Sep Report Abuse

About film
Is this film rubbish ??
Jess   7:30pm Sat 6 Feb Report Abuse

Great FX, great movie and some decent acting, I even felt sorry for the weird scientist (we dont get out much) who gets taken over by the alien lol! Will Smith steals most of it (the film) although Randy Quaid and Jeff Goldblum compete for the top honours. I've watched it more than once and compared to thr remake of "War of the Worlds" this is a classic movie!
nottmdon   7:26pm Sun 8 Mar Report Abuse

Hannah x
really good film loved every second of it !!
Hannah x x   7:50pm Fri 23 Jan Report Abuse

Love it
My most favourite film ever, a cracker.
heada92   11:32pm Tue 20 Jan Report Abuse

Works for me
I always enjoy this film, apart from the mushy stuff.
Tony   9:01pm Sun 19 Oct Report Abuse

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