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20 January 2022


Category: Soap
Episode 44 of 49 | Season 24
Fri 21 Jan
10:55am-12:00pm (1 hour 5 minutes)
Starts in 10 hour(s) 42 minutes
6536 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
6536 votes
Classic Casualty Lenny and Yuki go to extreme measures to acquire evidence of the drug trial cover-up, while Zoe's attempts to end her relationship with Jordan prompt him to ask an unexpected question. Shona thanks Charlie for his intervention, which seems to have transformed the teenager, but a surprise reunion later leaves him devastated. Brenda Fricker reprises her role as Megan Roach, while Clive Francis (May to December) and Keeley Forsyth (Criminal Justice) guest star

Category: Soap

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Boring boring Casualty
Casualty has lost it! No good characters, uninteresting storyline, poor diction. Ugh! Where did it all go wrong?
Big Al   9:50pm Sat 11 Dec Report Abuse

Lost the plot
The most depressive episode yet. Bizarre!
holbyfan   10:02pm Sat 4 Dec Report Abuse

Pathetic music while I’m trying to watch the programme
Wasafan   9:34pm Sat 4 Dec Report Abuse

What a lot of dribble
I have never watched such a lot of crap that bares no resemblense to what is natural in the world today.
crap on tv   10:09pm Sat 27 Nov Report Abuse

How bad is this show
Never seen anything as bad as this show acting is so bad a primary school could do better if you work in the NHS it's a total insult to you.... How the BBC can put this on prime time TV is a disgrace
Thanks NHS defund the BBC   10:00pm Sat 9 Oct Report Abuse

What’s Happened?
I’ve been an avid watcher of Casualty for many years but recent episodes have been so slow and boring and I’ve ended up turning over. Same actors so can’t be them that’s at fault. Hope this blip is temporary!
TJ   10:53am Sun 19 Sep Report Abuse

Watched for the first time in ages, hardly recognise it, awful….
Old fan   8:56pm Sat 18 Sep Report Abuse

Used to love Casualty but if last nights episode is how its going to be then that's me out. Didn't even understand it. Thank goodness for Holby City
Oldie   9:36am Sun 15 Aug Report Abuse

It needs to go too as well as Holby!
Dr Raj   6:15pm Wed 28 Jul Report Abuse

One of My Favorite Shows
Recent episodes, absolutly boring and dismal. Oh Dear.
Roger   8:07am Wed 28 Jul Report Abuse

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