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25 May 2022

Ultimate Police Interceptors

Category: Education/Science/Factual
Episode 1 of 5 | Season 1
Thu 2 Jun
5:35pm-6:00pm (25 minutes)
Subtitles Repeat
240 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
240 votes
Highlights of the documentary programme following specialised pursuit teams in Sheffield and Essex, who use high-performance cars equipped with an assortment of technology for catching law-breakers. In the first edition, officers engage in a dangerous chase with a motorist who refuses to surrender, and a driver nearly crashes into a police car

Category: Education/Science/Factual

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

its like
regular p0l1ce ints, but with bigger d_11_cks. because there was someone called richard on the pr0pa-ganda. but there is now someone else called richard, but he's a bit bigger.
Richard the d   7:31pm Mon 13 Jul Report Abuse

Cancel this
Now that PC Woolerton - "star" of this made for TV joke programme - has beenfound using excessive force and verbally abusing a suspect, should it not be consigned to history?
Bill   3:25pm Mon 22 Jun Report Abuse

Do we need this sort of rubbish?
All these types of shows are so obviously fake that the only people who can possibly think they are any good are the uniformed muppets who fake it in the first place.
Bill O.   11:52am Sat 26 May Report Abuse

oh look
its bits of all the old shows put together, now thats new.
bloke downt pub   10:20am Fri 26 Aug Report Abuse

Still more!
Enough of this re-hashed propaganda. Don't these people do any proper police work?
Bill   4:19pm Mon 15 Aug Report Abuse

And another
Why isn't this shown as (repeat) in the guide, channel 5 must think we are stupid
Alec   11:04am Mon 15 Aug Report Abuse

Yet another........
...... Richard Desmond scam - trying to pass off old clips as a new series!
Dick Desmond   11:10pm Mon 8 Aug Report Abuse

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