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3 July 2022

Zoey 101

Category: General
Episode 7 of 13 | Season 2
Mon 4 Jul
10:00pm-10:31pm (31 minutes)
122 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
122 votes
Girls Will Be Boys When the boys rule that they don't want the girls around, Zoey and Nicole decide to prove a point and turn Lola into a boy named Steve

Category: General

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

zoey 101
I like you so much zoey.
khadija   12:36pm Fri 29 Mar Report Abuse

all about zoey yee
Zoey101 is my Favorited tv program i always watch it quine is funny i love Zoey bether
annmariedaly   10:58am Sat 16 Mar Report Abuse

the new series of zoey 101 when quin moves into zoeys room is absolouty hillarios!!!!
momps   11:19am Sun 6 Jan Report Abuse

rz mem e me
its greate i love it
rochan   2:19pm Thu 28 Jun Report Abuse

zoeys u rock
you rock i would pay 1000000 to be u
lola   6:53pm Wed 13 Jan Report Abuse

make more seisons and get more stars
hi i know im a boy buh ilike zoey 101 cuz she is hot lol get more actors yh
HuMzAh   6:45pm Sat 28 Nov Report Abuse

make more zoey 101 + marathons
hi dere i was thinkin if there was a zoey 101 take over like jj was sayin ps every 1 likes it evenboys like me cum on its for every 1 yh so cum on vote for more zoey 101
Bman   6:42pm Sat 28 Nov Report Abuse

zoey 101 iz sick
man i love zoey 101 its sick to bad its not on every day and they do sell more vidz i think man i want a zoey 101 takeover man for 5 weeks or more
jjboy   6:36pm Sat 28 Nov Report Abuse

Zoey 101
I love Zoey 101 and wondered if you could buy the series on dvd here in the Uk?
EllenBoorman   6:22pm Fri 29 May Report Abuse

Love it <3
Yeah..It's really good..x But they need to make more episodes!! I watched them all ages ago!! So Nickelodeo!! Make som more!!!
izzy =]   6:18pm Tue 6 Jan Report Abuse

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