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26 January 2022

Four in a Bed

Category: General
Episode 71 of 100 | Season 2013
Thu 27 Jan
2:10pm-2:40pm (30 minutes)
Starts in 18 hour(s) 29 minutes
1980 votes
by TVGuide.co.uk users
1980 votes
Ye Olde Fighting Cocks The contest begins at Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in Arnside, Cumbria, where owners Tony Keates and Jeanette Hamer hope to prove that their establishment offers the best value for money. However, while the B&B's guests are bowled over by the spectacular views, they are less than impressed by Tony's tales of business success and a mouldy mattress

Category: General

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

I am 77 and have been on a lot of holidays in that time and never once have i found hairs in my bed but on this programme they find them nearly every time.
Dave   4:59pm Sat 15 Jan Report Abuse

Not on your life
4 star? Unbelievable. After watching this who in their right mind would want to stay there
Incredulous   3:11pm Thu 30 Dec Report Abuse

Today’s show
Don’t like bossy Verity.Too sharp tongued for my liking.
Lizzie   1:32pm Tue 30 Nov Report Abuse

nice place
what a nice place pity about the owners channel 4 should step in when the alarm bells ring that some one is cheating by under payments
bob   6:10pm Fri 19 Nov Report Abuse

Miss smith
She reduced the other contestants payments up to £30 on one sorry but she should of had somebody from the program have a word with her because none of them she stayed in deserve that much of a reduction in payment she should been chucked off the show I’d never stay at her hotel because what she did was absolutely wicked not acceptable
Maggs   8:26am Sun 24 Oct Report Abuse

Such a game player from the start. Shouldn't be allowed to talk about her views on the accommodation over breakfast. If its that bad she could have walked out.She's trying to sway opinions. Anyone but her to win.
Gizmokatz   5:08pm Thu 6 May Report Abuse

What a prize pillock!!
Basil   3:44pm Fri 9 Apr Report Abuse

Mrs T.
How on earth was her dump given a 4 star rating. She was a nasty witch.
Gizmokatz   6:47pm Sun 14 Mar Report Abuse

Mrs T
Wicked old bag!
gameplayer   5:04pm Sun 14 Mar Report Abuse

Ridiculous now
Guests paying £50 less more than ever. Fgs get real! Half price for high end rooms with one hair and a cobweb in a posh holiday resort....
borednow   4:48pm Wed 10 Mar Report Abuse

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