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11 August 2022

Death in Paradise

Category: Detective/Thriller
Episode 2 of 8 | Season 5
Thu 11 Aug
12:00pm-1:00pm (1 hour)
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1595 votes
One For the Road The island is rocked when Saint Marie's governor Caroline Bamber drops dead at her leaving party, with the commissioner standing right next to her. As DI Goodman and the team try to deduce how she could have been poisoned without their boss noticing any foul play, they find themselves entering the murky world of island politics, where blackmail, threats and corruption seem commonplace - fuelled by ongoing tension between the French and British. Meanwhile, Humphrey braves the world of online dating, under the guidance of ladies' man Dwayne - and soon finds his perfect match. Lucy Cohu and Nigel Lindsay guest star

Category: Detective/Thriller

TVGuide.co.uk User Reviews

Hope she don't get written out. Best thing about this programme apart from the location.
the Critic   6:34pm Fri 18 Feb Report Abuse

Easily the best show on the BBC. Everything about it is intelligent and well acted amongst beautiful surroundings. A shining beacon in an otherwise sad sea of dross.
PhilMac   3:03pm Thu 18 Feb Report Abuse

Great series
Love this show, it's the only one I watch on BBC. It's a great way to relax. Lovely scenery, the actors are great & really gell together. Minimal blood, no bad language, and very funny in places. I hope we have many more series.
Jeannie   10:38pm Thu 28 Jan Report Abuse

What could be finer a wonderful detective series without the foul language, diversity groups and social messages
Peterman   6:40am Thu 7 Jan Report Abuse

January 2019
First episode ok but looks as though the replacement for Dwayne is going to be really annoying and overly inept. Think she will make the series unwatchable.
Wendy   9:01pm Fri 11 Jan Report Abuse

No Camille
I only watched this dross because of Camille. She must have got as as sick of the other idiots as i have. Complete load of third rate garbage
deebee   4:36pm Thu 18 Jan Report Abuse

I cant keep awake
I have fallen asleep during every episode of the new series and have no idea who dunnit = where to find!
SEC Universal   10:46am Sat 6 Feb Report Abuse

I look forward to Tuesdays and watching this.
AMW   7:38pm Tue 4 Mar Report Abuse

Sara Martins n helen foxendale
both nice on the eye.. shame ben harpers son too over.. Sara, I would buy a bag of chips if she's ever in london :)
daily male   9:48pm Tue 14 Jan Report Abuse

death in paradise
I love Death in Paradise TV show. I like the cast .keep up the good work.
lennetta   7:01pm Thu 6 Jun Report Abuse

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