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25 May 2022


Category: Detective/Thriller
Episode 23 of 24 | Season 13
Wed 25 May
9:00am-9:55am (55 minutes)
Starts in 57 minutes
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7146 votes
Dead Letter The team, alongside the FBI and MI6, continues the international manhunt for a disgraced British spy who is seeking revenge on the agents he blames for his wife's death. A re-examination of the fugitive's conviction for selling military intelligence reveals that he may have been framed - and the identity of the only person who can clear his name

Category: Detective/Thriller

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Sister city part 2
Why can't I find when this episode is going to be shown on 5USA. Part 1 12th May when is part 2?
Gripper   7:41pm Thu 12 May Report Abuse

Season 13
Typical 5 US! NCIS goes from Series 12 to Series 14. Are they superstitious - can't use series 13 ! Law and Order was the same - went from 13/145 up to 20, then back to 16. cheap tv. I queried it them but ofcourse did n ot get a response.
Al   2:21pm Tue 10 Apr Report Abuse

NCIS great, great - anything but the wretched BBC or RAI which have both gone down the drain and we have to pay for all them ......!
Gunnergirl-Milano   5:43pm Thu 29 Sep Report Abuse

Best show on TV
brilliant show, more please
dee   9:08pm Tue 17 Mar Report Abuse

God its endless, night after night after night after,,,,zzzzzzzzzzz They should rename this channel 5NCIS
jikoo   8:52pm Mon 24 Nov Report Abuse

ncis on the 1.2.2014
Last night episode was not the last 2 of series 9, but episodes 8-9 of series 9. think u made a mistake.
vallimase   3:23pm Sun 2 Feb Report Abuse

NCIS season 10/11
i have gone and totally confused myself. i watched season 9 on channel 5. But then i confused myself and thought id watched season 10. So then when i saw season 11 was coming on Fox i thought, yeah ill finally get to see what happened after the bomb explosion. But it wasnt. Im so confused now. So in america there on season 11 and in the UK were waiting to see season 10? Is that right?.
Lyndsay   12:11am Thu 23 Jan Report Abuse

Season 11 Premierred in the UK on Fox on January 10th (so 2 episodes in now). No details on being released on Five in the UK as yet - usually gets a long delay!
Spikeymackai   12:31pm Mon 20 Jan Report Abuse

I woder if Ziva is coming back oh and if you wonder season 11 is on every friday on fox and fox+1
soph   11:10pm Sun 19 Jan Report Abuse

Does anyone know when NCIS season 10 starts in the UK?
pixie   8:59pm Fri 17 Jan Report Abuse

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